Logan Cemetery, Jackson Co FL

Logan Cemetery, Jackson County, Florida

Surveyed by: Stephanie Sellers McCulloch and Wayne N Carpenter e-mail [email protected]
Surveyed 10 November 1999
Typed by: Betty James Smith
Directions: From Marianna, FL., go east on hwy. 90 to Hwy. 71 south. Turn right and go to Rocky Creek Road (paved) Turn left and go 4.9 miles. Turn right. The cemetery is located in a field on a hill. Probably .8 mile.
This is a old family cemetery. Back in olden times it was in the woods with a mule and wagon trail going within 200 feet of it. Over the years a 300plus acres field has been cleared around it. It wasn't taken care of even after the field was put there. Vegetation of all kinds took it over. It has been vandalized sometime in the past. No idea of how many are buried there. We were aware that some big rattlesnakes had been seen there. After seeing it I could see why. Gophers like old cemeteries. They dig big deep holes in old graves and these holes make good rattlesnake dens. We were lucky enough not to see any.
Surname Given Born Died Notes
LOGAN Elizabeth Addie 10 Apr 1872 1 Nov 1916  
BULLOCK Martha W (Mrs) 10 May 1799 9 Feb 1830 Scared to the memory of - Aged 30 years, 8 mos.,29 days
BULLOCK Geo 6 Jul 1808 16 Mar 1878 Scared to the memory of - Aged 69 years, 5 mos.,20 days
RABUN Logan Paul 15 May 1951 16 May 1951 Infant son of Mr and Mrs W H Rabun Jr
LOGAN Abbie Celia 10 Dec 1842 2 Jan 1936 Aged 94 years, 23 days
LOGAN William Henry 15 Nov 1822 9 Feb 1908 "Thy will be done" - In memory of - Age 85 years, 2 mos., 25 days
LOGAN <infant> 18 Jan 1898 10 Oct 1898 I/o W H & A C Logan
<unknow name> <stone broken off>   <no dates> Unknow name, stone broken (either busted up or carried away) Fallen asleep, death is eternal, why should we weep.
<unknow name>     <no dates> unknown headstone - probably busted - from pieces lying around
LOGAN Amy W <infant> <illegible> Scared to the memory of -

From a earlier survey of Logan Cemetery:

BALLOCK George b. 6 Jul 1809 d. 16 Mar 1878

BULLOCK Martha (Mrs) b. 10 Mar 1799 d. 9 Feb 1880

LOGAN <infant> b. 18 Jan 1898 d. 10 Oct 1898 I/o W H and A C Logan

LOGAN Abbie Galia b. 10 Dec 1842  d.2 Jan 1936 w/o William Henry Logan

LOGAN Amy W b. 14 Oct 1878 d. 15 Oct 1878

LOGAN Elizabeth Addie b. 10 Apr 1872 d. 1 Nov 1911

LOGAN Ella  b. 26 May 1870 d.  Mar 1875

LOGAN Mary Caroline b. 16 Jul 1864 d. 6 Apr 1889

LOGAN William Henry b. 15 Nov 1822  d. 9 Feb 1908 h/o Abbie Gelia Logan

Last Updated on 11/16/99
By Betty J Smith
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