Marion County Look-Ups and Volunteers

Look Up Volunteers

The FLGenWeb Project utilizes Google Groups for our official E-mail Lists, Queries and Look-ups, however I will provide information for some local residents who have offered to do look-ups for folks. Please keep in mind that our volunteers may work or have other obligations so please allow a reasonable amount of time, 2 weeks for them to get back to you.

Please limit requests for look-ups to one or two items per e-mail and be specific by providing as much information as possible to the volunteer. There is no charge for these look ups, however you may be asked to reimburse copy fees or other expenses if any are incurred. Any arrangements between you and a volunteer should be made prior to the volunteer incurring any expenses on your behalf. These arrangements are strictly between you and the individual volunteer and FLGenWeb will not be responsible for any disputes arising from these PRIVATE arrangements.

Please do not ask your County Coordinator or Assistant County Coordinator to perform look-ups as we just do not have the time necessary to so and most likely do not reside in the county in question.

To volunteer to perform look ups for Marion County, please visit our VOLUNTEERS PAGE for more information. We regret that at this time we have no look up volunteers available.

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