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Library History

Prior to 1999, the books belonging to Pasco County Genealogical Society were housed in members' homes and not easily accessed. In 1999, Society president, Virginia Britten, approached the Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church) regarding a meeting place for our society and a place to put our books so that members could access them more easily.

The LDS Church was amenable to the request, and our cooperative effort was launched. The church supplied computers and other equipment, so that visitors could access CDs containing the Ancestral Files and the International Genealogical Index. Society members indexed and shelved the books along with those donated by church members, and our library was born. As usage of the library increased, it was officially designated in 2002 the Dade City Family History Center by the LDS Church.

However, in 2011, the Church needed space for their growing nursery wing, and PCGS had to move our book collection back to a PCGS memberís home once again. We currently have over 1200 books and CDs for patrons to do research. We have a large collection of reference books, family histories and some material from almost every state. These books will now be available to view if prior request is made to Library Director Brenda Riley to allow for the books to be brought to the library for viewing. Patrons can also rent films and fiche from the LDS church in Salt Lake City for personal use on our readers. The Dade City Family History Center has a digital imaging computer that will copy images from film onto paper, floppy disc or CD. High speed internet access to and other genealogy research websites is also available.

Hours of Operation

The library is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1 P.M. - 5 P.M. to everyone interested in genealogical research and staffed by knowledgeable society volunteers to assist you with research questions. Please visit our Events Calendar for current hours of operation
Library address: 9016 Fort King Rd Dade City, FL 33525-8582

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PCGS member volunteers need to visit the member volunteer calendar page to sign up, or check times that you have volunteered for service.

If you have a concern with scheduling please contact Brenda Riley. If you have a question about how to use the calendar, please contact Kelly Jewett. You can find the email address for Brenda and Kelly in the Society Membership Directory, published and distributed each March. Or you may use the Contact us link below. It will take us longer to get back to you if you use that link, instead of our e-mail addresses listed in the directory.

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