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If you have a biography of a Pinellas County related person, please consider submitting a copy for display on this website. All submissions must be either public domain (out of copyright), original composition of the submitter, or permission to display the works of others for display on this website granted and included in the original submission. All current copyrighted material submitted without permission of the author will be rejected. Please contact the County Coordinator for submission instructions prior to sending.

Maude Aiken

O. Russell Albright

J. Wallace Appley

A. P. Avery

Gertrude Chambers Beecher

John C. Beekman

Edwin J. Bidaman

D. E. Billman

John U. Bird

Paul R. Boardman

Frank J. Booth

Fletcher Park Bouton

Alice Buhner

W. C. Burton

C. C. Carr

A. Chancellor

Capt. John F. Chase