Lovewood Baptist Church Began In 1800's


Gravestone Oldest Record


by Jody Richter, staff writer, The Graceville News, July 18,1996


            The oldest record from Lovewood Freewill Baptist Church is available only through gravestone records. The oldest grave in the Lovewood Cemetery is that of Barbara Schupe from 1870.


            There is a written history of the church in the possession of members Mr. and Mrs. John Amerison. This history, written by Chester Pelt, describes the church membership in several Freewill Baptist Associations.


            It was first associated with the Liberty Freewill Baptist Association which was organized in 1888. Lovewood church later joined the Salem Freewill Baptist Association in 1897.


            The property where the church now sits is on Lovewood Road. Early records indicate that the property was deeded to John Underwood from the U.S. Patent Office in 1859. There is no indication of when Mr. Underwood sold the property but it was sold by N.T. Eldridge to W. C. O'Neal in 1898.  O'Neal then sold the property to William R. Hayes in 1900.  It was deeded to Lovewood Freewill Baptist Church on June 13, 1914.


            The name for the church and the road that runs beside it comes from the combined names of the first co-pastors of the facility, Mr. Lem Love and a Mr. Wood. The historical record indicates that these two men and their families moved near Cottondale to establish just such a church.


            The Love-Wood Church eventually evolved into simply the Lovewood Church. Lovewood Road was later named for the church.


            There is a  historical documentation that there was a school held on the site of the present day church in or near 1888. There is no indication as to weather it was a church run school or whether all area children attended.


            Wayne Love, a descendent of Lem Love, indicates that more information about the church is available at the Love Memorial Library in Dothan, reference number 277.61.


            The present pastor at the church is Rev. Henry Matthews who preaches to a small but faithful congregation.




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