Airport Cemetery, Leon County Florida

Airport Cemetery
corner of Capital Circle and Springhill Road

Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Jeremy Wesley Coleman 1/26/1983 11/19/1985  
Walter T Galvin 11/13/1921 8/23/1980 TECS WWII
Christian "Chris" McConico 5/7/1919 11/10/1985  
Mary M Jones 10/14/1898 1/16/1992  
Roscoe Brown 7/4/1933 10/27/1992  
Eva Mae Jones 7/2/1938 2/26/1993  
Jennis Morris 9/8/1911 6/5/1987  
Rev L D Elliott Sr 12/18/1844 12/7/1922 Born in Richmond VA; This monument erected by son L D Elliott Jr
Willie James Allen 7/10/1943 3/18/1990  
W McCall? This stone is laying on the ground and appears to be hand carved
Nathan Jones 12/2/1901 9/24/1976  
Over 30 indentions in the ground appearing to be sunken graves.


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