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Welcome to our home in Cyber-Space, come explore the history of our county.  Hamilton County being one of the older counties, and having nearly 200 years of rich history that we're wanting   preserve it.  However,  it's hard to pick a subject or starting point.  Our main objective is to acquire and preserve historical landmarks within our county.  One of our main objectives being the preservation of the "Old County Jail" .   This is an ever on-going project, plus other acquisitions we plan the establishment of a Heritage Village depicting the various stages of our counties growth and development. (Old Jail page)

<>With the success of the new history book, there will be an undetaking to create a pictorial history
of Hamilton County and its Citizens.  Check back later for new developments.

Hamilton County was founded in 1827; this area has qualities unique to the state. Hamilton County is entirely surrounded by water. The Suwannee River to the east and south, and the Withlacoochee to the west border, where it joins the Suwannee River at the southwestern tip.The Alapaha River, also known as the “mysterious, disappearing river”, the “river of sand” can meander aimlessly for months without incident; nevertheless it is extremely susceptible to flooding and can become hazardous to boating and canoeing.

As many of you may already know me, my name is Darrel R. Bell; I’m the County Coordinator for the Hamilton County FLGenWeb page and a member of this Society.  I hope to be able to represent Historical Museum serving as the webmaster.  So let's honor our ancestors and let the world know who they were.


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County Activities and Old Jail Tours  "Information being Updated"
The Old Jail, which serves as the Hamilton County Historical Musuem, is now open five (5) days a week M-F 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Special arraingements for those desiring weekend visitation by appointment only.  Please submit your weekend visitation request two weeks prior to your requested date.  Shirley Smith is the Musuem Curator, contact e-mail or 386-792-3850 Musuem Phone Number.

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