Turner Cemetery, Gadsden County, Florida

African - American


Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail [email protected]







Surveyed: Feb 2000










Typed by: Betty James Smith


This was a large cemetery Located, from 1/2 and 3/4 mile west of Mt Pleasant, Florida.

I don't  how or when it disappeared. But it's gone. This cemetery dated back over 70 years ago. (true age ?)


This area was farming land then for years this land was idle growing up in weeds. Etc. Then a fellow brought it,

Turning it into a cattle farm. Then some years later a fellow bought it and planted all of it in pines.

This last owner has been dead for years.


I found an old lady who knew the name of the cemetery and could remember at least four of her ancestors

being buried there. She was surprised to hear the cemetery was gone.







I found an old gentleman who knew of the cemetery and had been there long ago.

He said, There was a huge beautiful monument in it."  One day he saw it being hauled off.

Other times he had seen stuff from this cemetery being hauled off when they come by his place.


Wayne N Carpenter