1926 Hurricane Victims of Broward County, Florida

September 17, 1926, 10. a.m.
Hurricane central about 23 north
74 west moving west-northwestward
attended by winds of hurricane
force near center.  This is a very
severe storm.  Its center will likely
pass near Nassau early tonight.
Great caution advised all vessels
bound for Florida straits, Bahama
Islands, and East Florida coast.


Incomplete List of Victims of the Sept. 1926 Hurricane (Fort Lauderdale Daily News):

Fern Tillman, wife of W. A. Tillman, Progresso, and children Robert, 8 and Martha, 10.

Laura Crowley, 42 wife of R. D. Crowley, found in Lake Mabel, home at Nashville, N. C., visiting from Ocala.

Jack Merrel, 58, Danville, Ill.

Infant child of Ivan Austin, Victoria Park.

P. E. Gamble, address unknown, wife also injured.

Ralph McClure, 31, Riverside and Glade avenue.

Anna Thompson, wife of B. A. Thompson, and new born child.

Six unidentified people, ssx (sic) unknown.

The injured at the Edwards hospital:

Leroy Bishop, 5, Hollywood, serious condition.  Parents injured, at Great Southern hotel in Hollywood.

Andrew O. J. Connell, Hollywood Terrace, paralysed (sic) from injuries.

J. E. Martin and wife Laura Jane, Progresso, bruises.

Mrs. C. I. Strickland, Hollywood, broken hip and shoulder.  Husband also injured in Hollywood.

Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Bucks, Little River, fractured skulls.

Mrs. DePotty, Progresso, childbirth.

Walter Glenn, moved from Hollywood hospital, minor injuries.

John Lloyd, 16 Oakland Pak, fractured skull.

Walter Martin, 27, New Castle, Ind., punctured abdomen.

Jack S. Craig, Victoria Park, broken leg.

Carl Mays 32, broken leg.

Mrs. Hazel Simpson, 32, Progresso, broken leg.

Blanche Liles, 22 cuts on arms.

Earl Bateman, Davie, critical, fractured skull.

Mrs. I. K. Mount, Central avenue, broken leg, fractured skull, serious.

Mrs. R. E. McClure, 33, Great Falls, Mont., fractured skull.

Christiana Healy, Dania, shock.

Mrs. J. C. McIntosh, Idlewyle, collapse.

Albert Kottcamp, cuts on hand.


Additional Report from Edwards Hospital of Sept. 22, 1926

Earl Bateman, internal injuries; Leroy Bishop, internal injuries, exposure; Heywood Brooks, body injuries (negro); Jack L. Craig, Oakes Motor Co., broken leg; Mrs. Davidson, asthma, Bivins hotel; Mrs. Depotty and 1-day-old infant, exposure; W. C. Funkhouse, typhoid fever; George Gates, paralyzed; Walter Glenn, internal injuries; Christiana Haley, esposore (sic); R. G. Hall, back injured; Mrs. G. A. Hoffman, exposure; J. C. Hood, exposure; Ned Jelks (negro) exposure; O. A. King, Florida Power and Light Co., broken leg; Blanche Liles, cuts from glass, her three small children, measles; Mrs. E. G. Lazonby, pneumonia; John Loyd (sic), skull fractured, broken leg; Mrs. Lizzie Long, 7' (sic) exposure; Mrs. P. A. Marr, exposure and nervous breakdown; J. E. Martin and Lora J. Martin, exposure; William Morrison, acute apendicitis (sic); Mrs. I. K. Mount, broken neck; Henry Neilson, chief engineer Morange, injuries; Andrew O'Connell, broken leg; Mulah Rivers, crushed shoulder and wrist (negress); Mrs. Helen Roby, acute apendicitis (sic); Mrs. Rooks, Dania, serious; Mrs. A. L. Schneider, both arms and legs broken; Mrs. C. L. Strickland, fractured shoulder and hip; J. E. Taylor, exposure (negro); Anabeth Tillman, 3 years old, measles and pneumonia; Mrs. D. W. Vincent, fractured skull, exposure; D. W. Vincent, injuries; Julia Washington and baby (colored..)


Local Casualties from Griffith and Philbrick Funeral Home
Sept. 22, 1926

Mrs. A. W. Tillman, 34; Martha Tillman, 10; Robert Tilman, 3; P.E. Gamble, 31, James Terrell, Hollywood, 31; Ralph McClure, 31; Laura Crawley, 42, Alma Thompson 23, and infant; Walter Martin.  Four negroes


Death List

MIAMI (incomplete transcription)

EDNA ALLEN CHURCHILL of, Dania. Body found in the wreckage.

ROY G. COLEMAN, 47, bookkeeper, for the Sawyer Motor Company of Hollywood.


J. J. Gordon, 48, of Hollywood, died in hospital there of injuries.

BRUNO HULLGREN, 29, sailor, of the United Dredging Company.  Body found in bay.   Buried in Miami.  Memorial Park cemetery by W. L. Philbrick Funeral Home.   Formerly of San Francisco.

CHRIS HOENS, about 45, address unknown. His body was found in bay opposite Deering estate.  Body at Gautier Funeral Home.

UNKNOWN WOMAN found in wreckage of home in Hollywood.

UNKNOWN MAN found in ocean near Sunny Isles Casino. Body at Philbrick Funeral Home.

UNKNOWN MAN found in bay.  At Gautier's.

UNKNOWN MAN found in sea weeds in bay off Miami Shores late yesterday afternoon.   Rescue parties failed to reach body before dark.

TWO UNKNOWN BODIES in bay opposite James Deering estate.

ARMOUR, LAWRENCE, 18, of N. W. Thirteenth avenue and Twenty-third street.  Body at King's awaiting word from relatives.

A.G. ROGERS, 36, Hollywood, at Kings.

D.A.J. WUNNEBERG, Biscayne Park, formerly Burlington, Iowa, buried in Dania.



GEORGE FRASS, at Administration building.

FLORENCE GOODRICH, residence unknown; at Administration building.


L. W. POOL, Administration building

MRS. L. P. POOL, Administration building.

MRS. RHODA LOUISA PRIEST, 55, at Hollywood Mortuary.

PETER VIGHES, 2117 Polk street, at Hollywood Mortuary.

GRADY ALBERT ROGERS, 36, at King Undertaking Company, Miami, from Hollywood Mortuary.

MRS. YEAGER, Washington street, at Administration building.

AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN about 50, wore blue striped overalls, killed in Sawyer Motor Company, body at Hollywood Mortuary.


GORDON BROWN, 35, 2227 Grant street, at Hollywood Mortuary.

MRS. GORDON BROWN, at Hollywood Mortuary.

MURLEAN BROWN, age 4, at Hollywood Mortuary.


MRS. CORY, at Administration building.


The Fort Lauderdale News of Sep. 22, 1926 reported, ...Governor Martin, feelingly expressed his sorrow for the deaths and disaster which came in the wake of the hurricane and particularly with Broward county which he declared proportionately had undergone more and was in a worse plight than Dade county and Miami... It seemed to be the consensus of the meeting that there were at least 2,000 persons in Fort Lauderdale and probably 8,000 in the county who were penniless and homeless and in need of every type of assistance.