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Osceola County Placenames

Adner (or Adna?) (1910 map)

Alger - south east of Kenansville.

Apoxsee - station along the FEC (Florida East Coast Railway)

Ashton - located a little east of St. Cloud.

Bassenger - located in the southern portion of the county on 1897 Atlas, it is now located in Okeechobee county (since 1917).

Bassville - located on the southeast shore of Lake Tohopekaliga and was the county seat of Brevard County in 1864. The 1855 census named an enumeration district of Bassville, most likely named for the several of Bass families living there. S C Bass of Bassville was a Brevard County representative in 1877. By 1910 the district of Bassville was renamed "Peghorn District". In 1887 Osceola County was created from Brevard and Orange counties.

Campbell(s) - (aka Campbell Station) 1895: population 128, postoffice, express office and railroad station. Postoffice and village in 1918. Located 5 miles west of Kissimmee

Canoe Creek - 30 miles from Kissimmee, southeast of Lake Tohopekaliga.

Celebration - built late 1990s, you can find locality on current maps.

Centerville - see Yeehaw Junction.

Conlin - (1910 map)

Crab Grass (aka Crab) - Post ofiice location late 1890s.

Dawson - post office in 1904.

Deer Park - east of St. Cloud near the eastern county line.

Deeson - 1895 railroad station.

Edgewater - 5 miles west of Kissimmee on Lake Tohopekaliga.

Fort Taylor - (1910 map)

Great - a post office in early 1890s.

Halsey - a new town site in 1918 (did it ever become a town?).

Headwater - a landing on the Kissimmee river

Hillard's Island - 2 miles west of Union Center

Hirtzel - an 1895 railroad station.

Holopaw - a station along the FEC north of Illahaw

Illahaw - station along the FEC (Florida East Coast Railway) north of Nittaw.

Intercession City


Island - 1895 Railroad station.

Kenansville - station along the FEC (Florida East Coast Railway). 1 mile west of Whittier

Kissimmee - 1895: population 1086, post office, express office, railroad station and county seat.

Kissimmee Park - 1921-2: "A village east of Kissimmee about 7 miles by water across Lake Tohopekaliga and 14 by auto."

Lake Wilson

Lanier - (1910 map) north east of Nittaw

Laura - near Holopaw (Flagler RR map)

Lokosee - 1921-2: "Village, Post Office and railroad station in a southeast part of Osceola County on the Okeechobee branch of the FEC Railway."

Marydia - (1888 map) north east of Kissimmee near northern county line... might be in Orange county as indicated on an 1895 map.

Mulberry Sink - 1921-2: "a settlement in the southwestern part of Osceola County."

Narcoossee - 1895: population 76, post office. 1921-2: "Village Post Office and prepay railrood station at terminus of Kissimmee & Narcoossee branch of ACL Railway." Located 4 miles east of St. Cloud.

Nittaw - station along the FEC (Florida East Coast Railway) north of Kenansville

Paradise Island - an island in Lake Tohopekaliga.

Peghorn - (also see Bassville) located near St. Cloud.

Pine Island - a "demonstration farm" in 1918. Also a new town site in 1918. Located 12 miles south of Whittier. Located in what is now Okeechobee county.


Point a post office in mid 1890s.

Runnymede - Originally called Wharton, founded in 1885. 1895: railroad station. Located on the Kissimmee-Narcoossee branch of the ACL Railway (known as the Sugar Belt Railway) 12 miles east of Kissimmee and on the east shore of East Lake Tohopekaliga. Just south of Narcoosee.

Saint Cloud - 1895: post office and railroad station.

Saint Cloud Junction - 1895: railroad station.

Savage - north east of Tohopkee

Savannah - a new town site in 1918 (did it ever become a town?)

Shingle Creek - (aka Shingle) 1895: post office, railroad station. 4 miles northwest of Kissimmee

Solofka - a station along the FEC Railway north of Tohopkee.

Southport (aka Southport Groves) - south end of Lake Tohopekaliga

Sunnyside - 1895: railroad station. Between St. Cloud and Runnymede/Narcoosee.

Thurman City - a new town site in 1918 (did it ever become a town?), 4 miles west of Kissimmee on Lake Tohopekaliga

Tohopkee - a station along the FEC Railway north of Holopaw

Union Center - 7 miles east of Kissimmee along county line.

Wampee - a post office for a short time in 1899

Wharton - see Runnymede

Whittier (reported to be the oldest town in the county) - located just east of L. Marian (1897 Atlas), just west of Kenansville. 30 miles south of St. Cloud.

Yeehaw Junction - once called Centerville; station along the FEC (Florida East Coast Railway).

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