Scurlock Cemetery, Jackson Co FL

Scurlock Cemetery, Jackson Co FL

Yesterday I went by the public library to look at the directions for Scurlock Cemetery. They were the same as you (Betty) gave me except for two differents. On Jackson Road (back then the road didn't have a name). Any way the instructions were to go 2/10 mile - not 3/10. Back in 1941 there was a mule and wagon trail that went to cemetery - 3/10 mile.

Today there is no trace of that trail. The area has been let go so long it is a jungle of brush, briars and vines. I mean thick! Anyway, I went looking. Finally I had to give up. Getting scratched and tripping over briars and vines.

Maybe when al the leaves fall I can try to machete my way in.

Wayne N Carpenter

Scurlock Cemetery update!

It's gone and has been for many years.

This place is so thick that I doubt a rattlesnake would try to cross it.

On 21 Jan 2000, it was a cold, windy, clear sunny day. All the leaves have fallen so I decided it was a good day to try and find it. I spent about three hours going around, in and through this area pushing and cutting.

Last summer when I talked with an elderly Scurlock lady she told me many long years ago and the last time she was back there, there were no headstones. She also mentioned a big pine had grown up a grave.

She told me the cemetery was about one-half mile from the road close to an old field which had pines planted on it.

Well, I found an area about .3 mile from the road and close to the old field.

What was different about this area was some piles of dirt pushed back toward the old field. I'm thinking this was where the old cemetery was and somebody with a bulldozer pushed the top of the cemetery up.

These piles of dirt made this area different as everywhere else I went the land was flat.

Some big rotten pine stumps showed that all the big pines had been trimmed.

Pines in the old field had been set out North to South.

In the area where the big pines had been cut and where I think the cemetery was pines were set out East and West. This area has grown into such a thicket these pines are struggling to live.

I was sure glad to finally cut my way back to the car. Even though I had blue jeans on my legs sure look bad and itching from all the briars, vines, etc cut and scratched them

Wayne N Carpenter

Scurlock Cemetery is listed on WPA -  This is were we got the directions from. No veterans were buried there.

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