Perkins Cemetery

Jackson County, Florida



Survey by:     Cecil Hewett and Randy Scott e-mail mailto:[email protected]

Surveyed:       April 2000




The Perkins cemetery lies between Wolf Pond and Bazzell Pond (misnamed Poston Pond since the 1940's).


A "johnny come lately family" of that name moved there, opened a country store, had the County rename the Pond for them. His wife got the County to call the area Buena Vista, by the 1950's they moved away. The Bazzell family put up a new sign designating it Bazzell once again.


The name was there from our original J/Co pioneer, Isham H. Bazzell, who arrived

c.1825. His first child born there 1826. He owned land all around the Pond and south from it. Cecil's home and some of his land is on the original Isham and his son's property. I've been researching and have begun writing a 'western' centered in J/Co called Gunfight at Bazzell Pond based in part on some old family lore. My grandmother Lilla Bazzell Scott (1886-1963) was the great great granddaughter of Isham).


Isaac Perkins, and allegedly his wife and 3 children are buried in the now unmarked graves according to Cecil.


Cecil Hewett also said that the north side of Bazzell Pond was an old Indian camp ground.



Note: From a earlier Survey (bjs)

Section 28?32, Township 6, Range 8
WPA 167

PERKINS, Ike            <no dates>
PERKINS, Maggie      <no dates.
PERKINS, Stock         <no dates>


Randy Scott

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