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Monday 02/04/2002 12:02:57am
Name: Patrick Hall
Subject: Orlando research
Query: I live in Orlando and will assist with research/queries. Email to above address with all relevant information
Wednesday 03/13/2002 12:50:49am
Name: Karen Sanders
Subject: TYSON'S 1960 era
Query: I am womdering if you can find out for me if a John S. Tyson was living in the Orlando area at this time. I know that one of his brothers (my grandpa) Noah Tyson was living in the area as we lived right down the road from him. My dad is one of Noah's son's. If I'm not mistaken, we were living on the Windemere Hwy at that time. My dad's name is Bobby Tyson. Anyway, we were living in the Orlando area somewhere around Winter Garden and Windemere. Anything you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Karen Sanders
Tuesday 03/26/2002 10:32:27pm
Name: Beverley Luckey-Short
Subject: Marriage Info
Query: Looking for documentation on the Marriage of Samuel A. Luckey and Elizabeth C. Summerall on Decemeber 18, 1872.
Thank you
Tuesday 06/04/2002 6:19:09pm
Name: Pete Porta
Subject: Union Soldier in my House???
Query: I just had a brand new house built off of State RD 50  (Colonial RD)  and State RD 419  (Chuluota Rd) in South East Orlando  (Orange County). I know this may seem like a weird question, but my girlfriend swears she saw a ghost wearing a navy blue military uniform in my house. I did find out that Ft. Christmas is about 5 miles away from my house. I was just wondering if there was any way to dig up more information on this mystery guy and if anybody else has reported any weird supernatural activity in this area. I did print out a list of Confederate and Union Soldiers that died in Orange County but that does not help narrow it down. Any suggestions??? Or is my girlfriend just crazy?
Sunday 08/11/2002 5:28:21pm
Name: Stephanie Grohol
Subject: Obituary
Query: I am seeking the obituary for Stephen Alan McPherson who died in Apopka, FL December 26, 1988. I was wondering if you had any ideas on where to look for an obit for him?
Sunday 09/15/2002 1:55:00am
Name: loretta keibler
Subject: finding lost cousins
Query: Clerance  {Calvin P. Hough} and Althera  [Reed]  Hough, had two daugthers, Helen who married a Sloane and moved to your area. Helen died in 1971 I have learned. She had some children and grandkids. Would love to find. My husband lost his mother Helen's sister Adella in1939 in Pa. This is the only family he has left. He was two at the time.
Saturday 09/21/2002 6:05:04pm
Name: B. Harris
Subject: William H. Harris married Nancy Hansel?
Query: William H. Harris married Nancy Hanson/Hancy/Hansel 1868 Polk County, FL...found them on the 1870 census for Orange County, FL, with their son, John...later children are Nathaniel Beviel? and Mary Isabella?... William H. Harris filed a confederate pension claim, and Nancy applied for benefits...the sons married Tiner & Johns, the daughter married Johns...these families, as well as Hansel & Tanner located in the Pine Castle area...does anyone have any information on them??
Thank You!!!
Thursday 01/02/2003 5:57:54pm
Name: Stacy W. Turner
Subject: Old Kin People
Query: Looking for old kin in Fl. prior to 1820.
Sunday 02/16/2003 11:29:26pm
Name: Ed Davis
Subject: Grave site of Dan and Dollie Rutherford
Query: Searching for grave site of Dollie Rutherford aug 4 1903 died dec. 1985 and husband Dan Rutherford mar. 28, 1900 died 1969 according to SS records the last residense was zip 32787 which is Winter Garden but that is all I have.
Saturday 03/01/2003 2:44:15pm
Name: Mary Bess-Boswell
Subject: Pahota Family
Query: Seeking information on the William Pahota Family who lived in Orlando. William was m. to my First Cousin Stella Kitt Pahota, and they had several daughters and a son. William was retired from the USN. Stella passed away in the '70's? I am researching the family and any information would be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday 03/04/2003 11:10:48am
Your Name Sue Ames
Subject: Pfann surname
Query: Looking for Henry Pfann d: 24 Decem. 1950, said to have owned 18 acre orange grove and sawmill/lumber yard in 1892-1895. Also looking for his brother John(Sextus)Pfann died 1 January 1915. Bothe said to be buried in Kissimmee, Florida.
Thank you
Sunday 03/16/2003 10:12:42am Name: Joyce Blakeney E-mail: Subject: Land Query: Want to know when the land owned by Thomas E. Rowell was sold. It was in the very late 1800's. Can supply more info later.
Friday 05/16/2003 2:25:05am
Name: Susan  (Leonard)  Caperton
Subject: Edward Dillinger Grandfather
Query: EDward DILLINGER,operated magazine and tobacco stand in hotels in Orlando. Also had orange groves. Had a child Marjorie, my mother, who was to have been adopted. Any and all information will be the best thing that has happened to me in 30 years. Searching is a challenge of good and evil.
Thank you all
Thursday 04/15/2004 5:24:17pm
Name: Carolyn Carr
Subject: Thank you Marcia Bruton
Query: I was looking for the obituary for my brother's obituary Roy Edward Carr and I was really running into a lot of dead ends until I came across this web site and I ran across your information and I want to thank you and also the sponsors of the website.
Saturday 04/24/2004 1:11:01am
Name: Karen Sanders
Subject: Mamie Methvin-Bedgood
Query: I am seeking info on Mamie Methvin-Bedgood's date of birth and date of death. She is buried in a cemetery in Orange County, I do not know which one but if someone could help, I sure would appreciate it.
Sunday 06/13/2004 12:16:04am
Name: Patrick Hall
Subject: Mamie Methvin Bedgood
Query: Karen Sanders-I have located the information you are looking for-- email me back. I am alocal researcher here in Orlando and offer free lookups/assistance.
Tuesday 08/31/2004 2:10:02pm
Name: Joyce Bargainer
Subject: Researching James Madison Davis
Query: Am researching my great-great grandfather, James Madison Davis, who was born in TN between 1826-1828. He lived in Mississippi, perhaps Attala County, for many years. He was in Apopka, Orange Co., FL, for the 1900 census, possibly living with his daughter, Ellen, and son-in-law, William Wilson. When did he die and where? Any help would be appreciated.
Friday 10/29/2004 1:41:45pm
Name: Patty Patrick
Query: Many relatives lived in Ocoee,Apopka,Orlando area from 1920's on. Are there any decendants of Loucinda Whitfield NORWOOD,William & Caroline CUTTS McNIEL,LUTHER & ANNIE MAE MCMURRAIN PATRICK, ROBERT J.WILLIAMS or any related families out there? Descendants of HENRY A. MCNIEL? ANNIE LAURIE NORWOOD? STEVE PATRICK?
Monday 11/08/2004 3:10:20pm
Name: Dick Arnold
Subject: Herbert Leon Thompson, Killed in Vietnam
Query: I am Dick Arnold of the 35th Infantry Regiment Association:
We honor those we lost in Vietnam by posting their pictures on our web site. Winter Garden native Herbert Leon Thompson is one such person. His obit says he graduated from Drew High School in 1965. I called Orange County Public Schools and was told Drew is now closed. Does anyone know of any Drew alumni groups or where a 1965 Drew High School yearbook might be located. I struck-out at the library and the Orange County Public Schools.

Herbert was an Afro-American and his parents were Mr and Mrs Robert L Thompson of Winter Garden.

Dick Arnold
3611 East Delmar Road
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Tuesday 02/01/2005 10:20:26am
Name: Carole Kallemeres
Subject: Sheffield
Query: I am researching Kinion Sheffield. He married Jane Johnson on Jan 23, 1879. They are listed in the 1880 Orange Co census, and KF Sheffield is listed as a registerd voter in 1876. I believe Jane must have died in Orange Co between 1883-1884. I really would appreciate any info on these two.
Thursday 02/03/2005 4:51:06pm
Name: Linda Parnell Thrasher
Subject: Winter Garden Area
Query: Looking for Parnell, Bennett, Caylor, Paulk, Lassiter. Have cousins in the area but do not known how to get in touch. Thank you for any info you can come up with. Apopka and Ocoee areas, also.
Monday 02/21/2005 11:38:57pm
Name: Jo Davis
Subject: Lawrence Parnell Gately
Query: looking for family of Lawrence Parnell Gately,lived in Orlando in 1960 in Pine Hill area on Queensway Dr. believe that Mr. Gately Sr has passed away. Need any information
Monday 04/04/2005 11:36:42am
Name: Georgeann McClure
Subject: adoption
Query: I am looking for a boy given up for adoption on December 21 1953 in Orange County Florida by a Betty Dallas or Betty Stapher. Betty was from Kkeokuk, Iowa. I can be reached at
Friday 09/09/2005 3:03:35pm
Name: Mary Harper
Subject: Larry/Zelton BASS
Query: I would like to make contact with family of Larry Z Bass, b;12-22-1941,in Americus, Ga d; 12-14-1984 in Storrs, connecticut.He seved in the Navy 03-1962 thur 03-1968. Station on the USS Albany. His father was Zelton Bass ,born in sumter co., ga in 09-08-1905 and died in Orlando in 02-1981. Thier resident in Orlando was 2806 Oaklando Dr. Orlando 32810.
Thank You
Thursday 10/20/2005 2:29:29pm
Name: Patt Carnevale
Subject: Wesley HOWELL
Query: Am looking for any information on Wesley Howell who lived in Kissimmee, Fl in 1887. He was a carpenter and lived on Oak St.
Thanks in advance
Sunday 01/15/2006 8:01:25pm
Name: Paul Enchelmayer
Subject: Genealogical Society for Orange County
Query: The Central Florida Genealogical Society hosts many events and has published several useful books for those genealogists researching ancestors in Orange County and elsewhere in Central Florida. Please visit the website for the Central Florida Genealogical Society at the following web address:
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006 at 7:48 pm
Name: Christine
Subject: Winegard, Winegord
Query: We had a Sheriff in Orange County named Winegord. There is also a road and an elementary school called Winegard. I wonder if my book has the Sheriffs name misspelt? Or, are they named, unrelated?