Maddox Family Cemetery

Maddox Family Cemetery, Jackson Co., FL

Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter and Whit Gainey

Typed by: James L. Edenfield

Date Surveyed: Oct 2001

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DIRECTIONS: Located on the old Maddox homestead about 10 miles south of Marianna, FL and about 1 to 1 1/2 miles off Maddox Rd as the crow flies. On PRIVATE posted land.

COMMENTS: Down hill - up hill with thick vegetation. Low vines to trip you which happen when one caught in my metal shoe eyelet and down this old man went. The homestead was built on high ground with old time heart pine lumber. Some boards on the old barn were 16 inches wide. The barn has fallen down and so has the home but the kitchen which was built off from the house is still standing. A walk way connected the kitchen and house. The vegetation around the barn, house, and kitchen was even thicker as if to protect them. The cemetery is about 100 feet from the house. Don't know what kind of material the headstones are made from but they are in excellent condition and easy to read.

On our way out our sense of direction took a leave of absence so we walked a little more than planned. We finally got on a trail. Since we were in a bottom we had to trudge nearly a mile uphill. With some rest stops we finally made the top and a road. It was a long walk on a sandy road back to the car. Whit and I are mighty please to find this cemetery but it is a one and only trip for me and probably for him.

Eva Virginia NIX
8 Jun 1906
3 Sep 1907

10 Aug 1889
7 Sep 1927

Elijah Calvin MADDOX
15 Aug 1858
2 Dec 1918

Ellen Virginia MADDOX
19 Feb 1859
24 Feb 1934

Marion Arthur MADDOX
22 Feb 1892
15 Jun 1972
(Note: His father was Elijah Calvin MADDOX)

(Note: Thought to be May MADDOX (male))

2 possible UNKNOWN graves.


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