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Barber Cemetery

Aka Hilliard Island Road Cemetery

Source: D. A. R. publication: "BIBLE RECORDS of Keen, Keene and Mills Families; TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS of Orange and Osceola Counties, Florida AND 1850 Census and Tombstone Inscriptions of the RUTHERFORD FAMILY of MISSOURI," Copied and Contributed by Mrs. Mary M. (John R.) Ingersoll, Genealogical Records Chairman, 1965, Orlando DAR Chapter #723. A copy can be found at the Orange County Public Library in Orlando. This record also includes Locke Memorial Cemetery listed under Osceola county which is actually in Orange county, but near the county border with Osceola.

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This cemetery is located about 5 miles east from Kissimmee on S530. Continuing on S530, coming to Hilliard Island Road, turn right on Hilliard Island Road and this little cemetery is a short distance on the right in an old orange grove beside the road.

Ursula A. Barber May 26, 1877 - Jan. 6, 1878

Henry J. Barber Jan. 17, 1875 - Apr. 19, 1881

Marquies De Barber Feb. 12, 1881 - Nov. 16, 1882

Alexander S. Barber Dec. 16, 1877 - Dec. 14, 1882

Our little one - Jan. 11, 1885

unmarked grave

Nancy Ward d. May 6, 1903 aged 67 yrs.

Violett S. Barber Sept. 6, 1841 - June 8, 1894

Ruby Kathleen Harvey 2-18-1899 11-15-1900

T. Albert Hughey Nov. 4, 1891 - Aug. 29, 1892

Infant dau. of J. A. and M. S. Barber April 25, 1893 - June 6, 1893

M. Edward Barber Sept. 4, 1891 - May 16, 1892

unmarked grave

unmarked grave

unmarked grave

The End.

copied in 1963 by Mrs. Mary M. Ingersoll, 219 E. Pierce Street, Pine Castle, Florida, 32809, and is a complete list of all buried there with markers at date copies. This little burial spot is unkept and apparently unused.

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