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Episcopal Church Of The Ascension

Clearwater, Pinellas Co., FL

Location: 701 Orange Avenue. To reach the Episcopal Church of the Ascension from US 19 North in Clearwater: Turn off of US 19 onto Gulf to Bay Blvd. [Hwy 60] and travel West 2.76 miles where Gulf to Bay turns onto Court Street. Travel 2.9 miles on Court Street to S. Missouri. and turn South on Missouri. Travel .23 miles on Missouri to Druid Road. Turn West on Druid Road travel .96 miles to Orange Avenue. Turn north on Orange Avenue; the church is .1 mile on the right.

Notes: The Episcopal Church of the Ascension was established in the fall of 1885 in what was known as Clear Water Harbor (later becoming Clearwater). The first service was held on Sunday the 5th of October 1885. In 1986 the Memorial Garden was dedicated (cremain burials only). Burials are recorded on the Memorial Plaque in the church vestibule. 109 Interments were recorded by Pinellas Genealogy Society Chair Lesleigh Laite Butts on May 24, 2001. Photographs of the Memorial Garden and Plaque were taken and obituaries researched.

This index is provided by the Pinellas Genealogy Society. For availability of complete transcription and to view a cemetery photograph, visit the Pinellas Genealogy Society at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~flpgs/.

This file was contributed for use in FLGenweb Project Inc. by Lesleigh Laite Butts.

Last Name First Name Birthdate Deathdate
AHLBERG Virginia Hume1911 1996
ALBRIGHT Norman J.1997 1963
ALDERSON Ruthmary1918 2000
ALLBRIGHT Dorothy M.1908 1986
BATT Wilbur1911 1991
BLANDY Gray, Rev.1910 1990
BOOTH Harvey G.1904 1999
BOWLER Jean1920 1989
BOYD Eunice1922 1999
BOYD Robert C.1916 1997
BRUNER Edmund Burke1905 1993
BRUNER Theresa M.1906 1998
CALDWELL Agnes M.1916 1995
CAMBRIDGE Ethel B.1892 1994
CASKEY Marion Waters1915 1992
CLINE Harry S. Jr.1969 1987
CLOSE James A.1905 1988
CLOSE Ruth1914 1995
COCHRAN Jewell A.1911 1997
COULTER Richard1905 1991
FRICK Martin K.1946 1987
GIBSON Mary1918 1991
GUINAND Clara Bratten1912 1994
GUINAND Percy H.1904 1982
HAMILTON George D.1926 1997
HANSEN Daisey Wilbur1916 1993
HANSEN Lesley R. Sr.1919 1988
HARRISON Arthur B.B.1901 1990
HARRISON Joan S.1900 1990
HESS George1908 1990
HEWITT Katherine V.1906 1994
HEWITT William A.1909 1981
HITCHCOCK Helen H.1898 1998
HOLDREN Russell F.1913 1997
HOOD Josephine1903 1990
HOUCHARD Harold1905 1991
HOUCHARD Michelle1903 1988
HOWELL Sara M.1917 1988
HUGHES Fay1914 1986
JEFFREY Allen C.1906 1993
JEFFREY Ernestine L.1906 1996
JOHNSTON Douglas1913 1990
JOHNSTON Gracelyn1901 1990
KEMENSKY Jane M.1929 1993
LOGAN Frank C.1935 1998
LONDON Robert C.1909 1996
LONGEWAY George A.1907 1996
LOVE Ruth1915 1999
LUMLEY John H.1905 1987
LUMLEY Mildred C.1903 1990
MacPHERSON L. Duncan1907 1993
MacPHERSON Opal1908 1997
MALITZ Mary Carroll Payne1922 1999
MANN Marguerite G. Mitchell1915 1997
MATTHEWS Catherine R.1907 1988
McSWINE Thomas L.1923 1986
MECHLER Cherie Ann1966 1994
MEISNER Alvina1880 1972
MEISNER Herbert1882 1964
MEISNER Virginia1909 1988
MORRIS Frank1927 1989
MUENZ Robert O.J. Sr.1921 1993
MURRAY Henry D.1929 1989
MURRAY Kenneth Paul1959 1995
NEBEN Harry M.1918 1996
NEBEN Helen T.1918 1993
NELLER-KOVACH Robin1963 1987
NEWTON Cynthia1946 1946
NEWTON Donald1951 1951
NEWTON Francis J.1911 2001
PADGETT Joseph Rogers1908 1999
PADGETT Marianne Brumby1912 2001
PAYNE Sara Harris Smith1901 1999
PERSONNETTE Michael1949 1991
POLEVOY Lucille1902 1992
POST Eleanor W.1915 1995
PRIEST Jeanne S.1928 2000
PROKOP Nicholas1904 1991
QUINTON Harold1921 1987
RIGGS Catherine1900 1990
RIGGS Eunice1897 1989
ROBINSON Violet Mills1897 1992
ROBINSON William1896 1998
RODENBAUGH Helen K.1917 1997
RODENBAUGH Richard P.1911 1998
ROGERS Thomas E.1917 1999
RUNKLE Lloyd M.1906 1987
RUNKLE Louise1908 1990
SCATTERGOOD Mary Elizabeth1914 1998
SCOVANNER Daniel E. The Rev.1922 1996
ST. LOUIS Leonard A.1997 1988
STEINMAN Mildred1911 1989
TALBOT Ruth1918 1998
TATE Linn F.1907 2000
TERRILL Catherine H.1941 1998
THORNTON Mary Elizabeth Hall1911 2001
TOWNSEND Michael F.1936 1998
TRUMAN Irene C.1910 1992
TRUMAN Virgil1898 1986
WAGSTAFF John S.1944 1998
WALTHERS Doris S.1905 1996
WALTHERS Norman F.1902 1985
WELLS Renee Tetart1903 1986
WELTON Thelma M.1903 1988
WILLIAMS Ewin D.1905 1992
WILLIAMS Frank S.G.1904 1993
WILLIAMS Margaret1905 1997
WILSON Eleanor1908 1991
WILSON Harold L.1909 1986