Index to the Book Gilchrist County Florida Cemetery Records T
Copyrighted 1990 by Donna J. Oakley
Index compiled by Jim Powell Jr.
First Name Last Name Cemetery
TALLY Mattie Martha Cherry Sink
TALLY Pearl B. Cherry Sink
TANKER Roxanna S. Jennings Lake
TAYLOR Allamae Bell City
TAYLOR Almeda Bell City
TAYLOR Ben Bell City
TAYLOR Bessie Oder Bell City
TAYLOR Deborah Kay Priscilla Baptist
TAYLOR Ernest Alton Bell City
TAYLOR George E. Union Baptist
TAYLOR Gladys Bell City
TAYLOR Hazel Bell City
TAYLOR Henry W. Bell City
TAYLOR Louie E. Bell City
TAYLOR Mildred Bell City
TAYLOR Muriel Bell City
TAYLOR Nancy E. New Hope Advent Christian
TAYLOR Paul M.T. Wayfair
TAYLOR Ralph Bell City
TAYLOR Sarah R. Bell City
TAYLOR William E. New Hope Advent Christian
THOMAS A.B. Townsend
THOMAS Alavan Townsend
THOMAS Alex T. Wayfair
THOMAS Annie L. Wayfair
THOMAS Arthur New Hope Advent Christian
THOMAS Audrey R. Bethel Church
THOMAS Benjamin O. Wayfair
THOMAS Bertha Mae Wayfair
THOMAS Bertie Leona Union Baptist
THOMAS Bessie S. New Hope Advent Christian
THOMAS Callie C. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Carl Arthur Bell City
THOMAS Charles W. Bell City
THOMAS Charles W. Jr. Bell City
THOMAS Cindarella Townsend
THOMAS Clarence G. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Claudie Wayfair
THOMAS E. Frank Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Elias D. Wayfair
THOMAS Eliza D. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS F.B. Wayfair
THOMAS Florida V. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Floyd M. Cherry Sink
THOMAS George D. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Guy Otis Wayfair
THOMAS Harriett Wayfair
THOMAS Henry A. New Hope Advent Christian
THOMAS Henry L. Jr Bethel Church
THOMAS Horace Eugene Bell City
THOMAS Ida L. Union Baptist
THOMAS Inn Beatrice Wayfair
THOMAS Ivey J. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS J.A. Wayfair
THOMAS J.C.B. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS J.E. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Jeff D. Wayfair
THOMAS Jesse Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS John Allen Wayfair
THOMAS John Lawton Bell City
THOMAS John O. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS John R. Wayfair
THOMAS Lalley E. Wayfair
THOMAS Leon Clanton Union Baptist
THOMAS Levi Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Lewis Union Baptist
THOMAS Lewis R. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Lillie M. Bell City
THOMAS Lina Lindsey Bell City
THOMAS Lloyd Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Louie W. Wayfair
THOMAS Lula Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Lula Bell Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Lula C. Wayfair
THOMAS Luvina E. Wayfair
THOMAS Malinda E. Townsend
THOMAS Margarette Townsend
THOMAS Margie Philman Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Martha A. Townsend
THOMAS Martha J. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Marvin Sr. Townsend
THOMAS Mary Alice Wayfair
THOMAS Mary S.A. Wayfair
THOMAS Matthew H. Townsend
THOMAS Mollie Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Myrl M. Pleasant Grove Church
THOMAS Nellie F. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Nellie K. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Oscar Union Baptist
THOMAS Ottis Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Rachael J. Townsend
THOMAS Raiford P. Wayfair
THOMAS Ralph Bell City
THOMAS Ray Bell City
THOMAS Rhoda Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Rhoda A. Wayfair
THOMAS Richard I. New Hope Advent Christian
THOMAS Sam J. Wayfair
THOMAS Sarah Jane Union Baptist
THOMAS Terry L. Pleasant Grove Church
THOMAS Theatis O. Pleasant Grove Church
THOMAS Theo Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS William Crawford Wayfair
THOMAS Willie Mt. Horeb Church
THOMAS Willis Wayfair
THOMAS Winnie L. Mt. Horeb Church
THOMPSON Adrian Center Hill Church of Christ
THOMPSON Thomas Jefferson Center Hill Church of Christ
THURMAN Elizabeth Paevy Trenton
TILLIS Mamie Pleasant Hill Baptist
TOUCHTON Anna Mae Wayfair
TOUCHTON James Robert Townsend
TOUCHTON May W. Midway Church Of Christ
TOUCHTON Norman Wayfair
TOUCHTON Robert F. Midway Church Of Christ
TOWNSEND Aaron Bethel Church
TOWNSEND Bernice Aubrey Wayfair
TOWNSEND Cinda M. Townsend
TOWNSEND Elsie May Midway Church Of Christ
TOWNSEND Geneva T. Smith Wayfair
TOWNSEND John "Jack" Townsend
TOWNSEND John Calvin Wayfair
TOWNSEND Kathryn Nobles Townsend
TOWNSEND Laura A. Wayfair
TOWNSEND Lela Wayfair
TOWNSEND Lewis R. New Hope Advent Christian
TOWNSEND Lonnie Calvin Townsend
TOWNSEND Lucinda Townsend
TOWNSEND Lucinda T. Townsend
TOWNSEND Mae Wayfair
TOWNSEND Malinda E. Townsend
TOWNSEND Maria Townsend
TOWNSEND Mary F. Townsend
TOWNSEND Mary Salite Thomas Wayfair
TOWNSEND Mona Mae Midway Church Of Christ
TOWNSEND Nancy Sikes Wayfair
TOWNSEND Rev. J.H. Townsend
TOWNSEND Ruby Bethel Church
TOWNSEND Sallie S. Townsend
TOWNSEND Simeon Lyta Townsend
TOWNSEND Thomas Affa Townsend
TOWNSEND Vernon Wayfair
TOWNSEND W.W. Townsend
TOWNSEND Walter Street Wayfair
TOWNSEND Zacchues Wayfair
TRAIL Barbara Ann Wayfair
TRAIL Bryant Wayfair
TRAIL Charles Ray Wayfair
TRAIL Charlie Mt. Horeb Church
TRAIL David Wayfair
TRAIL Janie Mt. Horeb Church
TRAIL Jerlene Mt. Horeb Church
TRAIL Katryn Mt. Horeb Church
TRAIL Maggie L. Wayfair
TRAIL Mattie E. Wayfair
TRAIL Maxie Wayfair
TRAIL Mina Wayfair
TRAIL Ollie Lee "Buck" Mt. Horeb Church
TRAIL Ray Lynn Wayfair
TRAIL Thomas Wayfair
TRAIL Willie Mt. Horeb Church
TRIPP Charlotte Ann Pleasant Grove Church
TRULUCK Augustus "Gus" Union Baptist
TRULUCK Clinton Wayne Union Baptist
TRULUCK John Lincoln Wayfair
TRYON Fleeta Lora Trenton
TUCKER Henry L. Jr Trenton
TUCKER John Ashley Union Baptist
TUCKER Robert L. Sr. Bell City
TUCKER Sharon Robyn Trenton
TURNER Berry "Bossman" Mt. Horeb Church
TURNER Clara Wayfair
TURNER Deloris Mt. Horeb Church
TURNER Emma Wayfair
TURNER Emma H. Jennings Lake
TURNER Ernest P. Jennings Lake
TURNER J. Wesley Wayfair
TURNER James C. Mt. Horeb Church
TURNER O.T. Jennings Lake
TURNER Otis J. Jennings Lake
TURNER Roy Willie Mt. Horeb Church
TURNER Shellie E. Wayfair
TURNER Tandie C. Mt. Horeb Church
TURNER Tommy Mt. Horeb Church
TWOMBLY Edith W. Jennings Lake
TWOMBLY Nathaniel Jennings Lake
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