Shores Mill Cemetery, Jackson Co FL

Shores Mill Cemetery
Jackson County, Florida

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Hi Betty.
My great grandfather Jasper Mayo is supposed to have been buried there around 1875.
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Shores Mill seems to have been destroyed or is somewhere in a field of planted pines. My father played in the cemetery as a young boy (during the 1940s); however, we have been unable to locate it in the last few years.
Cindy Gay Sloan

Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 9:01 AM 
Subject: Shores Mill Cemetery 

My great,great,great grandmother,I was told,was buried at Shores 
Mill Cemetery.Her name I believe is Miranda Waters (maybe Walters).
Is the entire cemetery destroyed? If so,is there a list that I could 
view, possibly a registery of all of it's occupants? 

Thanks for any help that you may afford. 
                                     Walter W. Jacobs  

20 Jan 2002
Shores Mill Cemetery was/is located in Jackson County, Florida.
Directions: From the Atlanta and St.Andrews Bay Depot in the town of Round Lake, go north on Hwy. 231 for one mile, turn right (northeast) on dirt road and go 1 and 5/10 miles to cemetery which lies 40 feet on the right (east) of road. They say the cemetery is gone. I am hoping that there is a list of all of the cemetery's occupants. I'm sorry that I wasn't more detailed in my original request.
Sincerely,Walt Jacobs

21 Jan 2002
I followed WPA directions and located the area with a big POSTED sign. It had an address and name, so I went visiting. The man (probably mid 70s) has the land leased. He said he remembers there being 4 or 5 graves with limestone markers, but the timber was cut, the ground sheared and replanted and has now been cut again. He has bird hunted all through the area where the cemetery was and all sign of it is gone. He granted permission for me to walk through and look. I did, along with my wife. It appears that his story is true. I believe we can safely say that Shores Mill Cemetery no longer exist.

He also said that his understanding is that the cemetery was part of the GAY family.

Whit Gainey