Carpenter Cemetery, Jackson County, Florida

Carpenter Cemetery
Grand Ridge
Jackson Co FL
Carpenter Cemetery Est. December 1856
Carpenter Cemtery

Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail [email protected]
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Surveyed September 29 & 30, 1999
Typed by: Betty James Smith

Directions: From Hwy 90 in Grandridge turn North on Hwy 69. Go to 1st paved road on the left (Reddoch) and turn left then go to Carpenter Cemetery Road. There are 12 graves without idenification.

This cemetery is located on land that was owned by pioneer settlers William and Isabella Carpenter. The first burial here was their last born child, Isac Carpenter died 1856. William Carpenter was of German parentage born 8 July 1794 in Culpeper, VA. He came to Grand Ridge area sometime before 1830. He was a farmer and a carriage maker. Isabella Baker was born 17 Feb 1811 of Scottish parentage. She arrived about 1825 in the Dellwood, Jackson Co FL area with her parents John and Christian Baker from Cumberland County, NC. In 1835 Willam and Isabela married. Their home was on wiire road (because of the telegraph wire). Their home was a stage stopping place. It was also a polling place for the Ninth District for many years. Their last living child Ann Carpenter Hamilton deeded 4 1/2 acres where the cemetery is before she died.
Carpenter Cemetery.....Warranty Deed ...Book 272....Page 377

This indenture made this 18 day of March (A.D.) 1921 between Ann Hamilton (widow) of the County of Jackson and the State of Florida, party of the first part, and Henry Nelson, Thomas Carpenter, & John Johnson as Trustees of Carpenter Cemetery and their successors of the County of Jackson and the State of Florida. ....sum of One Dollar and other valuable considerations.......described as follows....Commencing at the NE corner of the SE 1/4 of NE 1/4, Section 21, Township 4, North Range 8 West, running thence West 210 yards, South 105 yards, thence East 210 yards, thence North 105? yards to place of beginning, containing 4 1/2 acres more or less, lying and being in Section 21, Township 4, North Range 8 West.

Jackson Co FL  # 371260 File # 6-7430 Warranty Deed
Filed for Record... May 30, 1924 at 8:00 AM and duly recorded in book 181, page 30

 ----from a newspaper article of unknown orgin---

 Recently I received a note from Mrs. Zynettia Smith of Tarpon Springs suggesting that I write to her aunt, Mrs. Issie Hill of Sneads, requesting copies of newspaper articles giving interesting family history and the obituary of her great grandmother, Mrs Isabella Carpenter, who died in 1897 at the age of 86.

  In compliance with my request Mrs. Hill sent me a copy of the obituary of Mrs. Carpenter, whih in addition to paying her high tribute,  contains much information of historical value.

  "At her residence, one mile northwest of Grand Ridge, FL,  on January 29th, 1897, Mrs. Isabella Carpenter died in the 86th year of her age."

  "Deceased was born in Cumberland County, NC, on February 17, 1811, of  Scotch parentage, and in early life was taught in that high type of morals that made her in all respects a model woman amongst. those with whom she lived. She came with her parents to Jackson County when but 14 years old, and in 1834 was married to William Carpenter. The fruits of this union are five boys and four girls, eight of whom survive her.

  "William Carpenter died in  1856, leaving her a widow for the past 40 years.  She lived on the same section of land on which she died for the past 60 years.

  "During the Indian War while her husband was in active service and when her nearest neighbor on the  west was at the Blue Springs and the nearest on the east not far north of Sneads, Fla., she was left with her first born child, and a Negro boy and for several nights left the house and took shelter in the cow pen to elude the Indians.

  "At another of these early times when some distance from her house. when her husband was absent and had with him their pack of dogs, she was pursued by wolves, but reached her home in safety.

  "HER HOUSE WAS on the Wire Road. and one of the stage stands or stopping places, and few of the early public men of the state but were her guests of some time. Her home has been the polling place of the ninth district for many years.

  A volume might be written of interesting experiences in the long life of this good mother, now gone to rest much of it will come into the minds of many who read these lines.

  She remembered Marrianna, Fla. when there was but one house in it.

  She managed her business affairs with singular success and leaves considerable of am estate, which will be subdivided without the aid of executor or administrator, there being no debts nor minor heirs.

  But best of all that may be said of the deceased, she was Christian, having, as before stated, been well taught childhood. In the early part her married life church privileges were very poor and she first professed religion 30 years ago and united with the Providence Baptist Church. in which she remained a faithful and consistent member during remainder or her life.

  "Four sons, four daughters, 32 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren remain to inherit the blessing of a noble ancestry."

LAST NAME First - Middle MAIDEN Born Died Marriage Relationship Military Notes - Comments
WESTER Leon <unmaked grave> <unmaked mausoleum grave>
WESTER Jeff <unmaked mausoleum grave>
WESTER Elias 7 Mar 1896 Sep 1967 (There is another Elias Wester b. 3-3-1801 d. 11-27-1870 buried at Wester Cemetery, Jackson Co Fl) This could be the grandfather of the one buried at Carpenter Cem. Died from a skull fracture when he fell off a truck <unmaked mausoleum grave>
NEEL Ben   12/16/1895 11/23/1954     Fla pvt US Army W W I  
NEEL Hattie M   3/29/1896 5/7/1974        
BUNDRICK Adam B   10/12/1896 9/28/1959       He spent his life for others
MCCOY Myrtle BUNDRICK 4/13/1908 8/30/1997        
BUNDRICK Ella   6/11/1870 1/10/1949   w/o Charles W Bundrick    
BUNDRICK Charles W   3/3/1862 1/11/1953   h/o Ella Bundrick    
BUNDRICK Spurgeon   11/18/1886 7/28/1969       He won't be crippled up yonder.
CARPENTER Grady   7/10/1914     h/o Mae Conley SSgt US Army WW11 & Korea Eternal Rest
CARPENTER Mae CONLEY 8/8/1914 8/2/1986   w/o Grady Carpenter   Eternal Rest - She was the sunshine of our home.
CARPENTER Joe   8/30/1909 12/26/1936       Gone but not forgotten
NEWSOME Cleanthus C   11/13/1915 3/17/1978       Gone but not forgotten
COFFMAN William R   3/3/1848 4/30/1923        
COOK Roy   11/6/1919 1/2/1990        
COOK Esther G   10/12/1917 8/24/1967        
GRIFFIN Travis   10/11/1894 11/7/1972     AL PFC US Army WW1 Now his labor's done, now the goal is won
GRIFFIN N G   2/27/1856 9/2/1960       Gone but not forgotten - At Rest
GRIFFIN Laura   1/1/1872 5/8/1958        
FRANKLIN Thomas   10/12/1879 3/6/1934     Gone to a bright home where grief cannot come.
FRANKLIN Wil Liam   11/20/1889 3/15/1979 8/22/07   Gone to a bright home where grief cannot come.
FRANKLIN Harmon B   2/14/1914 10/10/1938 8/22/07     Gone but not forgotten
FRANKLIN Emery   5/17/1930   6/10/52 h/o Vera Mae Welch    
FRANKLIN Vera Mae WELCH 4/16/1935 10/2/1984 6/10/52 w/o Emery Franklin   She wa the sunshine of our home
NELSON Charles C   2/2/1908 11/14/1969   h/o Phronie C Nelson    
NELSON Phronie C   2/22/1913 1/16/1999   w/o Charles C Nelson    
NELSON Glen Cassidy   9/14/1948 1/26/1989        
HORNE Lillie CARPENTER 6/6/1907 3/7/1993       Aunt Lillie - Forever in our hearts
JOHNSON Clara C   4/18/1897 10/14/1974       Gone but not forgotten
CARPENTER Shanie   1908 1919        
CARPENTER Anna E TRAYLOR 11/26/1874 3/22/1943 12/22/1892 w/o Henry Carpenter   At Rest
CARPENTER Henry Lige (Pet)   1/3/1871 9/29/1942 12/22/1892 h/o Anna Traylor   At Rest
DUDLEY R A (Tobe)   2/9/1901 2/12/1977   h/o Vinie Carpenter Pvt US Army WW11  
DUDLEY Vinie CARPENTER 12/20/1904 4/11/1974   w/o RA Dudley    
MCDOWELL Bessie   7/27/1899         In loving memory
MCDOWELL Henretta   4/9/1870 9/2/1955   w/o Elderson McDowell    
MCDOWELL Elderson   5/5/1864 7/12/1939   h/o Henretta McDowell    
MCDOWELL Avie   8/30/1926 11/28/1927        
SPOONER Wilma McDOWELL 3/5/1932 12/30/1982       A loving wife and mother - In God's care
HAM Albert   5/25/1923 6/16/1928       A sun beam from the world has vanished
HAM Emma Carpenter GILES 5/11/1876 4/12/1955       Farewell until we meet again
HAM John Henry Carpenter   6/21/1977 4/12/1928     Pvt Spanish - American War Gone but not forgotten
HAM <infant>              
HAM <infant>              
HAMILTON Gus E   11/2/1897 7/20/1972 5/17/21 h/o Rossie C Hamilton    
HAMILTON Rossie C   5/16/1897 1/31/1959 5/17/21 w/o Gus E Hamilton    
NEEL Herbert   1929 1990        
NEEL Ray   9/28/1931 8/10/1933       Asleep in Jesus - At rest
NEEL Curtis   1/29/1894 6/6/1956        
NEEL Mattie Ray   1/1/1896 3/14/1990        
NEEL Eugene   2/15/1934 5/11/1988 4/20/56   PFC US Army Korea  
NEEL Gennell B   11/12/1938   4/20/56      
CARPENTER Roger J   7/30/1935 12/8/1995       The way of the cross is home
CARPENTER Gerald   1930 1930        
CARPENTER Hurley Ross   8/22/1937 8/20/1983       may the Lord watch between me and thee while we re absent one from the other
CARPENTER Robert L   6/29/1901 7/15/1946 12/30/22 h/o Gracie Peacock    
CARPENTER Gracie V PEACOCK 5/6/1904 12/21/1998 12/30/22 w/o Robert L Carpenter    
CARPENTER Claudie   12/10/1892 10/26/1974     SC3C US Navy, USS Hartford WW1, PFC Army Air Forces WW11  
SMITH Bessie CARPENTER 12/15/1894 6/30/1989       At Rest
SMITH C B (Jr)   2/10/1920 10/7/1921   s/o C B & Bessie Smith    
HAM Haymond (Hane)   9/29/1908 12/16/1986       Gone but not forgotten
HAM William (Bill)   1/2/1907 1/18/1976       Gone but not forgotten
MCDOWELL Mary   7/3/1906 8/31/1995   w/o Dennis McDowell   In Loving menory
MCDOWELL Dennis   8/20/1901 11/25/1991   h/o Mary McDowell   In Loving menory
SEAY James Murraye   8/13/1918 7/15/1968   h/o Ouida Wester Colorado SSgt 263 Bse Unit AAF WW11  
SEAY Ouida M WESTER 1/12/1927 9/17/1995   w/o J M Seay    
DURDEN Kate CARPENTER 5/4/1885 9/00/1924   w/o Louis Durden    
CARPENTER Lynn   9/25/1915 11/19/1988 3/8/42 h/o Mary Smith TEC 5 US Army WW11  
CARPENTER Mary SMITH 7/11/1922   3/8/42 w/o Lynn Carpenter    
CARPENTER Joshua Lee   11/24/1973 6/25/1975        
CARPENTER <infant>   7/15/1914 7/15/1914   I/o Thomas & Fannie Carpenter   Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
HOWARD Hugh Lee   3/14/1920 11/3/1921   s/o J L & N T Howard   Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
WINDSOR Eula Dean   12/7/1911 8/28/1929       At rest
WINDSOR William Fowler   1/3/1864 2/6/1954        
WINDSOR Eunice Agnes   5/29/1909 1/29/1976       At rest
DANIELS Amos B   10/10/1910 1/8/1933        
DANIELS Gilla Ann CATHARON 4/25/1883 6/1/1981 12/31/09     At rest
DANIELS Latt Elisha   8/27/1886 11/27/1972 12/31/09     At rest
HAMILTON James   9/11/1889 8/16/1965        
HAMILTON Mack   6/6/1866         Gone but not forgotten
HATCHER Wm Lyod   10/28/1934 10/9/1988 5/5/67 h/o Pasty E Hatcher    
HATCHER Pasty E   4/21/1941          
HATCHER Sadie McLANE 5/31/1906 12/17/1935        
MERRITT Beatrice (Nannie) McLANE 3/15/1904 1/6/1994        
MOODY Annie McLANE 9/12/1911 6/9/1991        
HAMILTON L H   5/31/1918 11/1/1918       Asleep in Jesus
HAMILTON Lawrence E   12/21/1920 4/8/1985     WW11  
DOZIER Dorothy L   10/30/1901 4/29/1993        
MCLANE John B   8/23/1857 8/3/1939   h/o Ida E McLane   We shall meet again who have loved each other.
MCLANE Ida E   6/4/1876 2/22/1933   w/o J B McLane   We shall meet again who have loved each other.
MCLANE William Gyton   4/21/1897 4/11/1908       He was faithful to mery duty.
MCLANE <daughter>   4/10/1908 12/24/1917   d/o JB & Ida McLane   From mother's arm to arm of Jesus.
JONES John Cecil   5/2/1913 4/12/1988   h/o Eunice McLane    
JONES Eunice McLANE 8/11/1913          
MCLANE Bertie A   1899 1976       Together forever
MCLANE Lucille M   1902 1984       Together forever
HILL Levy   2/17/1899 6/26/1983 12/26/20     Death is eternal life, why should we weep.
HILL G W   7/6/1874 12/2/1913   h/o Isabella Hill   Gone but not forgotten
HILL Isabella (Essie)   11/20/1878 10/22/1956   w/o G W Hill   Beloved one farewell
CARPENTER Edna   11/12/1912 1/10/1915        
CARPENTER Edgar   11/20/1914 11/26/1914        
CARPENTER Albert   1/11/1910 1/18/1910        
CARPENTER Henry Bird   7/6/1882 7/17/1957   h/o Maude O Carpenter    
CARPENTER Maude O   3/8/1888 12/26/1970   w/o Henry B Carpenter    
CARPENTER Mather   10/2/1908 9/26/1967     Pvt US Army WW11  
SMITH Zynettia   10/22/1909 3/17/1997        
CONNER <infant>   no dates     s/o David J & Wyolene Conner   At rest
CONNER Wyolene W   8/13/1921 2/8/1983   w/o D J Conner    
CONNER David J (Jr)   2/25/1956 12/29/1988   h/o WW Conner    
WESTER Harvey   1894 1935   h/o Stella Strickland    
WESTER Stella STRICKLAND 1898 1985   w/o Harvey Wester    
CARPENTER Guy   12/15/1918   6/2/45 h/o Ruth N Carpenter    
CARPENTER Ruth N   8/30/1923 8/15/1983 6/2/45 w/o Guy Carpenter    
GREENE Willie Lee   1/24/1880 1/18/1923   w/o H J Greene   Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
CARPENTER William (Jr) (Bill)   1/2/1838 11/16/1922 1/31/1878 h/o Winifred patteson Cook Pvt 6th FL Inf CSA An honest man, the noblest work of God.
CARPENTER Winford Patterson   11/20/1851 12/19/1924 1/31/1878 w/o William Carpenter Jr   Having finished life's duty she now sweetly rests.
BURKE Sallie L CARPENTER 4/21/1888 4/25/1909       Holy Bible book devine precious treasure thou are mine.
CARPENTER Littleton L (Lit)   4/14/1884 5/23/1948   h/o Annie Dolan    
CARPENTER Annie   9/14/1880 1/27/1958   w/o L L Carpenter   Mother is gone but not forgotten
CARPENTER Horace W   5/23/1910 12/30/1993   h/o Jewell E Carpenter pvt US Army WW11  
CARPENTER Jewell E   3/17/1919 11/24/1982   w/o Horace W Carpenter   WE loved her so much
HAMILTON Catherine HILL 9/19/1820 11/15/1910   w/o Evan S Hamilton Sr - born in Roberson City, NC   Rest Mother, rest in quite sleep while friend in sorrow over thee sleep.
HAMILTON F E   12/3/1853 5/13/1915   w/o E S Hamilton   A crown of life for those who loved him.
HAMILTON Julia H   1858 1920   w/o L E Hamilton   Blessed are those pure in heart for they shall see God.
HAMILTON Lon   9/19/1882 3/17/1941   w/o F E Hamilton   Gone but not forgotten
HAMILTON Even S   6/3/1884 3/25/1965       Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
HAMILTON Ida   1871 12/12/1956       May she find joy in the life everlasting.
MONEYHAM Julia HAMILTON 6/4/1889 12/9/71       You are remembered, Bill
HATCHER Jennie   3/2/1888 2/22/1927       Gone from this earth to be welcome in heaven - At rest
GILLEY <infant>   1/7/1941     I/o Ramey & Ruby Gilley    
MCCLELLAN Roy Perry (Sr)   1/7/1927 7/1/1985        
HAMILTON Saberahe 3/8/1856 6/21/1941       At rest with Jesus
HAMILTON G R   3/28/1854 10/1/1918       We pursue false joy and suffer real woe.
MITCHELL T W (Sam)   2/7/1883 3/15/1961   h/o Emma B Mitchell    
MITCHELL Emma B   4/5/1890 10/5/1974   w/o T W Mitchell    
MITCHELL Mildred SMITH 7/8/1923 4/18/1990   Tripple headstone   At rest
MITCHELL Cleveland W   1/11/1914 12/18/1988   Tripple headstone Pvt US Army WW11  
MITCHELL Sallie W   9/19/1915 10/24/1954   Tripple headstone   None knew her but to love her.
BYRD Julia   7/16/1895 1/27/1908       Darling we miss thee
BYRD John Blisset   12/22/1862 2/1/1953 12/22/1862 h/o Jamima Carpenter   At rest
BYRD Jamima (Jimmie)   10/11/1867 8/21/1947 12/22/1862 w/o J B Byrd   At rest
INGRAM Lillie   4/23/1916 1/2/1917       Suffer little children to come to me.
INGRAM Edward   9/19/1912 8/30/1918       A little time on earth he spent till God for him his angels sent.
INGRAM Laura BYRD 1891 1971        
INGRAM Richard Green   4/15/1886 11/12/53        
ALDERMAN M C   8/6/1898 12/1/1948   h/o A G Alderman    
ALDERMAN Annie G   9/15/1897 1/19/1942   w/o MC Alderman   A loving mother
ALDERMAN <infant>   12/1/1920 12/10/1920   s/o M C & Annie Alderman   At rest with Jesus
ALDERMAN William A   3/6/1874 5/28/1959   h/o Mary Johnson    
ALDERMAN Mary Johnson   3/25/1869 5/17/1942   w/o W A Alderman   Darling we miss you for you were the sunshine of our home.
ALDERMAN Gahaza   3/18/1901 2/6/1908   s/o W A & M Alderman   The little baby is gone to rest to live with God forever blest.
ALDERMAN <infant>   no dates     Child of W A & M Alderman    
HAMILTON Andrew   1/24/1908 4/23/1918   s/o Relmond & Mittie Hamilton    
HAMILTON Willie Lee   11/8/1901 12/28/1901   s/o R H & Mittie Hamilton    
HAMILTON Relmond   4/27/1877 6/28/1912   h/o M A Hamilton   Our loved one
HAMILTON Mittie A   6/29/1879 3/10/1963   w/o Relomond Hamilton   Our loved one
HAMILTON Alma   1/24/1904 7/9/1983   d/o M M Evan S Hamilton S1 US Army WW 11 Our beloved one farewell
HAMILTON Minnie Lee   no dates     I/dau of Mr & Mrs Evans Hamilton    
FISHEL William D   6/5/1820 10/1/1921       At rest
FISHEL John J           Corpl Co A 82 PA Inf  
BOONE <infant>   no dates     s/o Mary & Clarence Boone    
CARPENTER John H   8/13/1910 3/10/1972        
CARPENTER Etta   8/25/1903 9/22/1916   d/o Issac & Annie Carpenter   They God has claimed thee as his own.
CARPENTER Issac   3/15/1869 6/14/1946 3/24/1891 w/o Annie Grimsley    
CARPENTER Annie GRIMSLEY 3/7/1873 27-Nov-1964 3/24/1891      
CARPENTER <infant>   5/00/1909     I/o Issac & Annie Carpenter    
CARPENTER Trudie   11/9/1899 10-Jun-1900   d/o Issac & Annie Carpenter    
TUCKER Blanche   1/12/1896 8/6/1964        
THARP <infant>   6/17/1900 6/30/1900       In the arms of Jesus
HAVEN Liddie   2/17/1854 19-Jan-1919   Liddy Husky/Haven was the second wife/widow of John Shepard Haven, he is buried with his first wife and children in the Macedonia Baptist Church cemetery near Lee (Madison County), Florida. His son, Green Berry Haven, was the Jackson County Justice of the Peace who married them. Green Berry is buried in the Macedonia Cemetery in Madison County too.   She is at rest in heaven
THARP Callie   8/25/1890 8/24/1901       Asleep in Jesus
WALDROFF Ethel   2/12/1897 7-Feb-1903       From mother's arms to the arms of Jesus.
KETTLEBAN John   1/27/1866 31-Jul-1938        
KETTLEBAN Alice JOHNSON 7/26/1866 14-Jun-1934   w/o J K Kettleban   Farewell my husband and children all, from you a mother Christ did call.
KETTLEBAN James Douglas   3/28/1905 31-Jan-1908        
KETTLEBAN <infant>   1/11/1909 11-Jan-1909   Inf s/o J A & Alice Kettleban    
MOTE Allie KETTLEBAN 2/28/1900 19-Dec-1968       In Loving memory
KETTLEBAN Annie E   9/22/1907 3-Aug-1990       In Loving memory - Aunt Annie
BEAUCHAMP Joicy KETTLEBAN 2/13/1896 14-Sep-1920   w/o E H Kettleban    
STONE H M (Buddy)   3/17/1899 1-Mar-1974   h/o Carrie Kettleban   He died as he lived, a christian.
STONE Carrie KETTLEBAN 9/16/1902 7/3/1989 w/o H M Stone   Mama & Big Ma
WALSH Bryant Emory   8/17/1898 11/7/1964 h/o Phoebe Kettleban    
WALSH Phoebe KETTLEBAN 9/1/1898 11/25/1986   w/o B E Bryant    
WALSH Harold   2/16/1936 10/12/1948   s/o Bryant and Phoebe Walsh   Gone to be with a angel
WALSH <infant>     10/13/1933   d/o Bryant and Phoebe Walsh    
DURDEN Teamon   8/28/1922 8/21/1904   h/o Doris Durden   Into thy hands I commend my sprit.
DURDEN Doris   1/29/1923          
JOHNSON Lizzie   5/3/1874 2/6/1904   w/o J A Johnson   Gone to a better land.
JOHNSON Zeck Liedge   5/24/1831 3/24/1902     Fla Pvt F 6 Ret Fla Inf CSA At rest
JOHNSON Francis   7/25/1836 3/13/1907       At rest
CARPENTER Bettie   10/9/1843 12/24/1908        
CARPENTER Henry   11/12/1840 8/30/1912       God called him hone to rest.
CARPENTER Ann   4/24/1848 11/1/1929        
SHAFFER Rose   1882 1902        
SHAFFER Minnie R   1880 1902        
SHAFFER Wm   1846 1906        
SHAFFER Walter   1885 1906        
HUNTER Evelyn E   12/21/1909 8/22/1918       A bright star that shines in heaven.
HUNTER Denis G   10/16/1908 1/18/1909       From earth to heaven
WESTER Ruthe Bell   3/22/1906 5/25/1908        
WESTER Dora Sue   1/15/1908 2/5/1908        
WESTER Rufus Thomas   4/10/1873 2/7/1911   h/o susie Wester    
WESTER Susie   8/13/1876 1/17/1908   w/o R T Wester    
CARPENTER James   11/5/1841 9/15/1908   h/o Missouri Hamilton Pvt Co FL 6th FL Inf CSA  
CARPENTER Missouri HAMILTON 7/22/1845 7/9/1932   w/o James Carpenter    
CARPENTER Elar   9/1/1889 8/31/1890   d/o James & Missouri Carpenter   In memory of - She was the sunshine of our home, an angel to us given, just when we learn to love her most, God called her back to heaven.
CARPENTER William (Sr)   4/27/1794 3/15/1857   h/o Isabella Baker 7th FL Regt FL Mil, FL Indian War Scared to the memory
CARPENTER Isabella BAKER 2/17/1811 1/29/1897       Scared to the memory
JOHNSON Christain   2/23/1858 9/1/1861   Infant daughter of Zeckliedge and Francis Carpenter Johnson    In memory of
JOHNSON Hamon   10/20/1894 10/8/1970   h/o Ida Shelfer    
JOHNSON Ida SHELFER 10/24/1894 7/7/1954   w/o Hamon Johnson    
JOHNSON Melvin H   1/21/1922 12/16/1975     MSgt US Air Force WW11 - Korea - Vietnam  
CARPENTER John Joseph   11/15/1845 2/5/1900 11/18/1870 h/o Sarah Jane Bennett Pvt Capt Robinson's Co Jackson Co Home Guard CSA  
CARPENTER Sarah Jane BENNETT 10/15/1845 9/13/1926 11/18/1870 w/o JJ Carpenter    
CARPENTER Nicksey J   3/2/1878 4/1/1950       Gone but not forgotten
CARPENTER Bertha   10/31/1884 7/12/1946       At rest with Jesus
CARPENTER Stellar (Stella)   6/4/1905 5/18/48        
FARRAR James C   9/24/1907 12/14/1960   h/o josie Carpenter Fla Cpl HQ Co Inf Repl Tng Gen WWII  
FARRAR Josie CARPENTER 11/17/1910 6/28/1986   w/o J C Farrar    
BRAZZELL Berry Preston   6/25/1861 5/21/1908       His memory is missed.
BRAZZELL Mary Jane   5/17/1863 5/12/1924       Gone but not forgotten
AYERS James Clifton   1/8/1920 6/13/1921   s/o Jim & Sallie Ayers    
AYERS William B   3/20/1905 10/16/1979   MSGT US Army WW II & Korea  
AYRES Jim A   4/4/1891 11/27/1919       We will meet again
DANIEL Ethel Edward   2/26/1898 1/19/1916   w/o Thom H Daniel   She was the sunshine of our home.
NELSON Early Wilburn   11/17/1905 3/23/1907   s/o Henry & Jenny Nelson    
NELSON Lee Lorain   7/9/1906 10/28/1906   s/o Henry & Jenny Nelson   A precious one, from us has gone, a voice we loved, is stilled. A place in our home which can never be filled, God inhis wisdom, has called. The book his love had given and though the body slumbers here the soul is safe in heaven.
NELSON M M   7/18/1818 10/18/1905       Sacred to the memory of - Gone to rest
GILES Arrany   11/6/1839 10/19/1900        
GILES Laura   3/16/1877 8/19/1904       Gone from our home but not from our hearts
MCDOWELL Elderson (Jr)   8/17/1903 6/16/1909        
TUCKER Caroline OWENS 2/26/1869 5/2/1939        
TUCKER Joseph Brown   4/28/1861 8/19/1900        
THARP Rufus H (Jr)   6/27/1901 10/11/1964      
THARP <infant>     8/18/26   s/o Mr & Mrs Rufus Tharp Jr   At rest with Jesus
NEEL Cola V THARP 3/11/1895 10/25/1932   w/o Rufus Tharp Jr   A loving wife and mother
GRANT Johnnie William   10/13/1912 10/9/1917   s/o G P & MM Grant   A sunbeam from the world has vanished.
RAFIELD E N   12/13/1934         Asleep with Jesus
RAFIELD Frankie   11/6/1924         Gone but not forgotten
NEEL William H (Jr)   3/10/1920 5/19/1987        
NEEL Olivia B   5/31/1919          
COPELAND Charles R   3/17/1873 1/20/1968.        
COPELAND Lula A   9/9/1885 2/23/1967.        
MORTELLARO Coralee BROGDON 2/6/1915. 2/27/1953.       Rest in Peace
NEEL Abraham Lincoln   2/12/1925. 9/24/1943.     Seaman 1/C A fairere bud of promise never bloomed.
NEEL Spurgeon   3/7/1923. 12/28/1940.       He died as he lived - a Christian
BRYAN Naomi N   12/14 1917. 8/1/1938.       Death is eternal Life why should we weep.
NEEL William H   1/19/1889 8/4/1928.       How desolate our home dear one with out thee but God gave, he took he will restore. He doeth all things well
MCMILLAN Ida Burke NEEL 9/12/1893 12/31/1993.        
OWENS Andy   9/19/1925. 12/28/1985.        
OWENS Norma   6/2/1933.          
ADAMO Carl F   10/4/1935. 9/4/1997. 1/25/1992.     Carl, husband of Norma
NEEL Jessie M   12/13/1899 8/30/1971.   h/o Angus Ray FL Eng 2 US Navy WW1  
NEEL Agnes Ray   12/11/1904. 7/27/1992.   w/o J M Neel    
CARPENTER Frederick Jerome   11/26/1923. 3/15/1990.   h/o Mary M Carpenter US Navy W W II Going home never more to roam
CARPENTER Mary M   7/20/1922.     w/o F J Carpenter    
BARLOW Tillman   no dates       29th MTD Inf Creek War  
RHODES John   8/17/1841 10/20/1902.        
QUINLIVAN Stella Rhodes   9/2/1900. 12/1/1986.        
RHODES Bernard L   12/13/1894 10/26/1970.     GA Sgt Inf WW1  
RHODES J L   12/7/1903. 12/8/1903.       Our short lived flower returned again to God
RHODES Annie Laurie   6/22/1903. 6/8/1904.   d/o J L & M L Rhodes   Sleep on sweet babe God called thee home He thought it best.
AYERS Sena   9/10/1836 6/30/1916       Gone but not forgotten
AYERS John David   7/19/1863 10/18/1925       An honest man th enoblest work of God
MONTGOMERY Ernest O   1907 1954        
MONTGOMERY Evelyn G   1910 1992        
HAMILTON Ottis   1/12/1924. 2/23/1999. 5/29/1945. h/o Lena Mae Hamilton    
HAMILTON Lena Mae   7/25/1925. 5/9/1998. 5/29/1945.     At last she suffers no more.
ROBERTS Richard F   8/22/1948.     h/o Helen J Roberts    
ROBERTS Helen J (Holley)   6/3/1950. 8/3/1998.       Our angel of hope
EDENFIELD Wilbur Hurley   4/29/1924. 11/1/1997. 10/3/1942. h/o Ruth Neel   precious in thesight of the Lord is the death of his saints. PS. 116:15
EDENFIELD Ruth NEEL 12/4/1926.          
OWENS Howard I   5/1/1928.         I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith . II Timothy 4:7
OWENS Marlene H (Rev)   8/11/36          
POOLE Cohen O   11/16/1917.          
POOLE Loretta H   9/7/1922.          
ANDERSON Halcott F   1/6/1916 7/10/1965        
BUNDRICK Bonnie C   12/9/1922. 12/9/1997.       Wife and mother
KIRKLAND Johnnie F (Jr)   8/10/1920 5/25/1993.        
KIRKLAND Johnny F (Sr)   7/6/1893 8/25/1978   h/o Nettie V Kirkland Pvt US Army W W I God gave - he took - he will restore - he doeth all things well.
KIRKLAND Nettie V   4/29/1895 5/30/1973   w/o J F Kirklan Sr   Our loss is God's gain for in heaven there's one angel more.
PADGETT Jimmie R (Sr)   10/16/1940   10/25/1972.      
PADGETT Verdie S   6/10/1949 5/1/1982 10/25/1972. gd/o Johnny & Nettie Kirkland    
KIRKLAND James J (Jim) (II)   8/13/1948. 6/15/1996.        
KIRKLAND James J   3/7/1922 7/30/1964     Pfc AT Co 15 Inf W W II BSM-PH In heaven there is one angel more
KIRKLAND Wyolene H   3/25/1930          
GILLEY Linda BAXTER 1944 1999        
STEPHENS T J   12/7/1940. 8/27/1995. 4/22/1963. h/o D L Stephens   T. we love you may you rest in peace
STEPHENS Donava Lavern   5/30/1935.          
HAND Bernise H   4/21/1935   11/17/1951. w/o S R Hand    
HAND Sidney Ryaks   9/20/1931 7/2/1982 11/17/1951. h/o Bernise N Hand Cpl US Army Korea Daddy we will meet again
BURDEN L Ray   5/26/1914 4/4/1977        
MCLANE Eva MILLER 3/25/1900 1999   w/o J E McLane    
MCLANE J Elzie   2/7/1893 10/23/1963   h/o Eva Miller   In thee O Lord have I put my trust
GILLEY Jessie G   5/10/1877 11/8/1962   h/o M B Gilley    
GILLEY Minnie B   9/28/1877 12/6/1965   w/o J G Gilley    
GILLEY <infant>   1947 1947   d/o Leon & Ezella Gilley    
GILLEY <infant>   1951 1957   s/o Leon & Ezella Gilley    
GILLEY Leon   4/22/1905 12/24/1983   h/o Ezella Gilley    
GILLEY Ezella   7/30/1909 2/14/1977   w/o Leon Gilley    
GILLEY Ramey G   4/7/1914   10/21/1933. h/o R W Gilley    
GILLEY Ruby W   10/22/1917 4/13/1975 10/21/1933. w/o R G Gilley    
DANIELS L B (Buddy)   1/30/1932.   3/17/1954. h/o D M Daniels    
DANIELS Dorothy Mae   8/8/1936. 4/27/1996. 3/17/1954. w/o L B Daniels    
TYUS Cathey Jean   12/17/1953 4/24/1956   d/o William & Jessie Lee Tyus   She was the sunshine of our home
HOBBS Lonnie (Pete)   2/7/1919.   4/26/1941. h/o A H Hobbs    
HOBBS Allie H   4/26/1909. 4/20/1994. 4/26/1941. w/o Lonnie Hobbs   In loving memory - She was a gift from God. She fit within his will with a place in our hearts that only she can fill. Gone but not forgotten - Love your husband, Pete
GILLEY Spurgeon   1907 1938        
GILLEY Eugene   8/24/1932 7/15/1945       At Rest with Jesus
GILLEY Billie   6/19/1934. 6/21/1934       Gone but not forgotten
MCMILLON Roy L   8/8/1893 3/12/1962     Pvt Col 151 Inf Regt W W I  
MCMILLON R B HAMILTON 3/11/1913          
BOWERS Frank M   9/10/1891 1/2/1983     CWO W2 US Navy W W I & II God doeth all things well
HAMILTON Louise   12/19/1918   1935 w/o Milton Hamilton    
HAMILTON Milton   10/8/1911 12/25/1989 1935 h/o Louise Hamilton   Love lives with precious memories
DANIELS Jim   10/11/1911.     h/o Lovie Daniels    
DANIELS Lovie   3/22/1927.     w/o Jim Daniels    
BLAND Joe L   2/5/1929. 10/7/1997. 6/2/1955. h/o Bernice M Bland   Together forever
BLAND Bernice M   9/20/1937.   6/2/1955. w/o J L Bland    
BLAND Lesley Breanna   2/6/1979. 3/6/1994.       Our angel - Thy life was beauty, Truth, Goodness and Love. This baby is Papa and Granny's heart.
FEARS Mary BLAND 5/29/1906. 2/2/1998.       I fought a good fight, I finished my course, I kept the faith. II Timothy 4:7
NEEL Andrew   4/4/1926. 10/9/96   h/o Betty Byrd RMCA US Navy WW11 and Korea  
NEEL Betty BYRD 12/14/1930.          
BYRD Raymond L   3/2/1922 10/17/1986     S1 US Navy WW II  
FRANKLIN James Huey   2/29/1912. 12/7/1998. 9/7/1940. h/o Lena Ann Franklin    
FRANKLIN Lena Ann   11/20/1916.   9/7/1940. w/o J H Franklin    
FRANKLIN Vera Lou   10/21/1946 6/25/1990       Our little angel
GILBERT Thoma B   11/2/1867 5/9/1941        
HAMILTON Evelyn   9/16/1903. 1/12/1995.       In thee oh Lord Ihave put my trust
HAMILTON Rosie L   6/20/1920.          
HAMILTON Kelly   9/19/1943 8/11/1984        
KIRKLAND Perry B   5/27/1912 10/17/1986 10/16/1937. h/o Beatrice Kirkland   Big daddy Benny
KIRKLAND Beatrice   12/7/1922. 6/27/1982. 10/16/1937. w/o P B Kirkland   Big Mama Bea
HATCHER John C   9/3/1948. 5/15/1999.        
PIMENTEL Lauren A   1998 1998        
MAY Clara H   12/22/1939. 1/8/1998.       Mother - God made many lovely things, sunsets and flowers and trees, birds an starlight and loyal friends and after he made all these the gave another gift more rare more loving and more true. A wondrful person most fair, A mothe dear as you.
HARRIS Robert C   11/23/1923 8/17/1982   h/o Susie M Harris    
HARRIS Susie M   9/24/1929.     w/o R C Harris    
SMITH James Paul   2/20/23          
SMITH Georgia Lee   9/26/1914          
SMITH Emma S   1/3/1890 2/11/1985        
HAM John W   5/30/1940 2/10/1984     PFC US Army Vietnam While we cannot understand why certain things should be, remember that God in heaven behold's what we cannot see.
HAM James "Jim"   7/18/1918 6/7/1986 11/12/1954. h/o Stell D Ham TEC 4 US Army WW II Gone from our home
HAM Stella O   1/19/1930 5/9/1993. 11/12/1954. w/o James Ham    
PRUITT Willis   5/12/1921 3/16/1991       In loving memory
HUTSON Lucy McDANIEL 12/10/08          
HAM Grady   12/24/1917 5/4/1981 8/11/1961. h/o Kate Ham Pvt US Army  
HAM Kate   1/11/1928   8/11/1961. w/o Grady Ham    
MITCHELL Mable Blanch   12/4/1893          
EDENFIELD Dorothy H BURCH 1/22/1941 3/9/1969   d/o Audrey & Mary Jackson   At rest
GILLEY Cecil Ray   10/3/1939 12/3/1983 10/14/1961. h/o Betty Barfield   loved by all who knew him.
GILLEY Betty BARFIELD 11/6/1942   10/14/1961. w/o C R Gilley   Faithful wife and loving mother.
BARFIELD James Carl   3/4/1958 9/16/1977       In loving memory Love is eternal.
SEAL Howard Bernard   12/7/1919 3/8/1982     US Army WW II,Korea  
JACKSON Christopher Lynn   10/5/1993. 3/23/1996.        
FORBES Lilla Yvonne   1939 1997        
FORBES Corlis P   3/10/1912 3/16/1987       At rest
JACKSON Audrey   3/21/1914 9/21/1978       In God's care

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