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Cycadia Cemetery

Tarpon Springs, FL

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Notes: Cycadia Cemetery is located just east of US 19 at 1021 East Tarpon Avenue, Tarpon Springs, Florida. In 1887 an early settler, Viola Keeney Beekman, donated the land to be dedicated as a cemetery. In the early days the cemetery was managed by a small group of women from Tarpon Springs, who brought plants and trees to the cemetery in a mule drawn wagon. As the cemetery grew, they found management of the cemetery became too difficult. Therefore, in 1946, cemetery was deeded to the city of Tarpon Springs, which assumed management responsibilities. The earliest burial was C. L. Webster 1872, prior to formal establishment of a cemetery.

The Pinellas Genealogy Society will not be canvassing this cemetery as it was recently accomplished by two private individuals from Tarpon Springs; they have recently published this information. The data provided in this index is from a database received from the city of Tapron Springs in 1995. Unfortunately, cemeteries do not document birth information. Therefore, death dates are all we were able to provide at this time.

All dates indicated by a "d." are actually burial dates which is the only information available at this time.

Contributed by Lesleigh Laite Butts, (toolaite@winstream.net).

Last Name First Name Death
ABBOTT Charles d. 2/20/67
ABBOTT Edward C. d. 3/15/51
ABBOTT Hattie E. d. 7/28/48
ABERNATHY Florence Marie d. 2/24/40
ABRAMS Jack d. 3/4/86
ACKERMAN Rose M. d. 2/12/93
ADAMS Beulah M. Berk d. 4/7/95
ADAMS Edna D. d. 12/19/79
ADAMS James d. 12/19/30
ADCOCK infant of Stephan d. 4/16/25
ADDERLY Annie d. 01-24-1894
ADDERLY Jane d. 05-09-1893
ADDERLY Jimmie d. 1/5/12
ADDERLY Louise d. 7/10/68
ADDERLY Mary A. d. 6/16/02
ADDERLY William George d. 7/10/50
ADDERSON Laverne d. 10/11/29
ADDERSON Ludie B. d. 6/8/66
ADDERSON Maud P. d. 1/2/79
ADDRELY George D. d. 11/27/84
ADKINS Barbara Jean d. 2/24/49
AGALOS Constantino d. 8/10/43
AGOG Audrew d. 2/27/12
AIRES Kleanthis d. 1/21/52
AKERS Paul M. d. 3/9/68
AKIN Amelia d. 2/8/32
AKIN Charles Amistos d. 12/26/25
ALABOUSES George d. 3/23/44
ALACHOSIOUS John Georgas d. 6/27/16
ALACHUZOS Dorosos d. 2/26/55
ALAHOUSIS Emanuel d. 6/27/46
ALAHOUZOS Mike d. 1/28/74
ALAHOZOS Julia May d. 6/6/24
ALAHUZAS George d. 3/26/40
ALBAUGH Phillip (infant) d. 1/18/01
ALBAUGH Adda d. 00-00-1948
ALBAUGH Andrew P. d. 3/17/39
ALBAUGH Mary d. 11/18/09
ALBAUGH Pearl Ione (infant) d. 04-14-1899
ALBAUGH Peter d. 3/15/17
ALBERT Martin d. 3/23/93
ALBRECHT Herman d. 3/2/37
ALBRIGHT Walter A. d. 11/3/67
ALBRITTON Henry d. 9/9/77
ALBRITTON Henry d. 11/28/58
ALCHUZKSE Mike d. 1/25/19
ALDERMAN Anderson R. d. 3/22/77
ALDERMAN Julia R. d. 1/15/37
ALDERMAN Lewis Leroy d. 9/20/61
ALDERMAN Mary Julia d. 3/9/62
ALDERMAN Pearl V. d. 6/27/73
ALDERMAN Ray O. d. 10/11/76
ALDERMAN Twila M. d. 3/30/81
ALDERMAN William W. d. 7/24/67
ALEKON John G. d. 6/18/54
ALEOREFAS Themelis d. 11/25/44
ALESAFIS George M. d. 5/23/87
ALESAFIS Pelagia M. d. 2/5/93
ALEXANDER Costas d. 3/1/47
ALEXANDER James d. 1/15/72
ALEXANDER James H. d. 4/4/88
ALEXANDER Steve d. 9/30/35
ALEXANDERSON John L. d. 3/19/45
ALEXANDROS Cryentri (soldier) d. 9/12/31
ALEXIADIS George A. d. 9/28/92
ALEXIOU Nicholas H. d. 7/11/68
ALIFANTES Socrates d. 7/25/42
ALIFANTIS James d. 3/10/58
ALIFANTIS Peter d. 9/28/21
ALIPHATIS Dionesios S. d. 6/6/33
ALIPHONTIS Stelious George d. 7/21/25
ALIVANTOU Harris d. 10/2/28
ALLEN Alfred d. 2/21/37
ALLEN Irene Inez d. 6/23/27
ALLEN May C. d. 1/24/73
ALLEN Melvin Clarence d. 1/19/94
ALLEN Morris d. 8/10/08
ALLEN Ruby Pearl d. 11/24/90
ALLEN Walter d. 12/28/40
ALLISANDRATOS Alexander D. d. 7/14/30
ALLISANDRATOS Asimoula D. d. 9/7/68
ALLISANDRATOS Demosthenes A. d. 6/6/43
ALLISANDRATOS Katherine d. 8/22/17
ALTMAN Mary Louise d. 5/19/28
ALVAREZ Iris d. 7/1/47
ALY Juanita d. 3/11/76
AMMONS Annie d. 4/23/82
AMMONS Annie L. d. 1/24/51
AMMONS David Curtis d. 4/13/70
AMMONS Homer H. d. 4/2/74
AMMONS infant d. 1/2/42
AMMONS Joyce M. d. 11/23/64
AMMONS Lillie May d. 11/11/66
AMMONS Louis F. d. 9/29/77
AMMONS Myrtle Mercer d. 2/12/71
AMMONS Summer d. 11/9/71
AMORGINAS John G. d. 6/28/71
AMORGINOS George d. 10/4/69
AMORGINOS Helen d. 5/15/86
AMORGINOS Mike George d. 7/18/74