Green Hill Chaires Cemetery Leon Co

Chaires Cemetery


Visited 3/11/2001, transcribed by Vickie Stevens

This cemetery is located off Old Dirt Rd, off of Buck Lake Rd in East Leon Co. It's over grown and in deplorable condition. The graves appear to have been broken into and damaged. Most of the stones are broken and some are impossible to read and this cemetery appears totally abandoned.

This is the cemetery of the Green Hill Chaires family that were killed in an Indian raid in 1838.

3 infant Children of Green H. and Hannah Chaires

Infant of Thomas and Mary Ann ?

Richard Chaires born 1/4/1834 died 10/11/1861

Claudia Dau of Thomas and Mary Ann ?

Hannah Dau of B. S. & Virginia Chaires Died 1846

Hannah Isabelle; Child of James & Elizabeth Ormond born 9/5/18?? died 9/5/18?9. [very hard to read]

Daniel McVoy, Born in South Carolina, Died 2/1838

Mary Agenes ?

William, First born Son of J. S. & Elizabeth Ormond; Died 12/18?1; 1 year and 5 days

Susan, Wife of Green H. Chaires Died 11/5/1860, age 19 years

Joseph Chaires Died 1851

Several other graves that cannot be identified


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