Langston Cemetery, Liberty Co FL Langston Cemetery, Liberty Co FL

May 1999

While searching for Langston Cemetery, I stopped by a house to ask directions. To my surprise, I had stopped at the home of a 93 year old lady by the name of Dolly Revell, who told me the cemetery was more or less a family cemetery. She said those buried there are her great grandparents,John & Emily Langston, her grandfather, Calab Langston, and Calab's sister, Becky Langston. She told me she has no dates as to when any of these people were born or when they died. There are no markings to locate the cemetery, as wood markers were used. She said that when her father was alive, he had tried to locate the cemetery, but it had grown up and he couldn't find anything. She also told me that she knows of at least two times the area had been planted with pine trees, and feels like the cemetery has been planted over. I also talked with a man who deer hunts in the area, and he said he has never came across anything that looked like it might have been a cemetery.