Cook and Beauchamp Family Cemetery, Jackson County, Florida

Cook and Beauchamp Family Cemetery,
Jackson County, Florida

Section 3, Township 3, Range 9
WPA 133

From: [email protected]

Cook and Beauchamp cemetery. Can't remember if I've told you about this or not. I made several trips down there to try and locate the cem., even used the old WPA directions, and after many attempts, the most recent Wayne Carpenter helped me, I cannot locate the cemetery. I went to see some Beauchamp descendants and they told me the following story: About 15 years ago, some Beauchamp descendants ordered a bronze marker to place on Simeon's grave. The only person who knew where the cemetery was was John Lewis Beauchamp, grandson of Simeon. (John Lewis died last year at age 105!) Anyway, when they took the marker out to the cemetery, they were shocked to find no trace of had been plowed under. This was someone who had been to the cemetery and knew where it was, but now he is dead and no one knows the exact location. (I think the WPA directions are a little off because the dirt roads may have changed....the WPA directions place the cemetery in the middle of thick woods, but we checked out the entire area, fields, woods, everything.) So, the Beauchamp descendants placed the bronze marker at Mt. Olive next to Simeon's wife Martha's grave. So, Simeon is not actually buried at Mt. Olive but there is a marker there. Descendants believe there to be about 6 or 7 graves at C&B: Simeon, and Hardy Cook, and unknown others.

Anyone with information on this cemetery please e-mail me. Thanks, Betty

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