Gainer Cemetery, African-American, Jackson County, Florida
Survey by: Wayne N Carpenter and Betty J Smith
Surveyed: Aug 31, 2000
Directions: From Graceville go Hwy 2 East to Browntown Road turn left and go to Gainer Cemetery Road.
Turn left and go .4 mile to cemetery.
Surname Given Born Died Married Notes
GAINER Gordie (GR) 12/12/1912 01/04/1994 s/o Gordie and Rozella Gainer - Gone Home
GAINER Gordie  8-15-1880 10/27/1959 In memory of our father.
GAINER Nathianel 1902 1939 s/o Gordie and Rozella Gainer
GAINER Rozella Snaders 6-10-1883 10/02/1921 In loving memory of our mother.
GAINER Ezzy 1900 04/02/1905 s/o Gordie and Rozella Gainer
GAINER Beatrice 07/04/1904 06/13/1964 At Rest
<no last name> Ell? N <no dates> Baby girl
<no last name> Ellzy <no dates> Baby Boy
GAINER Arilla 12/24/1908 08/09/1993 d/o Gordie and Rozella Gainer
GAINER Pecolar 03/15/1907 07/01/1985
POPE Sallie G 04/15/1910 12/23/1992 w/o Emanuel Pope Jr
GAINER Bernice H 10/01/1922 07/18/1999 10/30/1940 Loving wife of Houston
GAINER Houston 08/28/1921 12/17/1988 10/30/1940 s/o Gordie and Rozella Gainer
HUGHES Arneita G 11/01/1941 01/01/1980 d/o Mr & Mrs Houston Gainer
HUGHES Willie Edward (Crip) 02/17/1937 07/19/1980 A loving husband, father, son, & brother; Your wife Hannah V; Your children Carol D, Willie E Jr, Alvin K, Debbie L, Pamela K, Mary E, Vicky M.
SYLVESTER Jordan R 11/20/1988 11/21/1988 Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of God.
GAINER P (Rev) 9-5-1879 06/13/1965 Born in Jackson Co Graceville FL
GAINER Georgia 7-28-1874 03/12/1963 At Rest
B. G. <no dates> no other information
GAINER Mollie 3-18-1873 05/16/1913 w/o W M Gainer
WILLIAMS Roosevelt 09/24/1916 09/17/1997 US Army WWII
WILLIAMS Ollie V 02/21/1922 04/08/1998
GAINER Bob 1877 1947 Life's work well done, Life's course well run, Life's crown well won, Then cometh rest.
GAINER Queen V 9-3-1890 07/10/1981 In memory of our loving mother.
PINKARD Clara Bell Gainer 12/03/1915 05/15/1995 Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
PINKARD Samuel W 01/09/1903 09/21/1974 Gone to a bright home where grief cannot come.
PINKARD Curtis P 03/19/1935 08/20/1990 He was beloved by God and man.
GAINER Willie W (Sr) 10/28/1918 06/11/1998 A loving husband and father. Rest in Peace.
GAINER Olivia R <no dates> w/o Willie W Gainer Sr
<unknown> <adult>
<unknown> <adult>
<unknown> <adult>
<unknown> <adult>
<unknown> <adult>
BLUE Charlie age 84 6-26-?? h/o Mrs Charlie Blue
<unknown> <infant>
KNIGHT Michael Harrold 12/24/1969 03/24/1988 Beloved son of Maso and Constance V Knight
GAINER David 4-20-1848 08/15/1932 h/o Frances Gainer
GAINER Frances 9-15-1846 09/15/1923 w/o David Gainer
ADAMS James William 08/28/1934 01/04/1953 FL PVT Co F 87 INF 10 INF DIV
CALHOUN Quincey Adams 09/16/1913 03/23/1995 Mother of James W Adams