Evergreen Cemetery, Jackson Co FL

Evergreen Cemetery, Jackson Co FL
African - American

Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail [email protected]
Surveyed: October 22, 1999
Typed by: Betty James Smith
Directions: From Cypress, FL go south on Hwy 275 (Church Road). When you get to Hwy 280 (Rocky Creek Road) turn right. Go to Hwy 264A (Mocking Bird Road) turn left and go one mile. Turn left on road between two fences. Go .2 mile and turn left. Cemetery is about 300 feet in the woods.
There are 10 graves without identification. There are 3 graves with names but no dates. There are probably more unknown graves from depressions in the ground.
Surname Given Born Died Military Notes
BATSON Primous 26-Sep-1926 8-Feb-1975    
FED Angie 11-Aug-1917 9-Mar-1982    
LETTINGHAM Fannie L 31-Oct-1922 25-Sep-1945    
BATSON Edward 26-Jun-1926 25-Mar-1958    
BATSON Charlie B 2 Apr 1887 27-Nov-1958    
BATSON Lucinda B 11-Mar-1900 29-Mar-1985    
BULLOCK David 1897 1978 Pvt US Army WW1  
BULLOCK Laura 4-Mar-1900 2-Oct-1973   At Rest - We remember thee
MERITT Arnol June 1873 11-Nov-1934   At Rest - Gone but not forgotten
PATTERSON J O (Mr) 17 May 1808 2 May 1889    
MERITT A 1891 11-Nov-1934    
BROWN Lillie P 15-Apr-1908 28-Jan-1988   Rest in Peace
PELT E <no dates>      
BORDERS Gen Ever 31-Oct-1931 31-Oct-1932   An Angel
MERITT Wiley (Deacon) 1872 25-Jun-1928   My work is done, Now rest in Jesus
PELT Frank <no dates>      
McNEALY Alex 1817 1927    
PELT Gusie 1889 27-Dec-1940   At Rest
BUSH Henry Johnson 27 Jul 1889 27-Feb-1941    
BUSH George 25 Dec 1848 18-Oct-1949   Must I be the judgement board to answer in that day.
BUSH Eva Ellen 9-Feb-1939 26-Feb-1948    
BUSH Carolyn 30-Apr-1950 3-Mar-1951    
JOHNSON Carl (Jr) 18-Nov-1955 4-Aug-1968    
ROULHAC Cleasteree 5-Dec-1918 13-Aug-1965   Loving Mother rest in peace
BARNES Willie M (Miss) <no dates>      
WEBB Susan 6 Feb 1873 6-Apr-1973    
WEBB A W 1868 Jan 1918    
LAMPKINS McKinney 1-Aug-1916 5-May-1976    
LAUDERHAND Ouius 1911 1970    
CALDWELL Nathaniel 20-Oct-1921 13-May-1993 Pfc 228 Quartermaster Co WW11  
McNEALY Jane 1844 1952    
BROWN Dea Hosie (Sr) 30-Apr-1930 2-Dec-1977    
SIMPKINS Eleanor Coleman 25-Sep-1914 23-Jun-1999   Tis love that calls us home at close of day.
McNEALY Mary 14 Mar 1859 30-Jan-1920    
BROWN Curtis 9-Jul-1908 25-Jan-1981    
BROWN Cleasie 11-Apr-1909 10-Jun-1994    
BROWN Dea James C 8-Apr-1936 18-Aug-1994    
MERRITT Reubin (Sr) 4-May-1917 11-Oct-1979 Pfc US Army WW11  

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By Betty J Smith
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