Sims Cemetery, Jackson Co FL

Sims Cemetery, Jackson Co FL

"It's just l 8/10 miles south of Interstate 10. It's on the right as you go south, along Route 71.  There is a sign. It's less than 1/4 mile from the highway. It's very well kept.

I would describe it as "small." And it was well kept. Not sure who does that.
Maybe 100 graves at the most, but probably less. [email protected] (Sue H. Gill)

In the back area of the cemetery, along the property line, I suppose you would say, is the tombstone of John B. Henderson. The stone was leaning, and as I recall, that was because of a large tree nearby. Something should probably be done about that. The stone read:

John B. Henderson born Apr 19, 1839 died Oct 23, 1911 Rest in Peace

Although we didn't see a stone, I assume his wife, Lavinia Tency (Welch) Henderson is buried beside him. But that's just my guess.

Another of mine, and it was in bad shape:

John Stewart Co. E 6 FLA INF CSA

His wife--also in bad shape, and there was information written on front and back of the stone:

(Front) Born July 25, 1837 Died July 15, 1921
(Back:) Dear Mother ..Wife of Rev....John Stewart Born July 25, 1837 Died July , 192? (Blanks where we couldn't read dates).

This was the grave of Caroline (Gay) Stewart. According to the Death Certificate, she died 12 July 1922; and her birthdate was listed as 25 July 1839.

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