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Awards Received by the Pinellas Genealogy Society
or It's Members

National Genealogical Society Certificate of Appreciation

Cheryl Shaughnessy was recognized for her contribution to the 2016 NGS Conference at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as Volunteer Assistant Chair.
NGS '16 Cert of Appreciation

National Genealogical Society Certificate of Appreciation

Susan Luce was recognized for her contribution to the 2016 NGS Conference at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as Volunteer Chair.
NGS '16 Cert of Appreciation

National Genealogical Society Certificate of Appreciation

David Dellinger was recognized for his contribution to the 2016 NGS Conference at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as Local Host Committee Chair.
NGS '16 Cert of Appreciation
FSGS Preservation Award to PGS

The Florida State Genealogical Society Preservation Award was bestowed to acknowledge PGS’s accomplishments in preserving, protecting, transcribing, indexing and making historical records freely accessible to all those researching their ancestors from Florida and beyond. Among those efforts are cemetery canvasses; transcriptions of vital records, Bible records, funeral home records, and city directories; and digitized personal research files, as well as rare and endangered books. Those preservation products and others are accessible both at the Largo Public Library and online.
2015 FSGS Preservation Award to PGS
FSGS President's Citation

The Florida State Genealogical Society President's Citation is awarded at the discretion of the FSGS President to a deserving individual or organization. FSGS President Pam Cooper’s decision was based on her personal knowledge of our Society plus an examination of our web site which she found amazingly informative. She said she found it awesome how many volunteer hours we contribute to the library; the number of classes taught and people attending; the outreach we perform through Family History Assistance Day; and the posting of outside events in our newsletter. She mentioned the range of projects we are working on; the amount of free data we offer in our databases; our accomplishments such as having canvassed all southern Pinellas county cemeteries; and our continuous support to the library through genealogy consultants and other volunteers. She also noted the uniqueness of the variety of our programs and the range of published material the Society offers. Finally, she said what she found truly impressive and important was our emphasis on "share, share, share."
FSGS President's Citation
Certificate of Appreciation to Pinellas Genealogy Society

In recognition of outstanding support given to the Sons of the American Revolution, Florida Society Clearwater Chapter, February 9, 2013

SAR Award
FSGS Genealogy Outstanding Achievement Award to Peter Summers

"As a dedicated member and inspiring leader, Peter has increased the size of the membership, the enthusiasm of the volunteers, the success of the educational and outreach programs, the rebuilding of the bonds with the Largo Library staff, the awareness of the importance of genealogy in understanding ourselves, and the revitalization of the society. In the past four years he personally has taught over 306 classes with an attendance of more than 3,700 people."
FSGS Award to Peter Summers
FSGS Florida Outstanding Achievement Award to PGS

"In recognition of contributions  to the field of Genealogy in the areas of education , publications, library support and new initiatives.  The PGS offers over forty different classes and reaches over 2200 students per year. It continues to produce cemetery books,  enhance its quarterly journal, and publish indexes online. It has taken over the library operations role in the Largo Public Library Genealogy Center, It also introduced a semiannual Family History Assistance Day. The Pinellas Genealogy Society has, indeed, made great strides in commitment and activity during the last three years that deserve this recognition."
FSGS Award to PGS
Florida Genealogy Outstanding Achievement Award:  Pinellas Genealogy Society, Inc.

The Pinellas Genealogy Society has been a leader in Florida genealogy since its founding in 1972. The active membership provides a volunteer group assisting the Largo Public Library from day to day, contributing to the library’s position as the county’s premier genealogical research site. The PGS assets have continued to grow over the years and make up about 25% of the genealogy collection at the library. Its educational offerings have grown to 29 classes with 7 active instructors to share the teaching load. PGS offers an annual seminar featuring nationally-known speakers, as well as a journal, newsletter, website, Blog, and other publications and projects. It also boasts a speaker’s bureau providing presentations and classes to genealogy societies in the surrounding area. The society is also actively involved in historic preservation of artifacts that have come into their possession. The list goes on and on. This award is well deserved for a job that continues to be well done.

Genealogy Outstanding Achievement Award:  Damon Hostetler

Mr. Hostetler has been a mainstay of the Pinellas Genealogy Society for several decades. He has served officially in many elected capacities as well as in numerous other ways. In addition to his affiliation with the Pinellas Genealogy Society, he is a member of the Ohio Genealogical Society and the Florida Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Lasting contributions to genealogy and his family's history include numerous publications. He is also sought as a speaker and genealogy lecturer. He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, the General Society of the War of 1812, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Society of Civil War Families of Ohio, and First Families of Ohio. His dedication to the fields of genealogy and family history are deep and passionate.
FSGS 2008 Award to Damon Hostetler
Damon Smith Hostetler, PGS member, recieved the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Federation of Genealogical Societies, in recognition of outstanding service to the genealogical community. FGS 2004 Volunteer of the Year

The Pinellas Genealogy Society won a prestigious Organization Achievement Award from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation for the Society's collaborative efforts with partner Pinellas Heritage on the Historic Greenwood Cemetery in St. Petersburg restoration.  The Preservation Award Ceremony was held in Delray Beach on May 14, 2004.

The Pinellas Genealogy Society was chosen to receive the St. Petersburg Preservation, Inc. 2004 Preservation Award for Preservation/History Education. Presentations were held on May 13th at the Renaissance Vinoy Golf Club on Snell Isle Boulevard NE in St. Petersburg; on hand to receive the award were (L-R) Theresa DeRolf, Lesleigh Butts (Pres.), Rae Rose and Pat Johnston.
Chris Kelly, past Roser Park Neighborhood Association President (and PGS member), the Pinellas Genealogy Society and Verizon received the Community Partnership Initiative Award presented by Mayor Rick Baker at the Decade of Neighborhood Involvement Ceremonies held at the Mahaffey Theater in downtown St. Petersburg on April 23, 2003.

Federation of Genealogy Societies 2003 Distinguished Service Award presented to Joseph C. "Charlie" Grandmaison.  Click here for a biography.
The Pinellas Genealogy Society was presented the Library Service Enhancement Award by the Florida Library Association. FLA Library Service Enhancement Award
Ginger Brengle PGS Member and Largo Library Assistant accepts the Charlotte Freels Duvall Scholarship for Florida Librarians for the promotion of excellence in genealogy from the Florida State Genealogical Society. The $500 award will be used to attend national and state conferences to further her education in genealogical research and services. Congratulations Ginger!

Pinellas Genealogy Society's Cemetery Chairperson Lesleigh Laite Butts was honored with the Genealogy Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Florida State Genealogical Society for her contribution to Pinellas County history through cemetery research. Under Lesleigh's direction, the cemetery committee canvassed over 30,000 interments in two years. (That record has increased by about 10,000 since the award was presented in November.) These cemetery volunteers deserve our congratulations! See the Publications and Database section for proof of their success!

Barbara Pardun PGS Member, Recording Secretary, accepted The Genealogy Outstanding Achievement Award for the Library Volunteers and Largo Library given by the Florida State Genealogical Society. The award recognizes Largo Library's outstanding collection, and the Pinellas Genealogical Society's volunteer hours staffing, teaching and providing assistance to the public six days a week. Kudos to all you volunteers!!! FSGS Award
Linda Attebery Carpenter received the Florida Outstanding Achievement Award from the Florida State Genealogical Society

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