Rocky Grove Cemetery, Bascom, Jackson County,  Florida
Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail [email protected]
Surveyed: 1 Oct 1999
Tyoed by: Betty James Smith
Directions:                In Bascom go Humming Bird Road to Fisher Road (2.2 miles).      .
Turn right onto Fisher Road and go .5 miles and there will be a fence line.
Turn right on the north side of this fence line an follow it to old church and cemetery.
Note: The Old country church is falling down. It hasn't been used for about 35 years.
It was a one room church. Inside the floor was built using boards from old time heart pine lumber.
The side walls and ceiling were tongue and grove joint boards.
Outside wall were wide board heart pine lumber.
There are 27 graves without identification
Surname Given Maiden Born Died Married Relationship Notes
ADKINS Frank 9-Feb-1919 16-Apr-1965 8-Aug-1945 D/S with Sarah Adkins
ADKINS Sarah 8-Apr-1925 15-Dec-1963 8-Aug-1945
BANKS Lula 14 Feb 1870 15-Aug-1954
BANKS William Henry 27 Aug 1858 30-Jul-1928 D/S with Lula Banks Gone but not forgotten.
BAXTER Annie  ROGERS 12-Feb-1900 2-Mar-1969
BAXTER Charlott 31 Aug 1880 2-Nov-1944
BAXTER Delia H 5-Dec-1901 5-Apr-1985
BAXTER Elizabeth 17 Jan 1835 6 Jun 1891 Faithful to her trust even in death
BAXTER Hugh Riley 11 Sep 1890 11-Jun-1949 Pvt 306 SN TN 81 Div WW1
BAXTER J C 12 Jan 1850 20-Dec-1922
BAXTER lossie D 11-Dec-1919 15-Oct-1920 A little bud of love to bloom with God above
BAXTER Milton 1923 1980 Pvt US Army WW11
BAXTER Susan 4 Jun 1846 5-Oct-1926 w/o J C Baxter Gone but not forgotten - At Rest
BAXTER William H (Son) 2 Dec 1897 18-Jan-1985 D/S with Annie Rogers Baxter
BAXTER William M 5 Aug 1819 10 Mar 1872 Death is eternal life, why should we weep
BAXTER William W 18 Mar 1883 12-Aug-1963 D/S with Charlott Baxter
BRASWELL <infant> 18-Mar-1924 18-Mar-1924 I/o Mr & Mrs Braswell
BURKE Alice 21-Nov-1909 13-Oct-1966 Our Mother - In God's on morn her orb will rise once a star of paradise.
COLEMAN <infant> 1941 d/o Mandy Coleman
COLEMAN Aaron 1939 1945
COLEMAN Gordon Lee 13-Mar-1916 21-Oct-1963
COLEMAN Thelma Lee 25-Apr-1917 9-Feb-1978
COLEY Dorothy Mae 1926 1998
CONRAD <infant> 12-May-1933 d/o Mr & Mrs C F Conrad Our Darling
CONRAD <Little Girl> 16 Mar 1922 16 Mar 1922 Infromation from: Warren W Calhoun
CONRAD Christine 7 Nov 1920 23 Sep 1923 Infromation from: Warren W Calhoun
CONRAD Collis 20-Jan-1909 26-Jun-1957
CONRAD Ethel 22-Jan-1911 16-Dec-1985
CONRAD J D 16 Dec 1924 17 Jan 1925 Infromation from: Warren W Calhoun
CONRAD James Earl 21-Jan-1932 28-Jul-1990 PFC US Army Korea
CONRAD Joseph Arron 24 Feb 1879 22 Apr 1961 Infromation from: Warren W Calhoun
CONRAD Lugene Evans 6 Dec 1893 23 Nov 1998 Infromation from: Warren W Calhoun
CONRAD Robert Lee 10 Mar 1925 28 Mar 1925 Infromation from: Warren W Calhoun
DANIEL Essa 3-Sep-1906 16-Oct-1906 Gone to be a angel
DANIELS <infant> 5-May-1905 18-May-1905 d/o Mr & Mrs John Daniels
DANIELS <infant> 10-Jun-1903 10-Jun-1903 s/o Mr & Mrs John Daniels
DANIELS <infant> 15-Feb-1901 s/o John & Mourning Daniels Not lost but gone before
DANIELS John  <no dates> There is rest I Heaven
DANIELS John I 25 Aug 1892 11-Mar-1956
DANIELS Mourning A 25 May 1864 17-Mar-1904 w/o John Daniels Weep not husband and children for me for I am waiting in Glory for thee.
ELMORE <infant> 20 Jul 1898 20-Jul-1908 s/o G W & M F Elmore At Rest
ELMORE George W 4 May 1874 4-Dec-1947 D/S with Mary E Elmore
ELMORE J C 25-May-1903 2-Oct-1906 s/o G W & E M Elmore
ELMORE Mary E 6 Dec 1877 10-Mar-1960
EVANS Albert L 12-Nov-1919 27-Sep-1953
EVANS Beulah H 3 Apr 1889 27-Oct-1920
EVANS Florence D 19 Nov 1856 15-Mar-1939
EVANS Israel E 27 Oct 1891 6-Mar-1960
EVANS Marthey Elizabeth 8-Jan-1914 9-Jan-1914 d/o E V & W E Evans From a mother's arms to the arms of Jesus
EVANS Maudie 12 Jul 1893 9-Feb-1914 w/o T E Evans No pains, no griefs, no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here
EVANS Thomas Z 27 Jun 1852 24-Nov-1937
EVANS Vianna MOORE 6 Jan 1883 21 May 1940 Infromation from: Warren W Calhoun
EVANS William 24 Jul 1894 3 Aug 1894 s/o E V & W E Evans
EVANS Willie P 1915 1978 US Army WW11
FLOYD Litha J 11-Aug-1905 11-Aug-1977 D/S with William F Floyd In loving memory
FLOYD William F 10 Nov 1885 11-Feb-1933
FORAN <infant> <no dates> s/o Mr & Mrs W R Foran
HARRISON <infant> 18-Aug-1925 16-Dec-1927 s/o Mr & Mrs A J Harrison A little bud of love
HAYS James A 5 Nov 1891 22-Dec-1916 s/o J B & M L Hays Gone but not forgotten
JARMAN John Leonard 30-Aug-1958 21-Dec-1993 14-Jul-1978 D/S with Linda Jo Jarman In God's care
JARMAN John Standley 3-Aug-1980 20-Dec-1993 In God's care
JARMAN Linda Jo 3-Aug-1957
KENT George William 18-Jul-1927 4-Dec-1959
KING Belle 1891 1968
KING Charley W 7 Jan 1895 7-Oct-1969 Pvt Inf WW1
KING Flossie 1905 1975
LAWRENCE Ida Mae 11 Sep 1887 23-Dec-1961
LAWRENCE Margaret 1852 1935 Her star shines in heaven.
MARTIN Canella ROBINSON 13-Dec-1910 9-Mar-1930
MAY Viven Rosey 5-Mar-1913 11-Jan-1914 d/o T L & W Baxter He carries the lambs in his bosom
MCCLENDON James Edward 28-Oct-1924 23-Dec-1924 s/o J F & Minnie McClendon
MCCLENDON Minnie R 1905 1979
MERCER <infant> 1-Sep-1910 1-Sep-1910 d/o M J & SS Mercer
MERCER <infant> <no dates> s/o M J & SS Mercer
MURDOCK Baby 1934 1934 Tripple headstone with W J  & Jordan N Murdock
MURDOCK Jordan N 1935 1941 Tripple headstone with W J  & Baby Murdock
MURDOCK W J 1924 1943 Tripple headstone with Baby & Jordan N Murdock
PAULK John 30 Jul 1865 20 Mar 1898 h/o L L Paulk
PAULK Lisa ROBERSON 18 Feb 1869 2-Dec-1922 w/o J J Paulk Prepare to meet me in heaven
PEAR Alfred Marvin 19 Feb 1897 5-Jan-1952 CSO US Navy WW1 & WW11
PEAR Izie C 25-Sep-1906 15-Apr-1923 Wife & Daughter
PEELER Jacob J 1867 1935
PEELER Mattie V 1872 1936
PEELER Willis H 28-May-1905 21-Jul-1905
POPE Addie B 25-Jan-1907 23-Jan-1981
POPE Marvin G 20 Nov 1892 8-Aug-1968 D/S with Addie B Pope In loving memory
REVELS Alfred S 12-Dec-1927 19-Jun-1988 Love always, John
REVELS Fannie A 10-Mar-1925 22-Aug-1990
RICHBOURG Annie Pearl 16-Sep-1925 7-Dec-1980 D/S with Marshall G Richbourg
RICHBOURG Marshall G 15-Nov-1918  
ROBINSON <infant> 4-Mar-1940 2-Aug-1940 d/o Oliver & Lollie Robinson
ROBINSON <infant> 3-May-1931 13-Jul-1932 d/o Oliver & Lollie Robinson
ROBINSON <infant> 8-Aug-1900 s/o Charlie & Georgia Robinson Waiting on us  on that peaceful shore
ROBINSON Ada BROGDON 20-Sep-1894 19-Jul-1971 w/o William F Robinson unmarked grave - pk gdau
ROBINSON Adell M 13-Dec-1929  
ROBINSON Agnes M 20-Jul-1920 26-Jul-1920
ROBINSON Alice 26-Jul-1920
ROBINSON Caroline 29 Feb 1854 20-May-1934 w/o Seaborn Robinson Dear Mother we know you rest with God
ROBINSON Cary Dell 15-Feb-1909 26-Jun-1910 d/o S O & Olea Robinson From mother's arms to the arms of Jesus
ROBINSON Charles H 30-Jun-1918 27-May-1959 D/S with Jeanette Elemore Robinson 34 034 177 Technician Fifth Grade 14th Evacuation Hospital - Enlisted 28 Mar 1941 - Discharged 2 Nov 1945 - His words were kindness, his deeds were love, his spirit humble, he rests above.
ROBINSON Coy  25 Sep 1896 11-Jan-1914 s/o Charlie & Georgia Robinson Happy is he whose hope is in the Lord
ROBINSON Coy H (Sr) 4-Oct-1934 31-Jan-1994 In loving memory of our beloved husband, Daddy and Paw Paw, we love you.
ROBINSON E L (Guber) 12-Mar-1922 2-May-1991 D/S with Adell M Robinson Gone but not forgotten
ROBINSON Elelyn Jun-1913 D/S with Sebron Robinson
ROBINSON Georgia 27 Sep 1860 15-Sep-1900 w/o Charlie Robinson Not lost blest, Thought but gone, before where we shall meet to part no more
ROBINSON Gertie 12 Sep 1886 14-Jan-1972
ROBINSON Henry Oliver 23-Jan-1909 29-Jan-1991 8-Jun-1930 D/S with Lollie V Robinson In loving memory
ROBINSON Hugh  17 Jun 1867 11-Mar-1912 h/o Mary D Robinson Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal
ROBINSON Hugh  17 Mar 1837 17 Mar 1892 A light from our household is gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled.
ROBINSON James L 1912 1979
ROBINSON James Wesley 18-Nov-1912
ROBINSON Jeanette ELMORE 25-Jan-1929
ROBINSON Lollie V 5-Apr-1915
ROBINSON Marvin 30-Dec-1905 23-Dec-1978 Weep not, He is at rest.
ROBINSON Mary E 10 Apr 1893 11-Apr-1970 24-Dec-1907
ROBINSON Mary Viola 1 May 1884 25-Jun-1914
ROBINSON Seab 25-Jul-1917 26-Jun-1994 In loving memory
ROBINSON Seaborn 22 Mar 1851 16-Jan-1919 Fare well my wife and children, all from all from you a father Christ doeth call
ROBINSON Sebern Oscar 13 Feb 1879 15-Jun-1935 D/S with Mary Ciola Robinson
ROBINSON Sebron Jun-1913 D/S with Elelyn Robinson Gone to be with Jesus
ROBINSON Susan 11 Sep 1872 29 May 1896 d/o Hugh & Unity Robinson Weep not brothers and sisters for me, for I am waiting in Glory for thee.
ROBINSON Swana Mae 13-Apr-1914 20-Mar-1985
ROBINSON Unity  10 Mar 1896 age 66 w/o Hugh Robinson She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all.
ROBINSON William C 17 Sep 1891 4-Jan-1971 24-Dec-1907 D/S with Mary E Robinson
ROBINSON William F 24 Aug 1894 29-Jul-1960
ROBINSON William Hugh 11 Feb 1885 29-Jul-1947 D/S with Gertie Robinson
SIMS Edna 1971 Afar from life's cares
SMITH Bertha 1921 1928
SMITH Gilchrist 1910 1924 Just in the morning of his day in youth and love he died.
SMITH Henry 11-Jul-1900 10-Feb-1927 To him we trust a place is given among the saints with Christ in Heaven.
SMITH John (Jim) 1873 1954
SMITH Lawrence 1914 1924
SMITH Stevin Craig 26-Jul-1967 27-Jul-1967
SMITH Unity Tina BAXTER 1882 1940
THORNE Hattie   26 Feb 1887 11-Jun-1969
THORNE Lawrence 15 Jun 1894 26-May-1966 D/S with Hattie Thorne
TIDWELL Minnie  ROBINSON 13 Dec 1880 24-Feb-1903 d/o S & E G Robinson She believes and sleeps in Jesus
WHELLUS <infant> 22-Mar-1922 27-Mar-1922 s/o Mr & Mrs W L Whellus
WHELLUS Frank 1 Nov 1898 25-Mar-1920
WHELLUS J J 28 Nov 1867 15-Apr-1942
WHELLUS Sadie Melissa 3-Jul-1900 18-Aug-1970  
WHELLUS Vera Mae 25-Dec-1922 26-Jul-1926
WHELLUS Wiley Lee 18-Feb-1901 13-Jan-1981 D/S with Sadie M Whellus At rest.
WHITEHEAD Zell Kent 7-Oct-1927 11-May-1992
WRIGHT Albert 21 Apr 1894 21-Oct-1945 Tripple Stone with Sarah and Minnie Wright
WRIGHT Mennie 1 Oct 1894 17-May-1956 Tripple Stone with Sarah and Albert Wright
WRIGHT Sarah BAXTER 28 Aug 1884 18-Sep-1951 Tripple Stone with Mennie and Albert Wright Loved ones will meet again.
WRITCH ? Wright Charles W (Slim) 1-Dec-1901 29-Mar-1978 (check spelling of last name) We will meet again
 Rocky Grove Cemetery Correction and Addittions:
From:  Doris Petty e-mail  [email protected]
With permission the following is additions and some corrections on names listed and some are identified. 
s/o =son of
d/o=daughter of
w/o=wife of
1.Great-great-great grandparents are Hugh & Mourning (Bates)Robinson, great-great grandparents are Hugh & Unity (Baxter)Robinson, 3.Great-grandparents are Seaborn & Caroline (Anderson) Robinson
4. grandparents are Joseph Aaron Conrad and Vergie S. (Robinson)Conrad.
1. Baxter, Charlotte (Lawrence) not Charlott
2.Baxter, Delia (Hatcher) w/o Hugh Riley Baxter
3.Baxter,Hetty Ann d/o W.H. & Polly (Robinson) Baxter
4.Baxter,  Hugh Riley h/o Delia- s/o W.H. & Polly Baxter
5. Baxter, James Wiley s/o W.H & Polly Baxter
6.Baxter, Lossie Dee is listed twice
7.Baxter, Milton s/o Hugh Riley & Delia (Hatcher) Baxter
8. Wright, Sarah Ann- w/o Albert Wright - d/o W.H. & Polly Baxter
9.Baxter, W.H.  -   h/o Polly (Robinson) Baxter
10.Baxter, William M.  - h/o Eliza ---s/o Israel & Mary Ann Baxter
11.Out beside William W. , wife's name is Charlotte (Lawrence) Baxter
12. Conrad, Collis - h/o Ethel (Baxter) Conrad s/o J.A. & Vergie Robinson) Conrad
13. Ethel (Baxter) Conrad -w/o Collis
14. Conrad, James Earl - s/o J.A. & Lugene (Evans) Conrad
15. Conrad, Vergie S. (Robinson) -w/o J.A. Conrad
16. Daniels, Essa  -d/o John & Mourning (Robinson) Daniels
17. Daniels, Mourning A. (Robinson) -w/o John
18.George W. Elmore - h/o Mary Ellafare (Baxter) Elmore
19 Elmore, Mary E. (Baxter) -w/o George W. Elmore
20.Evans,Beulah (Huff) w/o Thomas Evans
21.Evans, Florence (Dugger) w/o T.Z. Evans
22.Evans, Thomas Z h/o Florence (Dugger)
23.The Evens listed below the Evans are the same people with altered last names.
24. The Thomas J. Evens b. 27 June 1852  Is actually Thomas Zachary Evans
25. Evens, William Isick is Evans, William Isaac Evans s/o T.Z. & Florence Evans
26. Jarman, John Leonard s/o Merle (Robinson) Jarman & John Jarman
27. Jarman, John Standley s/o John L. & Linda Jo Jarman
28.King, Belle -w/o Charley W. King
29.King, Charley W. -s/o Charles & Rosella(Clemmons) King
30.King, Flossie -w/o Charley W.
31. This grave was left off the list.
        Clayton Franklin Fowler
        27 Sep 1948-20 June 1965 s/o Clayton & Ruth (Conrad) Fowler
32. May, Viven Rosey.  If the dates are correct this child was only one year old but her parents were T.L & W Baxter.  She could not have been married.
33. Margaret Lawrence is mother of Charlotte "Lawrence" Baxter and Ida Mae Lawrence.
34. Martin, Canella"Robinson"- is d/o William & Gertie "McDaniel" Robinson
35. McClendon,Minnie R is "Robinson" d/o S.O & Mary Viola Robinson
36. Paulk, Lisa is "Eliza" -d/o Hugh & Mourning Robinson.
She married 1st J.J. Paulk
she married 2nd "J.J. Wheelus" her name is "Unity Eliza"Robinson,Paulk Wheelus. She was buried by her first husband J.J. Paulk
37. Adelle"McCord" -w/o E.L "Cuber" Robinson
38. E.L. Is Cuber not... Guber
39. Caroline "Anderson"Robinson- w/o Sebern
40 Robinson, Christell not Chistell
41. Robinson,Coy H. -s/o Lollie & Oliver Robinson
42.Robinson, Evelyn not Eleyn
43.Robinson, Georgia "Ducker"
44.Robinson,Gertie "McDaniel" w/o William Hugh Robinson
Mr. Carpenter , the unmarked grave next to William F.Robinson b Aug.24 1894 d. July 29,1960 is Ada Brogdon Robinson b Sept. 20 1894  d. July 19 1971. They are my Grandparents.  Would you please add it on the cemetery list.Thank you, Peggy Johnson Robbins [email protected]
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