Hawley Cemetery, Sneads, Jackson Co FL

Hawley Cemetery
Sneads, Jackson Co FL

Headstones at the Jim Woodruff Dam Project (CORPS) that were in a shed. We first heard about them in 1998. Wayne N Carpenter investigated and this is his report.

Betty, Hawley Cemetery is not under water. But was destroyed. I talked with an elderly Sneads resident who saw the cemetery. It was a family cemetery with an old iron fence around it. It was located on high ground where Seminole Lodge is today.

Before Seminole Lodge area was built the area was bulldozed and stuff pushed down to the lower land. When the boat area was dredged that's how the headstones were found.

The Hawley Cemetery probably has buildings over it now.

The Hawley's at one time owned sections 23 and 24 land. Today the State prison Dairy Farm and Seminole Lodge is on this land.

There is a Hawley Street in Sneads today named after the old ones.
Wayne N Carpenter

Betty, I went by the CORPS this morning. What they had was a few pieces of headstones dug up during a dredging operation at Seminole Lodge, Sneads side. Two big stones had been buried so long there was no writing left on them. The Ranger and I pieced another together. The info on it was:

Nelson Hawley
9 July 1809
4 Mar 18?? (broken off)
Stone had a Masonic emblem on it.

Smaller stone had:

H. (II) (2nd?)
H. (II) (2nd?)   (wonder why it is twice?bjs)

That's all I could get.
Wayne N Carpenter
1 March 2000

Subj: Nelson Hawley
Date: 05/03/2000
From: [email protected] (James Rudd)
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Here are some of the things I glean from the Masonic Secretary's (Book) and Members' (Register) of Gee Lodge#21, Chattahoochee, Gadsden County, Florida. The book was started at the first meeting on July 15, 1849. The book states the meeting was held in the lodge room in the Arsenal. A listed visitor was Benjamin S. Hawley, from Franklin Lodge#6.

The register list Nelson Hawley's affiliation with the masonic order as July 7, 1849. He is last mentioned in the book on April 10, 1858. This was the announcement of his death.

The register list James S. Meacham affiliation date as May 8, 1858. The book notes his death as December 1?, 1867. A IN MEMORIAM page a TRIBUTE OF RESPECT page are in the book for James Meacham. 1850 Franklin County Census Reference: Hawley, Benjamin S. 34 M Custom House Connecticut Officer, E. R. 28 F Georgia , Clara 6 F Florida

Thats it,
James Owen

Jackson Co FL Cemteries

# 102,  Hawley's Cemetery  Section 26, Township 4, Range 7
This Cemetery is east of Sneads close to Lake Seminole.

# 184, Odoms Boat Lodge,  (Sneads area) Section 26, Township 4, Range 7
This Cemetery is east of Sneads close to Lake Seminole.

Are these two the same Cemetery?

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The Township and Range map of Jackson County shows Section 26 Township 4 North Range 7 West to be 1/2 to 2/3 (northern part of section) now under the waters of Lake Seminole...

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The names of H. Hawley and N. Hawley appear in the Florida Territorial Papers of 1839 petitioning for establishing of an educational institute called Dade Institute. This was probably in N. Florida for S. Florida just was not populated at that time. He probably has a bounty land warrant for service performed in the Indian Wars of 1835 for I have found many settlers of N. Florida have such.

Alvie L. Davidson
Lakeland, Florida USA
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Betty, I find on Ancestry.Com-Florida Marriages 1822-1850 database. Nelson Hawley married Ellen Wooten Gadsden County, Dec 29, 1849. No other information.


Subj: Re: [FLJACKSO] Nelson Hawley
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Probably not what your looking for but something I found. Hawley, Nelson Delegate to Illinois state constitutional convention, 1847. Burial location unknown


1830 Jackson Co FL Census

HAWLEY, Hezekiah, page 90


1850 Jackson Co FL Cemsus

# 6, Hawley,   Nelson I.,  age 42,   Male,   Farmer, born Conn.

                     Ellen, age 24,   Female, born Fla. (Ellen Wooten)

Kilpatrick, D. S., age 35,   Male, Carpenter, born   N.C.


# 7 Anderson, Jnos. B., age 20 Male  Farmer Ala.

                      Dicey . age 18 F Ga.

      Hawley, Charity, age 21 F Ala.


1860 Jackson Co FL Census

# 811,   Meacham, J. S.,  age 38,   Male,   Farmer, born   S.C.

                             Ellen,   age 33,   Female, born  Fla.

             Hawley, Rebecca,  age 9,   Female

             Hawley,  Nelson, age 4,   Male


1870 Jackson Co FL Census

268 782 543 MEACHAM Ellen 40 F W Farmer 3600 1490 FL

268 782 543 HAWLEY Rebecca S 18 F W at home FL 1

268 782 543 HAWLEY Wilson 13 M W at home FL 1

268 782 543 MEACHAM Sarah 10 F W at home FL

268 782 543 MEACHAM Samuel 5 M W at home FL

268 782 543 SNEAD Lawson 21 M W Farm Laborer FL 1

268 782 543 JEFFRIES Daniel 55 F B Cook VA 1 1 1

268 782 543 BIRD Sallie 14 F B Farm Laborer FL


1880 Jackson Co FL Census

HAWLEY, Ann,   Dist 6 595 488 502

HAWLEY, Lucy,   Dist 6 595 488 502

HAXLEY?, Sam,   Dist 1 491B 284 no#


1885 Jackson Co FL Census

7 no # 61 MEACHAM, E T,   W F 50 Daughter 1 Farmer FL GA GA

7 no # 61 MEACHAM, H B ? W B,   W M 18 Son 1 Farmer 1 FL FL FL

7 61 MEACHAM, T,     W F 19 Daughter 1 Farmer FL FL FL

Wonder if he was buried in Odoms Boat Lodge Cemetery?

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In the LDS library Tombstone book list only one Hawley.
2-Q7 = Odoms Boat Lodge, is a cemetery.
Only listing is:
Susan Hawley
B: 2 Dec. 1852
D: 23 June 1853
I don't where this ceme. is located.

Betty [email protected]

Subj: Re: [FLJACKSO] Nelson Hawley
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Cemetery 2-Q7 is from the Sink Creek cemetery survey of 1960ish, it is Odoms Boat Lodge, located in Section 26, Township 4 N, Range 7 West, near Sneads. I have not located that cemetery.

Perhaps someone on the list knows if this cemetery still exists.

Cindy Gay Sloan

Jackson Co FL Marriages

MEACHAM, James S., married 9 Feb 1860, Henley (Hawley?), Elen      A 278

HAWLEY, Joseph,   married 9/12/1872,   ELLIS, Ann    D 260

HAYS, Harris,   married 1/29/1851,   HAWLEY, Charity E     A 47

TRAVIS, Ned , married 9/23/1866,   HAWLEY, Mary            C 122

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