Belair Cemetery
On Ross Road off Woodville Hwy


Visited 3/18/2001, transcribed by Vickie Stevens. Located off Ross Rd, off Woodville Hwy behind the warehouses on the right.

This cemetery is in deplorable condition. It was vandalized a few years back in the most horrific manner possible. All the graves had been dug up and the skeletal remains were hung in the trees. Headstones were broken and trash was scattered through out. Leon County Public Works Department, under the supervision of a local funeral director, went through and re buried the persons buried there and tried to restore as much as possible. Since then the owner/s of the property have attempted to clear out some of the trees and the workers have done as much damage as the vandals of a few years earlier. There are several graves under the branches and trees that have been piled up after they were cut down. There are broken bottles, a car bumper and a sofa dumped there as well. Leon County is currently working with the owner/s to attempt to correct the damage and clean the area.

Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Matt Jackson Thomas 3/31/1874 4/3/1945  
McCrey Edward Gavin 6/20/1890 3/3/1954 GA PVT CASUAL DEPT WWI
Noricissie Buier 1895 1933  
Lilia H Kilpatrick   12/16/1924  
James Hill 4/30/1930  
Sorae Ouski 3/6/?  
Frances Coefield Jo??ns 3/16/1928 10/23/1969  
Lucia H Simpson 2/8/1910 5/5/1971  
Beatrice Williams 7/3/1894 11/19/1952 Daughter
Dan Johnson 6/10/1909 6/27/1981  
Mercedes Porter Williams 11/18/1922 9/3/1984  
Henry Porter 2/22/1898 10/11/1937  
Rev R R Carter 1885 8/18/1951  
Mildred Wilson 12/22/1919 3/25/1975  
Alfred Wilson Sr 3/11/1898 6/1980  
Samuel Brown 12/5/1911 2/10/1974 FL PVT US Army WWII
Diana Farmer ?
Id?? ????n [this was an etched glass marker which is now broken in pieces]
M Williams
Ann Jones
? A Shaw
Peggy Houston
Andrew Houston 12/18/1912 10/10/1972  
Rev L H Reese 1/23/1883 3/11/1944  
Mother Missa Reese 8/2/1851 1/22/1933  
Beatrice Dams 1907 1972  
Richard Brown 1/14/1917 11/19/1970 GA PVT 357 ENGR REGT WWII
Timothy Gaines 1999 1999  
Hakeem Abdul Rahman 1/20/1998 2/25/1998  
Maggie Brown 6/6/1917 6/1/2000  
Addie Crooms 4/10/1897 5/26/1972  
There are many other graves here with broken, unreadable stones and many sunken graves as well.


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