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The Famous Peninsula Of Pinellas

Tampa Guardian, May 5, 1886

"During the past year we have many times desired to visit the famous peninsula of Pinellas ... on this occasion we accepted an invitation to go; and accordingly boarded the fleet sailing Matilda Lee commanded by Captain Neeld, and was soon gliding over the waters of Tampa Bay ... we found ourselves safely landed on the beautiful beach of Point Pinellas.

"The site and its surroundings are indeed fascinating, and overlooks the beautiful Tampa Bay on the east. Of course development is in a primitive state....

"Through the kindness of Captain William B. Miranda, we had the pleasure of riding to Disston City [Gulfport]. It is located on the beautiful Boca Ciega Bay, which has its outlet directly into the great gulf of Mexico.

"No person who has visited the peninsula of Pinellas or carefully surveyed its situation on the map can doubt but that it has a bright future. With the bays on either side its climate is rendered superior, perhaps to any other section. It has better protection, no doubt, against frost than almost any other place .... The only thing that has kept this favored location in the background is its lack of transportation. There has never been any desirable or really safe way to get there...."