1860 Census of Alachua County, FL
1860 Census of Alachua County, FL
transcribed by Jim Powell Jr.

There are 96 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adams, Cary J.
Adams, Clarrissa
Adams, John
Adams, Martha
Adams, Vicy A. C.
Adams, William
Adams, William H.
Adams, Wm. Senr.
Aderhold, Eliza
Aderhold, J. Saml.
Aderhold, John J.
Aderhold, Mary E.
Aderhold, Sarah
Adkins, Beckham A.
Adkins, Charles W.
Adkins, Eli A.
Adkins, Eli A.
Adkins, James R.
Adkins, M. J.
Adkins, Mary
Adkins, Rebecca C.
Adkins, Sarah M.
Adkins, Silas J.
Aikens, Wesley
Airick, John A.
Airick, Sintha
Airick, Thomas
Airick, William
Allen, C. H.
Arnow, J. M.
Arnow, Jane
Arnow, Peter
Auls, Archibald J.
Auls, Drucilla
Auls, Georgia Ann
Auls, Harriet
Auls, Harriet
Auls, Martha J.
Avant, William
Avra, Alexander
Avra, Christopher C.
Avra, Eliza J.
Avra, Elizabeth
Avra, Henry
Avra, J. H.
Avra, James H.
Avra, Owen C.
Bailey, Alexander C.
Bailey, Charles F.
Bailey, Cosmo
Bailey, Henry J.
Bailey, J. B.
Bailey, Margaret R.
Bailey, Mary E.
Bailey, Mary N.
Bailey, Orville B.
Baker, Franklin
Baker, Jane
Baker, Mary J.
Baker, Preston B.
Baker, Sandford
Baldwin, Caroline
Baldwin, Elvy
Baldwin, Elvy
Baldwin, Georgia Ann
Baldwin, James
Baldwin, Leonard
Baldwin, Mary
Baldwin, Narcissa
Baldwin, Susannah
Barfield, Barney
Barron, David R.
Barron, James
Barron, James I.
Barron, John Yulee
Barron, Martha A.
Barron, Martha J.
Barron, Mary
Barron, Mississippi S. R.
Barron, Thomas W.
Barrow, Chs. L.
Barry, Ann
Barry, Catharine L.
Barry, Edmd. W.
Barry, Elizabeth
Barry, Joseph H.
Barry, Mary E.
Barry, Nicholas
Barry, Nicholas J.
Baskin, Emma
Bates, Andrew
Bates, John
Bates, Judah
Bates, Laura
Bates, Sarah
Bates, Wilber
Baughman, Anna P.
Baughman, Caroline E.
Baughman, Catharine S.
Baughman, Elbert
Baughman, Sarah H.
Bauknight, A. B.
Bauknight, A. J.
Bauknight, Backman
Bauknight, Burrel
Bauknight, C. M.
Bauknight, Edmund
Bauknight, Elias
Bauknight, Fostina
Bauknight, Ida
Bauknight, James C.
Bauknight, Jane E.
Bauknight, John W.
Bauknight, Martha E.
Bauknight, Mary E.
Bauknight, Milda C.
Bauknight, Milledge P.
Bauknight, N. H.
Bauknight, Rufus
Bauknight, Starke P.
Bauknight, Susan
Bauknight, W. E.
Bauknight, William
Baxter, Alexander
Baxter, Eliza
Baxter, Elnora
Baxter, Francis
Baxter, John
Baxter, Mary
Baxter, Minerva
Baxter, William
Beach, Ann C.
Beach, David
Beach, John
Beach, John L.
Beach, Mary A.
Beach, Sarah
Beach, William F.
Beach, Wm.
Beale, Cornelia M.
Beale, John
Beale, Wm.
Bean, J. B.
Beasley, Bur. S.
Beasley, Martha
Beasley, Mary E.
Beasly, Eady
Beasly, Madison R.
Becham, Elizabeth
Beck, Amanda
Beck, Andrew
Beck, Crawford
Beck, Elizabeth
Beck, Frances
Beck, George A.
Beck, Jackson
Beck, Joseph
Beck, Madison
Beck, Martha
Beck, Matthew A.
Beck, Nelly E.
Beck, Tempy
Beckham, Julius B.
Beckham, Louisianna E.
Beckham, M. J.
Beckham, M. Virginia
Beckham, Martha E.
Beckham, Martha E.
Beckham, W. C.
Beckham, William P.
Bell, Babe
Bell, Charlotte
Bell, Dickson
Bell, Edmund
Bell, Francis
Bell, Haywood T.
Bell, Joseph Ann
Bell, Laura
Bell, Relia
Bell, Roxanna
Bennefied, Hardy
Bennet, Sarah
Bennet, William
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, Frances
Bennett, Harriett
Bennett, Hiram
Bennett, Isham
Bennett, Jacob
Bennett, Jane
Bennett, Jos. A. R.
Bennett, Julia
Bennett, Mary A.
Bennett, Mary E.
Bennett, Matilda
Bennett, Noah
Bennett, R. G.
Bennett, Wiley
Bennett, William G.
Bennett, Zaney A. M.
Bennisker, James L.
Benton, David Sr.
Benton, Henry S.
Benton, James J.
Benton, Kiziah
Benton, Kiziah Jane
Bernard, Elizabeth
Bernard, J. T.
Bernard, Mary A.
Bernard, Overton
Bernard, Rebecca
Bevan, John F.
Bevan, Mary E.
Bevan, Robt.
Bevel, Elizabeth
Bevel, James
Bevel, James W.
Bevel, Jane
Bevel, Jane E.
Bevel, John R.
Bevel, Martha A.
Bevel, Mary J.
Bevel, Sarah F.
Bevel, Stephen C.
Bevile, Anna E.
Bevile, Frances E.
Bevile, Francis M.
Bevile, Henrietta R.
Bevile, Levina
Bevile, M. B.
Bevile, Robert H.
Bevile, S. P.
Bevile, S.C.
Bevile, S.R.
Bigham, Eliza F.
Bigham, John T.
Bigham, Julia S.
Bigham, Saml. P.
Bigham, Sarah A.
Bigham, William H.
Bigham, Winiford A.
Black, David
Black, Elizabeth
Blair, Edwin
Blair, I. F.
Blair, Mary A.
Blair, Mary C.
Blair, Sarah F.
Blake, Amy
Blake, Ann
Blake, Dempsey
Blake, Elizabeth
Blake, George
Blake, J. H.
Blake, James
Blake, Margaret
Blake, Margaret
Blake, Sarah
Blanton, Claudius
Blanton, Mary
Blanton, Sumpter
Blanton, Thomas
Bleach, Isaac F.
Bleach, James M.
Bleach, Martha J.
Bleach, Thomas L.
Bleach, Willis
Bleach, Willis M.
Bleach, Zachariah
Blue, Arch.
Boon, James H.
Boon, Julia C.
Boon, Levina
Boon, Malissa A.
Boon, Rhoda M.
Boon, Sarah H.
Boon, William H.
Booth, James
Booth, John
Booth, Nancy
Bouie, Elizabeth
Bouie, Frances
Bouie, John
Bouie, Mary
Bouie, Thomas
Bouie, William
Boulware, Benj.
Boulware, Francis P.
Boulware, James
Boulware, Martha
Boulware, Martha
Boulware, Martha
Boulware, Musco
Boulware, Musco
Boulware, Ruben
Boulware, Sarah
Boulware, Sarah M.
Boulware, Serena
Boulware, Thomas
Boulware, Thomas P.
Boulware, William
Boulware, William
Boulware, William P.
Boyd, Elizabeth
Boyd, Mary
Boytt, James H.
Bozelle, J.
Bradford, Frances B.
Bradford, Francis M.
Bradford, Henry
Bradford, Henry
Bradford, Saml. C.
Bradford, T. A.
Bradford, Thos. A.
Bradshaw, Amanda
Bradshaw, Eliphar
Bradshaw, James A.
Bradshaw, Martha J.
Bradshaw, Mary S.
Bradshaw, Ollif
Bradshaw, Quintine
Bradshaw, Sarah R.
Bradshaw, Tabitha Q.
Brannam, John
Breeden, Artwell S.
Breeden, John A.
Breeden, John J.
Breeden, Margaret
Breeden, Willie D. L.
Brevard, E. C.
Brice, Christopher
Brice, Ella
Brice, Margaret
Brill, Ellenor
Brill, Sarah E.
Brill, T. A.
Broad, Horace
Brooker, John G.
Brooker, Joseph C.
Brooker, Sidney
Brooker, Silas E.
Brown, Adaline
Brown, Angeline E.
Brown, Calvin
Brown, Eliza J.
Brown, George
Brown, John
Brown, John G.
Brown, Julia A.
Brown, Lucinda
Brown, M. W.
Brown, Mary J.
Brown, Matilda S.
Brown, S. C.
Brown, Sarah E.
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas M.
Brown, Tillman
Brown, Timothy
Brown, Timothy
Brown, William H.
Brown, Zachariah T.
Bruton, Ann
Bruton, Henry
Bruton, Julia
Bruton, Saml.
Bryant, Alexander
Bryant, Asberry
Bryant, Charity
Bryant, Charles W.
Bryant, Elizabeth
Bryant, Emily J.
Bryant, Frances M.
Bryant, George
Bryant, Isabella
Bryant, Jackson
Bryant, John
Bryant, John
Bryant, John W.
Bryant, Julia
Bryant, Martha A.
Bryant, Martha A. D.
Bryant, Mary
Bryant, Mary A.
Bryant, Miner S.
Bryant, Miriam
Bryant, Oliver
Bryant, Ozias
Bryant, Rissan
Bryant, Robert S.
Bryant, Sarah
Bryant, Selina E.
Bryant, Simeon
Bryant, Wade H.
Bryant, William
Buckhannan, Alice E. 
Buckhannan, James A.
Buckhannan, Jane E.
Buckhannan, John J.
Buckhannan, Nancy F.
Buckhannan, Wm.
Burke, A. W.
Burke, Elizabeth
Burke, Elizabeth
Burke, James
Burke, Martha
Burke, William
Burnett, Babe
Burnett, Eliza
Burnett, Eliza J.
Burnett, Frances L.
Burnett, George E.
Burnett, Isabella
Burnett, J. G.
Burnett, James
Burnett, James Jr.
Burnett, Jane
Burnett, John W.
Burnett, Lelah J.
Burnett, Levisa
Burnett, Mary A.
Burnett, Mary C.
Burnett, Mary E.
Burnett, Mercy P.
Burnett, Rebecca P.
Burnett, Ruth A.
Burnett, Saml. H.
Burnett, Saml. J.
Burnett, Saml. W.
Burnett, Toloola
Burnett, William D.
Busbee, Isabella
Busbee, Jeremiah
Busbee, Mary J. E.
Byse, Jonathon
Cale, Edmund
Cale, Edward
Cale, George
Cale, Green
Cale, Jacob
Cale, Lydia
Calhoun, Harriet H. J.
Calhoun, Saml. D.
Callwell, Eliza J.
Callwell, James D.
Callwell, Mary
Callwell, Robert
Camearon, John L.
Camearon, Margaret N.
Cameron, Catharine
Cameron, Joseph
Cameron, Mack
Cameron, Mary
Cameron, Roderick
Cameron, Saml.
Cameron, Samuel
Cameron, Sarah J.
Cameron, William W.
Campbell, Anna E.
Campbell, Eliza H.
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, James J. B.
Campbell, Louisa G.
Campbell, Mary N.
Campbell, Rafael
Campbell, Rafaila
Campbell, Robt.
Campbell, Robt.
Campbell, Sarah J.
Campbell, William S.
Campbell, Wm. T.
Cannon, Alexander
Cannon, Berrien
Cannon, Cary
Cannon, Cornelia
Cannon, Eliza
Cannon, Elizabeth
Cannon, Frances W.
Cannon, Ida
Cannon, James
Cannon, John
Cannon, John
Cannon, John
Cannon, John
Cannon, John A.
Cannon, Joseph G.
Cannon, Levina A.
Cannon, Lucy Ann
Cannon, Mary L.
Cannon, Samuel
Cannon, Sarah
Cannon, William
Carlton, Elizabeth J.
Carlton, George W.
Carlton, James A.
Carlton, Martha J.
Carlton, Mary A.
Carlton, Susannah
Carlton, Wm. T.
Carn, Cheavis
Carn, David
Carn, L. M.
Carn, Leonora
Carn, Mary A.
Carrol, Bridget
Carrol, John
Carter, Stephen
Caruth, Rev. T. A.
Carver, Andrew J.
Carver, Babe
Carver, Clarrisa
Carver, John
Carver, John B.
Carver, Mary A.
Carver, Nancy
Carver, Phebe
Carver, William H.
Cason, Andrew J.
Cason, Berrien
Cason, Calhoun
Cason, Cassey Ann
Cason, Cathy Ann
Cason, David
Cason, Elijah
Cason, Elizabeth
Cason, George W.
Cason, J. Green
Cason, James H.
Cason, James J.
Cason, James Sr.
Cason, John
Cason, John R.
Cason, Lucy
Cason, Malinda
Cason, Martha J.
Cason, Mary
Cason, Mary A. C.
Cason, Narcissa
Cason, Phebe
Cason, Ransom
Cason, Rebecca
Cason, Robert W.
Cason, Sarah
Cason, Sidney
Cason, Thomas B.
Cason, U. Jasper
Cason, William F.
Cassels, Alpha
Cassels, Emma J.
Cassels, Henry
Cassels, James H.
Cassels, Margaret E.
Cassels, Martha A.
Cassels, Martha C.
Cassels, Mary A.
Cassels, Sarah E.
Cassels, Sarah S.
Cassels, W. H.
Caston, A. M.
Caston, John W.
Caston, Mary S.
Caston, Milly
Caston, W. C.
Cate, Charles
Cate, Charles M. C.
Cate, Eliza M.
Cate, Farepte
Cate, Henry C.
Cate, Homer C.
Cate, Margaret V.
Cate, Mary F.
Cate, Olivia A. E.
Cate, Philip
Cate, Philip W.
Cate, Samuel
Cate, Sarah L. F.
Cate, Tamerlane
Cate, William
Cate, William W.
Cate, Wm. G.
Cathcart, James H.
Cathcart, Lany J.
Cathcart, Lovy Ann
Cauthen, Elizabeth V.
Cauthen, Geo. T.
Cauthen, George B.
Cauthen, Martha M.
Cauthen, Thomas M.
Cauthen, William F.
Cellon, Asa
Cellon, Cecelia
Cellon, Charles
Cellon, James
Cellon, Jesse L.
Cellon, John A.
Cellon, John A.
Cellon, Missamire
Cely, Elizabeth
Chamberlin, G. V.
Chamberlin, George S.
Chamberlin, John H.
Chamberlin, Mary A.
Chapell, Mary
Chapell, Wm. H.
Chase, M. J.
Chesnut, Alexina
Chesnut, Helen
Chesnut, T. W.
Chesser, Candacia
Chesser, Daniel
Chesser, George D.
Chesser, Henry
Chesser, Jehu
Chesser, Joseph
Chesser, Leroy
Chesser, Louisa
Chesser, Louisa
Chesser, Mary
Chesser, Matthew
Chesser, Matthew
Chesser, Sarah
Chesser, Sarah A.
Chesser, Sintha
Chesser, Sintha C.
Chesser, William
Cheves, Danl. M. S.
Cheves, Elizabeth R.
Cheves, John M.
Cheves, Mary
Cheves, Tirza
Cheves, William F.
Cheves, William L.
Christmas, Caleb
Christmas, Emily E.
Christmas, Jane
Christmas, Jer. J.
Clark, A. C.
Clark, Albert
Clark, Ann E.
Clark, Asa
Clark, James A.
Clark, Jane A.
Clark, John C. C.
Clark, John E.
Clark, Martha
Clark, Mary
Clark, Sarah
Clarke, Alexander
Clarke, Asa
Clarke, Atlanta
Clarke, Elisha H
Clarke, Gabriel S.
Clarke, Lula
Clarke, Mary
Clarke, Mary E.
Clarke, Mary J.
Clarke, Mary J.
Clarke, Saml.
Clarke, Susan C.
Clarke, W. D.
Clarke, William
Clarke, William H.
Clary, Arianna
Clary, Caroline
Clary, Jane
Clary, Louis J.
Clary, Mary E.
Clary, Saml.
Clements, G. W.
Clotfelter, G. R.
Clowney, John
Clowney, R. C.
Coborn, Henry C.
Coborn, Julia H.
Coborn, Polly A.
Coker, D. B.
Coker, Delia
Coker, John 
Coker, Mary C.
Colding, Amanda
Colding, F. F.
Colding, George W.
Colding, Henry H.
Colding, James B.
Colding, Jemima
Colding, Joseph B.
Colding, Saml. B.
Colding, Susan B.
Colding, Teresa
Colding, William H.
Coleman, Louisa
Coleman, Martha M.
Coleman, Mary A. E.
Coleman, Susan
Coleman, William
Coller, William R.
Colson, Abner M.
Colson, Alonzo E.
Colson, Barnard
Colson, Cornelius
Colson, Elizabeth
Colson, George W.
Colson, George W. B.
Colson, Hope H.
Colson, Isabella
Colson, J. D.
Colson, James
Colson, James B.
Colson, John G.
Colson, Jonah
Colson, Letitia
Colson, Levisa
Colson, Louisa
Colson, M. A.
Colson, Martha
Colson, Martha A.
Colson, Mary E.
Colson, Matilda
Colson, Matilda
Colson, Matilda J.
Colson, Maxy
Colson, Penelope
Colson, Philip
Colson, Rachael
Colson, Rebecca
Colson, Richard
Colson, Sarah
Colson, Sarah B.
Colson, Sarah J.
Colson, Simeon
Colson, Teresa
Colson, Thomas 
Colson, Thomas J.
Colson, Thomas W.
Colson, W. H.
Colson, William
Colson, William H.
Colson, Wm. B.
Colter, Alex.
Colter, Hester J.
Colter, Jane
Colter, John
Colter, Sarah M.
Con, Alex. M.
Con, Alexander
Con, Henry
Con, Martha
Conner, Alfred
Conner, James A.
Conner, Jane
Conner, Martha A.
Conner, William H.
Connor, Robert O.
Connor, Willis W.
Cook, A. W.
Cook, Margery J.
Cook, Martha J.
Cook, Nancy B.
Cook, Sarah J.
Cook, William J.
Cooley, John
Cooper, Eliza J.
Cooper, Georgia Ann
Cooper, J. A.
Cooper, Jas. L.
Cooper, T. B.
Cooper, Thomas L.
Corthren, Cecelia
Corthren, William
Cox, Agustus B.
Cox, Joseph Ann
Cox, Mary C.
Cox, Richard
Cox, Richard A.
Cox, Saml. P.
Craig, W. R.
Crews, David L.
Crews, James
Crews, James B.
Crews, Kiziah
Crews, Mary
Crews, William
Crosby, Angeline
Crosby, Berrien
Crosby, Eugenia
Crosby, Hannah
Crosby, Isham
Crosby, Jeff Davis
Crosby, John H.
Crosby, John O.
Crosby, Junah
Crosby, Lucretia
Crosby, Lydia
Crosby, Lydia Ann
Crosby, Martha
Crosby, Mary H.
Crosby, Rebecca J.
Crosby, Sarah M.
Crosby, Silas
Crosby, Wm. Cone
Crowder, Charles R.
Crowder, Henrietta
Crowder, J. G.
Crowder, Mary E.
Croxton, J. M.
Croxton, James
Croxton, Rebecca
Culpepper, David W.
Culpepper, Foster A. F.
Culpepper, George W.
Culpepper, M. C. A.
Culpepper, Preston M. L.
Curry, Euphenia
Curry, Frances
Curry, John L.
Curry, Martha A.
Curry, Nancy
Curry, Saml.
Curry, Susan
Dampier, Elizabeth
Dampier, Fanchita
Dampier, John
Dampier, Martha J.
Dampier, Stephen
Dampier, Susannah
Davis, Amy
Davis, Danl. J.
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth J.
Davis, Henry
Davis, James
Davis, John J.
Davis, Kate
Davis, Louisa
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Margaret L.
Davis, Moses
Davis, R. N. V.
Davis, Raiford
Davis, Richard C.
Davis, Robt. R.
Davis, Sintha
Davis, William M.
Davis, Wm. Henry
Dawson, Mary H.
Dawson, Roxy Ann
Dawson, William W.
Dearing, Anna N.
Dearing, Fanny L.
Dearing, Florilla
Dearing, Georgia V.
Dearing, Josephine E.
Dearing, Lem. A.
Deason, Azaline
Deason, Infant
Deason, John F.
Dekle, Thomas G.
Dell, Charles
Dell, Daniel F.
Dell, Eliza A.
Dell, James G.
Dell, Jim
Dell, Mary
Dell, Mary C.
Dell, Mary R.
Dell, Miner
Dell, Simeon
Dell, Wm. T.
Denton, Amy S.
Denton, Eliza
Denton, Elvina S.
Denton, Elvira
Denton, G. L.
Denton, G. L.
Denton, Henry C.
Denton, James J.
Denton, John B.
Denton, Rachael W.
Denton, Robert J.
Deshay, Eliza A.
Deshay, Eliza H.
Deshay, Franklin
Deshay, George M.
Deshay, Julia
Deshay, Matilda
Deshay, Oliver
Dickenson, Bridget
Dickenson, John C.
Dickenson, Matthew
Dickenson, Sarah
Dickenson, William D.
Dinkins, Barbara
Dinkins, C. L.
Dinkins, Daniel J.
Dinkins, M. J.
Dinkins, Nancy E.
Dinkins, Susan E.
Dinkins, William H.
Dogins, John
Doig, George
Douglas, James
Douglass, Clemintine
Douglass, James
Douglass, William 
Downing, Avah
Downing, Charles
Downing, Eliza M.
Downing, Elly J.
Downing, Henry
Downing, James
Downing, Jas.
Downing, Lydia
Downing, Mary E.
Downing, Rebecca
Downing, Rebecca
Downing, S. J.
Downing, Sarah
Downing, Sarah
Downing, Spencer
Downing, Susan
Downing, Thomas W.
Downing, William B.
Downing, Willie E.
Downing, Wm. H.
Doyg, James
Driggers, Alex
Driggers, Edmund S.
Driggers, Martha
Driggers, Noah H.
Dudley, Benjamin
Dudley, James V. R.
Dudley, Joannah
Dudley, Mary
Dudley, Nancy A.
Dudley, Philip P.
Dudley, Virginia
Duke, Charlotte M.
Duke, Nancy
Duke, Robert
Duke, Sarah
Durden, R.
Duren, Abram
Duren, Dorcas
Duren, Elizabeth
Duren, Franklin
Duren, J. W.
Duren, William
Dusken, Elizabeth
Dyall, Aldrich
Dyall, Berrien
Dyall, Daniel
Dyall, Elizabeth
Dyall, Ellijay
Dyall, George
Dyall, Harriett
Dyall, James M.
Dyall, John
Dyall, Lucinda
Dyall, Lucinda
Dyall, Thomas
Dyall, Thomas
Dye, Hiram F.
Dyess, Christopher
Dyess, Jane
Dyess, John M.
Dyess, Susannah
Earle, E.
Earle, Eliza T.
Earle, Mary H.
Earle, Mary L.
Earle, Robert M.
Earle, Susan B.
Edwards, Arthur
Edwards, Francis E.
Edwards, Julia A.
Edwards, Saml. D.
Edwards, Sarah E.
Edwards, William
Edwards, William T.
Elder, C. C.
Elder, Virginia
Ellis, Abner C.
Ellis, Balzoriann
Ellis, Elias M.
Ellis, Frances E.
Ellis, Henry
Ellis, J. H.
Ellis, J. Mabry
Ellis, James
Ellis, Levisa
Ellis, Lydia
Ellis, Margaret A.
Ellis, Martha J.
Ellis, Matilda J.
Ellis, Susan E.
Ellis, Wm. Henry
Emmerson, John A.
Enfinger, Wm.
Ennis, Andy
Ennis, Columbus
Ennis, James
Ennis, Leonora
Ennis, Matthew
Ennis, Nancy
Ennis, William
Enstein, Henrietta
Enstein, Isaac
Enstein, S.
Enstein, Samuel
Enstein, Sophia
Exley, James
Exley, Margaret
Exley, Margaret J.
Fagan, Edwd. K.
Fagan, Frances
Fagan, Jesse V.
Fagan, Margaret
Fagan, Maria J.
Fagan, Simeon S.
Fagan, Stephen
Fagan, Thomas J.
Fagan, Willie
Falvey, Daniel
Falvey, Dennis
Falvey, Jeremiah
Falvey, Johanna
Falvey, Mary
Falvey, Michael
Falvey, Thomas
Faming, E.
Farm Beckhams, Absent
Faulkner, Harriet W.
Faulkner, John G.
Feaster, J. M.
Feaster, Jacob N.
Feaster, Kizanna E.
Fennel, Catharine
Fennel, Georgia Ann
Fennel, Harriet
Fennel, James
Fennel, James
Fennel, John
Fennel, Louis W.
Fetner, John Z.
Finger, E. M.
Finger, Martha
Finger, Taloola
Fink, D. C.
Fitz, W. H.
Fleming, Dominick
Fleming, Elizabeth
Fleming, James D.
Fleming, John
Fleming, John
Fleming, John T.
Fleming, Leonard
Fleming, Margaret
Fleming, Martha L.
Fleming, Matilda J.
Fleming, Nancy
Fleming, Nancy
Fleming, Saml. T. H.
Fleming, Sarah W.
Fleming, Trussel
Fleming, William
Fletcher, General
Fletcher, Jane E.
Fletcher, John N.
Flinn, Delpha
Flinn, Dorcas
Flinn, Elizabeth
Flinn, James M.
Flinn, Kiziah
Flinn, William L.
Floyd, Calhoun
Floyd, Frances
Floyd, Isaiah
Floyd, Margaret
Floyd, Raiford
Floyd, Randolph
Floyd, Thomas
Floyd, William
Ford, Edward
Ford, Garrett
Ford, Kizia
Ford, Louis
Ford, Nancy
Ford, Rebecca
Fowler, Amanda
Fowler, Mary J.
Fowler, Theophilus
Fowler, Wm. H.
Frasier, Ann
Frasier, Margaret
Frasier, Martha
Frasier, Mary
Frasier, Sarah
Frasier, Thomas
Freeman, George
Freeman, Maria
Fretwell, Charles
Fretwell, Edwd.
Fretwell, Elizabeth T.
Fretwell, H. Ellen
Fretwell, Hiram
Fretwell, John
Freyer, F. L.
Freyer, Sarah E.
Friedenburg, A.
Friedenburg, C Frances
Friedenburg, Henry
Frier, A. A.
Frier, David A.
Frier, Sarah A.
Frier, Tabitha C.
Frymouth, Benjamin
Frymouth, Julia
Frymouth, Martha 
Frymouth, Mary
Frymouth, Moses
Frymouth, Sarah
Fuel, Henry
Fuel, Saml.
Fulwood, Mary A.
Furgerson, James
Furgerson, Robert
Furgerson, Sarah
Futch, Eli
Futch, Henry
Futch, John
Futch, Joshua
Futch, Maria
Futch, Martha C.
Futch, Susan
Futch, William
Gainey, Henry F.
Galpin, G. M.
Galpin, Hannah E.
Gammage, Jeremiah
Gammage, John F.
Gammage, Mary G.
Gammage, Mary J.
Gammage, Michael J.
Gammage, Nancy W.
Gammage, Oscar
Gammage, Washington L.
Gardiner, Emily C.
Gardiner, J. C.
Gardiner, Rebecca
Gardiner, Sarah
Garner, James
Garrett, Amanda
Garrett, Benjamin
Garrett, Drury B.
Garrett, Georgia Ann
Garrett, James J.
Garrett, Maria
Garrett, Milly
Garrett, Samuel
Garrison, Elizabeth A.
Garrison, J. P.
Garrison, Mary A. T.
Gaskins, Amanda
Gaskins, Saml. V.
Gavin, Charles
Gavin, Elizabeth
Gavin, Henry
Gavin, John
Gavin, John E.
Gavin, Mahala
Gavin, Rhoda
Gay, Berrien W.
Gay, Harriett
Gay, Martha A.
Gay, Missouri J.
Gay, Thomas E.
Gay, William G.
Geiger, Anna E.
Geiger, E. T.
Geiger, Esther M.
Geiger, Henry E.
Geiger, Julia A. E.
Geiger, Mary C.
Geiger, Obediah
Geiger, Sarah J.
Geiger, William H.
Gibbons, Delilah D.
Gibbons, Eliza A.
Gibbons, Henry C.
Gibbons, Mary
Gibbons, Ruth
Gibbons, Sarah A.
Gibson, Alexander
Gibson, Ardelia S.
Gibson, Elizabeth
Gibson, Hugh
Gibson, Jane F.
Gibson, Jarvis H.
Gibson, John
Gibson, Louisa
Gibson, Mary J.
Gieger, Allen
Gieger, Anson
Gieger, Charles
Gieger, David B.
Gieger, E J.
Gieger, Emily
Gieger, Frances
Gieger, Harriet
Gieger, I. D.
Gieger, John M.
Gieger, Lousianna
Gieger, Mary J.
Gieger, Noah
Gieger, Piercy
Gieger, Pliny
Gieger, Saml.
Gillet, Mary
Gillet, Robert G.
Gillett, Anderson
Gillett, Berrien
Gillett, David
Gillett, George
Gillett, George
Gillett, James
Gillett, John C.
Gillett, Mary
Gillett, Mary Ann
Gillett, Sarah
Gillett, Sarah
Ginnell, Edgwin S.
Ginnell, Jane
Gladdin, Benjamin
Gladdin, Harriet
Goff, E. Virginia
Goff, J. A.
Goff, J. W.
Goff, Margaret
Goff, Mary J.
Goff, Susan F.
Goff, William E.
Goodson, Adaline
Goodson, Balinda
Goodson, H.
Goodson, John Allen
Goodson, Mary Anna
Goodson, Meredith
Goodson, Sarah
Goodson, Sealy
Gradick, Dargenes W.
Gradick, Henry J.
Gradick, Mary W.
Grantham, John M.
Grantham, Louisa
Gray, A.
Gray, Allen
Gray, Archd. D.
Gray, Candacia
Griffin, Catharine
Griffin, Dillon
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, Harriet L.
Griffin, J.
Griffin, James
Griffin, Jane
Griffin, William
Griffis, Angeline
Griffis, Caroline
Griffis, Emeline
Griffis, Levina
Griffis, Louis
Griffis, Malintha
Griffis, Ritta Ann
Griffis, Saml.
Grimes, Evaline
Grimes, J.
Grimes, John
Grimes, Parelee
Grimes, Samuel
Grissett, George
Grissett, Mary
Grissom, Frances J.
Grissom, J. R. W.
Grissom, James W.
Grissom, Mary J.
Grissom, William F.
Guinn, James B.
Gutrie, Amelia
Gutrie, Cary J. C.
Gutrie, Jasper
Gutrie, Leonard
Gutrie, Nancy E.
Gutrie, Rebecca P.
Gutrie, Samuel
Gwinn, Binum G.
Gwinn, Edwd. A. R.
Gwinn, Jas.
Gwinn, Leonard J.
Gwinn, Milton M.
Gwinn, Sarah
Gwinn, Sarah J.
Gwinn, Sebastian S.
Gwinn, Shelva H.
Gwinn, William W.
Hagin, Amy
Hagin, M. D.
Hagin, Martha
Hagin, Martha
Hagin, Mary A.
Hagin, Peter T.
Hagins, Henry
Hagins, Mary A.
Hagler, William
Hagood, Alice
Hagood, Carry
Hagood, Florida
Hagood, Francis
Hagood, Gideon J.
Hagood, Infant
Hagood, James
Hagood, Martha
Hague, Amanda
Hague, Amanda M.
Hague, Arch.
Hague, Archilous
Hague, Benton
Hague, Elizabeth
Hague, Fanny
Hague, G. Kansas
Hague, James
Hague, James
Hague, John
Hague, John C.
Hague, John L.
Hague, Martha
Hague, Sarah
Hague, Sarah J.
Hague, Stephen
Hague, William
Haile, Amelia
Haile, Amelia E.
Haile, Benj.
Haile, Charles E.
Haile, E. W.
Haile, Edward
Haile, J. C.
Haile, James
Haile, John C.
Haile, Lawrence
Haile, Mary
Haile, Serena
Haile, Thomas
Haile, Thomas
Haile, William
Hall, Calvin
Hall, Cyrus
Hall, Daniel
Hall, Delam
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Ellender
Hall, Green
Hall, John
Hall, Lyman
Hall, Lyman
Hall, Madison
Hall, Malatha
Hall, Martha
Hall, William
Hamilton, Ann
Hamilton, Louisa J.
Hamilton, Mary
Hamilton, Wm. J.
Hammond, Francis J.
Hammond, James N.
Hammond, Mary E.
Hancock, James
Hancock, Littleton J.
Hancock, Martha
Hancock, Mary A. M.
Hancock, Miantha M.
Hancock, Minnie
Hancock, Thomas W.
Harden, Thomas
Harn, Rebecca
Harn, William
Harper, Joseph D.
Harper, Lindsey
Harper, Lindsey B.
Harper, Lucinda
Harper, William C.
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, Eurenia
Harris, George R.
Harris, Laura J.
Harris, Norah
Harris, Wm. W.
Hart, D. A.
Hart, D. C.
Hart, Danl. C.
Hart, M. E.
Hart, W. B.
Harvard, David G.
Harvard, Frances
Harvard, Frances
Harvard, Hardy
Harvard, Hardy B.
Harvard, L. A.
Harvard, Louis
Harvard, Olivia
Harvard, S. F.
Harvard, Wm. H.
Harvard, Zachary T.
Hastings, W. A.
Hathcock, Alachua
Hathcock, Columbus
Hathcock, J. B.
Hathcock, James
Hathcock, James E.
Hathcock, John W.
Hathcock, Joseph B.
Hathcock, Kershaw
Hathcock, Mary J. L.
Hathcock, Peter J.
Hathcock, Tabitha J.
Hathcock, William K.
Hawkins, Anna O.
Hawkins, Edmund
Hawkins, Fernandina
Hawkins, M. B.
Hawkins, Mary E.
Hawkins, Robert
Hawkins, Sarah J.
Hawthorn, Abrilla J.
Hawthorn, Arbella
Hawthorn, Elijah T.
Hawthorn, Florida
Hawthorn, George W.
Hawthorn, James M.
Hawthorn, Parasade
Hawthorn, Parasade
Hawthorn, Saml. L.
Hawthorn, William C.
Hawthorn, Wm. L.
Haynes, Greenberry
Haynes, Harriet E.
Haynes, Joseph O.
Haynes, Ovia M
Haynes, William B.
Heath, Amanda
Heath, Charlotte
Heath, John
Heath, Levina
Heath, M. W.
Heath, R. M.
Heath, S. O.
Hemmingway, Danl. A.
Hemmingway, Levina A.
Henderson, Levi
Hennis, Charles W.
Hennis, David J.
Hennis, Harriet
Hennis, Harriett J.
Hennis, Josephine
Hennis, Mary J.
Hennis, Susan
Henry, M.
Henson, Boloyd
Henson, Joseph
Henson, Margaret
Henson, Mary
Henson, Robt.
Henson, Sarah
Henson, Serena
Herrman, J.
Herron, James H.
Herron, Joseph N.
Herron, Rebecca A.
Herrow, J. W.
Hicks, Babe
Hicks, Eli
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Francis
Hicks, Hazelline
Hicks, Henry
Hicks, J. E.
Hicks, James
Hicks, Wyly
Hicks, Wyly
Hickson, Anna P.
Hickson, E. P.
Hickson, Minnie
Higganbotham, Aaron
Higganbotham, Mary
Higganbotham, Sarah E.
Higginbotham, Cary
Higginbotham, David
Higginbotham, David
Higginbotham, Elizabeth A.
Higginbotham, Elizabeth C.
Higginbotham, Emma
Higginbotham, Frances
Higginbotham, George W.
Higginbotham, Jackson
Higginbotham, Jas.
Higginbotham, Mary Ann
Higginbotham, Nancy
Higginbotham, William C.
Hill, Emily
Hill, Green
Hill, Sarah
Hill, William
Hilliard, Alex.
Hilliard, Caroline
Hilliard, Deller
Hilliard, Geo. W.
Hilliard, George
Hilliard, Mary
Hilliard, Mary Ann
Hilliard, Susan
Hilliard, Susan
Hilliard, William
Hilliard, William
Hilliard, William H.
Hilton, Elizabeth
Hilton, John M.
Hilton, Louisa
Hilton, Mary
Hilton, Nancy
Hilton, Saml. H.
Hilton, Samuel
Hines, Louisa
Hines, Robt. R.
Hinson, A. W.
Hinson, Charles R.
Hinson, Matthew
Hinson, Olive
Hinson, Olive J.
Hinson, Sarah N.
Hob*irk, James
Hob*irk, Virginia
Hodge, Alfred
Hodge, Angeline
Hodge, Bryant
Hodge, Charles
Hodge, Elisha
Hodge, Elizabeth
Hodge, James
Hodge, Jane
Hodge, Jenkins
Hodge, John
Hodge, Mary
Hodge, Nancy
Hodge, Peter
Hodge, Saml.
Hodge, Susan
Hodge, Thomas
Hodge, William
Hodge, William J.
Holbrook, Arminda
Holbrook, Christiana
Holbrook, Israel
Holbrook, Jacob
Holbrook, Martha
Holbrook, Martha
Holbrook, Pet
Holbrook, Ransom
Holbrook, William
Holden, Bridget
Holden, John
Holden, Mary
Holden, Mary Ann
Holden, Thomas
Holder, Cornelius
Holder, Elizabeth
Holder, Hannah
Holder, Hannah
Holder, Jos. B. Jr.
Holder, Mary R.
Holder, Mary R.
Holder, Thomas
Holder, Thomas
Holloman, Jane
Holloway, James Jr.
Holloway, James Sr.
Holloway, John G.
Holloway, Judith
Holloway, Martha J.
Holloway, Mary C.
Holloway, Orpela
Holloway, Susan
Holloway, William
Hood, Stephen R.
Hornsby, 55
Horsey, Barny
Horsey, Franklin
Horsey, James
Horsey, James W.
Horsey, John 
Horsey, Lodascai
Howard, Elizabeth J.
Howard, Hardy
Howard, Isabel
Howard, John
Howard, Mary
Howard, Nancy
Howard, Sarah
Howell, Joseph
Howell, Kinchin
Howell, Maria L.
Howell, Martha A.
Howell, Mary P.
Howell, Nancy J.
Howell, Sally
Howell, Thomas
Howell, Thomas C.
Howell, Winfield
Hueston, N.N.
Huggins, Amanda
Huggins, Ann B.
Huggins, Eliza A. M.
Huggins, Geo. S.
Huggins, James H.
Huggins, John J. J.
Huggins, Jos. H.
Huggins, Selina A.
Huggins, Wm. C.
Hull, Oliver P.
Hunt, Amanda
Hunt, Benton L.
Hunt, Comfort
Hunt, Delia A.
Hunt, Delilah C.
Hunt, Elias
Hunt, Elizabeth
Hunt, Mary C.
Hunt, Nathan F.
Hunt, Sarah M.
Hunt, Thomas M.
Hunt, William
Hunt, William
Hunt, William W.
Hunter, Ann
Hunter, Colome
Hunter, Easter Ann
Hunter, Francis
Hunter, J. M.
Hunter, M. Ann
Hunter, Mary A.
Hunter, Mary Ann
Hunter, Robt. B.
Hyte, Josh
Ingram, Alice
Ingram, I. A.
Ingram, John
Ingram, Lillieous
Ingram, Mary F.
Ingram, T.
Ingram, T. G.
Ingrem, Jane
Ivey, James
Jackson, A. J.
Jackson, Alethia S.
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, David
Jackson, Easter
Jackson, Emma
Jackson, Emma
Jackson, Henry S.
Jackson, Ida F.
Jackson, Isham
Jackson, John A.
Jackson, Martha D.
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Mary L.
Jackson, Sarah L.
Jackson, Thomas L. W.
Jackson, Willie
James, Lloyd
Jenkins, James K. P.
Jenkins, Nancy
Jenkins, Sarah J.
Jenkins, Thomas
John, Chs. S.
Johns, Ava
Johns, Delilah
Johns, George
Johns, Georgia Ann
Johns, Irvin
Johns, Jeremiah
Johns, Levi J
Johns, Louisa
Johns, Mary A.
Johns, Mary J.
Johns, Perry
Johns, Polly Ann
Johns, Susannah
Johnson, A. H.
Johnson, Alner C.
Johnson, Caroline
Johnson, Edwd S. G.
Johnson, Eliza A.
Johnson, Ella J.
Johnson, F. C.
Johnson, James C.
Johnson, James S.
Johnson, Jeremiah
Johnson, Julius H.
Johnson, Levi H.
Johnson, Louisa
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary E.
Johnson, Robt. E.
Johnson, Saml. R.
Johnson, Stewart
Johnson, Thomas A.
Johnson, W. W.
Johnson, Waterman
Johnson, William A.
Johnson, Wm. E.
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Mary C.
Johnston, R. E.
Johnston, Robert
Jolly, Absalom
Jolly, Charles F.
Jolly, Louisa
Jolly, Margaret E.
Jolly, Marshal E.
Jolly, Rhoda
Jolly, William J.
Jonas, Andrew
Jonas, Frances
Jonas, Mary
Jones, Ally
Jones, Ava
Jones, Catharine J.
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charles M.
Jones, Elizabeth A.
Jones, H. R.
Jones, Harley
Jones, J. David
Jones, J. N.
Jones, Jackson
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, James H.
Jones, John G.
Jones, Joseph J.
Jones, Kiziah
Jones, L. C.
Jones, Mary A. E.
Jones, Nathaniel
Jones, Nathaniel
Jones, O. S.
Jones, Oliver C.
Jones, Perline
Jones, Rice D.
Jones, Wiley
Jones, William C.
Jones, William H.
Jordon, E. H.
Jordon, Edmd. P.
Jordon, Emma L.
Jordon, Jane J.
Jordon, John L.
Jordon, Virginia L.
June, D. R.
June, William E.
Kelly, Danl.
Kelly, Kiziah
Kennard, Elizabeth A.
Kennard, Ideler
Kennard, J. O.
Kennard, S. Jefferson
Kennard, Saml. J.
Kennedy, Charlotte L.
Kennedy, Geo. W.
Kennedy, Harriet
Kennedy, Henry
Kennedy, Isabella C.
Kennedy, Jadee
Kennedy, Joanna
Kennedy, John A.
Kennedy, Leonora
Kennedy, Louis
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Nancy E.
Kennedy, Nancy J.
Kennedy, O. M.
Kennedy, Sarah
Kennedy, Sarah A.
Kennedy, Thomas S.
Kennedy, W. H.
Killingsworth, C. L.
Kincaid, James
Kincaid, Sarah
King, Charles
King, Edwd. L.
King, Edwd. L.
King, Eliza
King, George P.
King, Henry B.
King, James
King, James R.
King, John
King, John W.
King, John W. F.
King, Lorenzo B.
King, Martha J.
King, Martha M.
King, Mary E.
King, Nancy R.
King, Sarah W.
King, Solomon N.
King, William
Kirkland, Baby
Kirkland, Caroline
Kirkland, Frances
Kirkland, Hampton
Kirkland, Harriett
Kirkland, Jasper
Kirkland, Martha
Kirkland, Mitchel
Kirkland, Susannah
Kirkland, William
Kite, Ava Ann
Kite, Benj
Kite, Hester
Kite, Mary E
Kitler, Ellander V.
Kitler, George
Kitler, Isabel
Kitler, Jas. M.
Kitler, John
Kitler, John M. D.
Kitler, Martha
Kitler, Mary
Kitler, Mealthy
Kitler, Susannah
Knight, Christina
Knight, David L. Y.
Knight, George M.
Knight, James
Knight, James C.
Knight, Jeptha
Knight, John
Knight, Jonathan
Knight, Julia A. E.
Knight, Leml. L.
Knight, Margaret F.
Knight, Mary M.
Knight, Nancy
Knight, Sarah
Knight, Sintha
Knight, Thomas
Knight, Thomas J.
Knight, William J.
Knox, Edwin C.
Knox, Mary
Lancaster, Lucretia
Lancaster, Margaret
Lancaster, Maria
Lancaster, Martha
Lancaster, Martha
Lancaster, Mary
Lancaster, Oliver
Lancaster, William
Lancaster, William
Lane, A. Judson
Lane, Dorah T.
Lane, Laura O.
Lane, Martha J.
Lane, Robert
Lane, Saml. A.
Lavender, Betsy
Lavender, Lucy L.
Lavender, Nancy E.
Lavender, Sarah A.
Law, Charles R.
Law, Cornelia L.
Law, George C.
Law, James H.
Law, M. J.
Law, Mary
Law, Mary C.
Law, R. Y. H.
Leavitt, George
Lee, Anna
Lee, Cecelia
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, Evaline
Lee, James
Lee, John
Lee, Nancy
Lee, Susan
Lee, W. H.
Leitner, Benjamin F.
Leitner, Celia D.
Leitner, G. O.
Leitner, Howard B.
Leitner, Maria U.
Leitner, Pierce S.
Leitner, Wilber F.
Leonard, Alex. H.
Lewis, Amanda E.
Lewis, Andrew J.
Lewis, Anna
Lewis, Catharine E.
Lewis, Charlotte
Lewis, Deborah A.
Lewis, E. E.
Lewis, Edwd.
Lewis, Emily J.
Lewis, George
Lewis, Green
Lewis, J. W.
Lewis, Jack Ann
Lewis, James
Lewis, Joel G.
Lewis, John H.
Lewis, John H.
Lewis, John S.
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Marinda
Lewis, Martha A.
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary C.
Lewis, Nancy R.
Lewis, Sarah
Lewis, Thomas B.
Lewis, Thomas W.
Lewis, W. B.
Lewis, W. W.
Lewis, Warren F.
Lewis, Watson
Lewis, Wilber
Lewis, William B.
Lewis, William E.
Lewis, Wm. D.
Lewis, Wm. R.
Ley, Edward
Ley, John B.
Ley, John C.
Ley, Martha
Ley, Sarah
Lineburger, R. L.
Little, Charles
Little, Elizabeth
Little, J. W.
Little, John
Little, Joseph
Little, Miriam
Little, Sarah
Little, Vastie 
Livingston, Matilda
Lockhart, James
Locklear, John
Long, Alexander
Long, Amanda
Long, Elizabeth
Long, Emaline
Long, Enoch T.
Long, Levi
Long, Liberty
Long, Thomas J.
Lowman, Laura
Lowman, Lenora
Lowman, Mary C.
Lowman, Maxy
Lowman, S.
Lowman, Susan A.
Lowman, Susannah
Lowther, Mary M.
Lyde, Charles
Lyles, Ephraim N.
Lyles, John
Lyles, Mary
Lyles, Mary A.
Lyles, Sarah
Lynk, Christina
Lynk, Christina
Lynk, Harriett J.
Lynk, Jacob
Lynk, Josiah
Lynk, Nancy C.
Lynk, Priscilla
Lynk, Robert F.
Lynn, Caroline
Lynn, Daniel
Lynn, Daniel
Lynn, Doctor
Lynn, John
Lynn, Mary
Lynn, Minnie
Lynn, Susan
Madden, Patrick
Magee, Henry H.
Magee, James
Magee, James P.
Magee, Rebecca
Magee, Rosannah
Magee, Simpson
Magee, Sinai C.
Magee, Wm. M.
Malphers, Candacia
Malphers, Elizabeth
Malphers, Giles J.
Malphers, Infant
Malphers, Isham
Malphers, Isham U.
Malphers, James E.
Malphers, James P.
Malphers, Joel W.
Malphers, John H.
Malphers, John R.
Malphers, Jos. W.
Malphers, Joseph M.
Malphers, Joseph U.
Malphers, Martha J.
Malphers, Mary A. J.
Malphers, Matthew
Malphers, Moses
Malphers, Nancy
Malphers, Noah
Malphers, Sarah
Malphers, Sarah E.
Malphers, Sarah E.
Malphers, Sarah S.
Malphers, Sarah S.
Malphers, William
Malphers, William F.
Malphers, William T.
Malphers, William T.
Mann, Edwin B.
Marshal, Ellen
Marshal, Jennette
Marshal, Margaret
Marshal, Robert
Marshal, Robert
Martin, Cornelia A.
Martin, Frances M.
Martin, James S.
Massey, J. P.
Massey, T. D.
Mathers, A. H.
Mathers, James C.
Mathers, Mary A.
Matheson, Hugh
Mattheson, Alex.
Mattheson, Alexander
Mattheson, Carry R.
Mattheson, Harriett
Mattheson, John C.
Mattheson, Laura W.
Matthew, Amanda J.
Matthew, Amanda S.
Matthew, J. T.
Matthew, Mary M.
Matthew, Sarah C.
Matthias, J.
May, John J. 
May, Malchason
May, Martha A.
May, Nancy
May, Priscilla
May, Reuben
May, Susan E.
May, Thomas J.
May, William
May, William T.
McCaa, Amelia
McCaa, Julia
McCaa, Kate
McCaa, Mary
McCaa, Mary M.
McCaa, T. W.
McCall, Cornelia
McCall, Elizabeth
McCall, Ellen A.
McCall, Francis J.
McCall, Isabel F.
McCall, Jane
McCall, Julia
McCall, Martha
McCall, Priscilla
McCall, Robert
McCall, Stephen
McCall, Stephen
McCall, Willis
McCarroll, Joseph
McCarroll, Mary
McCarroll, Michael
McCarroll, Michael
McCarroll, Sarah
McCarroll, Sarah
McCarroll, Susan
McClendon, Mary
McClendon, William
McCormick, Bessie
McCormick, Mary S.
McCormick, Rosa
McCormick, Sophia
McCormick, W. J.
McCrady, David
McCrady, David
McCrady, James
McCrady, Jennet
McCrady, John
McCrady, Margaret
McCrady, Thomas
McCreight, Catharine J.
McCreight, J. A.
McCreight, Mary
McCreight, Mary R.
McCreight, Robt.
McCreight, Samuel
McCreight, Thomas
McCullum, Benjamin T.
McCullum, Jane
McCullum, Kiziah
McCullum, Lewis M.
McCullum, Susan C.
McDaniel, J. J.
McDaniel, Jane E.
McDaniel, Susan C.
McDonald, James H.
McDonald, Jane
McDonald, John
McDonald, L. V.
McDonald, Mary A.
McDonald, T. A.
McDonald, William H.
McDonell, A. O.
McDonell, Donald R. Ag. for 1 other
McHan, B. 
McHan, Mary
McHan, Mella
McHenry, Harriet E.
McHenry, T. P.
McIntosh, Anna R.
McIntosh, Edgar J.
McIntosh, J. F.
McIntosh, Martha E.
McIntosh, Sarah M.
McKain, Jno. T.
McKinney, Benj. F.
McKinney, Caleb
McKinney, Charles J.
McKinney, Dorcas C.
McKinney, Dorcas F.
McKinney, Eliza
McKinney, Elizabeth 
McKinney, Elizabeth B.
McKinney, Emaline
McKinney, Ezekiel
McKinney, Geo. W.
McKinney, George
McKinney, George W.
McKinney, George W.
McKinney, Henry C.
McKinney, James
McKinney, James J.
McKinney, James J.
McKinney, James M.
McKinney, John
McKinney, Joseph B.
McKinney, Josiah
McKinney, Kiziah
McKinney, Louisa
McKinney, Martha A.
McKinney, Rachael A.
McKinney, Serena
McKinney, Tabitha
McKinney, Thomas J.
McKinney, Thomas J.
McKinney, William H.
McKinney, Zach.
McKinstry, J. F. S.
McKinstry, John W.
McKinstry, M. E. R.
McKinstry, Margaret E.
McLin, Lalla
McLin, Mary
McLin, N. B.
McLin, S. B.
McLin, Samuel
McMillen, Jane L. B.
McMillen, John J.
McNeill, Jas. H.
McNunly, Bernard
McRory, Catherine
McRory, Catherine E.
McRory, Charles
McRory, J. A.
McRory, James
McRory, James A.
McRory, John
McRory, John M.
McRory, Lucretia
McRory, O. D.
McRory, Susan
Means, G. W.
Means, T. S.
Meeks, Charles
Meeks, Martha
Meeks, Robt. B.
Merry, Calvin N.
Merry, Elizabeth
Merry, Emma
Merry, Geo. W.
Merry, Grace H.
Merry, Horace
Merry, Lilly
Merry, Sophia
Merry, Sophia L.
Merry, Susannah
Micanopy, begins
Mickle, Charlotte C.
Mickle, Charlotte F.
Mickle, Joseph J.
Mickle, Wm. R.
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Charles F.
Miller, John M.
Miller, John T.
Miller, Martha
Miller, Martha L. B.
Miller, Mary J.
Miller, Robert P.
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sarah J.
Miller, Serena
Miller, Wm. P.
Mills, Benjamin
Mills, Charlotte
Mills, Franklin
Mills, James M.
Mills, Livinia A.
Mills, M. E.
Mills, Margaret
Mills, Sarah
Mills, William
Mixon, Elizabeth S.
Mixon, James J.
Mixon, Sarah E.
Moody, David A.
Moody, Joseph J.
Moody, Mary A.
Moore, A. J.
Moore, Archibald
Moore, Arelzemun
Moore, Babe
Moore, Benjamin
Moore, Charles
Moore, Columbus
Moore, Dicy Ann
Moore, Eliza
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth J.
Moore, Frances
Moore, Henrietta
Moore, Henry
Moore, Isabella
Moore, J. T.
Moore, Jackson
Moore, James
Moore, James
Moore, Jas. W.
Moore, John
Moore, Lafayette
Moore, Laura P.
Moore, Leonora
Moore, Martha
Moore, Martha
Moore, Martha A.
Moore, Mary C.
Moore, Millard L.
Moore, Orlyam
Moore, Permelia
Moore, Peter
Moore, Rebecca
Moore, Rebecca A. M.
Moore, Simeon
Morgan, Anna
Morgan, Florida A.
Morgan, Frances
Morgan, Levander
Moriarty, Jas. E.
Morrison, Daniel
Mott, Abm.
Mott, Adaline
Mott, Andrew M.
Mott, Ann
Mott, Catharine
Mott, Daniel 
Mott, Eliza
Mott, Frances
Mott, Helen
Mott, Jane
Mott, John J.
Mott, Joseph 
Mott, Mary Ann
Mott, Matthew S.
Mott, Robert B.
Mott, Sarah
Mott, Sarah
Mott, Sarah F.
Mott, Willaim W.
Mott, William
Myers, T. J.
N.N., H. Wurchburg & Co
N.N., in trust for 5 minors
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
N.N., N.N.
Napier, W. R.
Neal, Andrew J.
Newmans, Anna
Newmans, Charles
Newmans, Seaborn
Newmans, Susan
Newmans, Willis
Nobles, Amy
Nobles, J. Thos.
Not, Used
Not, Used
Odum, Ebenezer
Odum, Edward
Odum, Martha J.
Odum, Selina A.
Odum, Thomas
Oliver, Chapman
Orbit, Adaline
Orbit, Elizabeth
Orbit, George
Orbit, Herman
Orbit, Lewis
Ormand, Andrew
Ormand, Elizabeth
Ormand, Elizabeth J.
Ormand, Harriet A.
Ormand, John N.
Ormand, Martha
Ormand, Mary D.
Ormand, Monroe
Ormand, Nancy
Ormand, Robert F.
Osteen, Alfred
Osteen, Barth. D.
Osteen, Calsarah
Osteen, Calsarah
Osteen, Elias
Osteen, Elias A.
Osteen, George
Osteen, Harriet
Osteen, Henry
Osteen, Infant
Osteen, James A.
Osteen, Jane C.
Osteen, Jas.
Osteen, John
Osteen, John H.
Osteen, Joseph
Osteen, Laura O.
Osteen, Louis
Osteen, Mary
Osteen, Mary
Osteen, Sarah
Osteen, Tecer Ann
Osteen, William
Osteen, William J.
Osteen, William S.
Osteen, Winnefred R.
Osteen, Winnie
Overstreet, A. H.
Overstreet, Amanda M.
Overstreet, Henry
Overstreet, Jane E.
Overstreet, Mary
Padgett, William
Paisley, Elizabeth
Paisley, Stephen S.
Paisley, William R.
Palmer, James M.
Papy, Michael E.
Parchman, Euphenia
Parchman, J. M.
Parchman, James I.
Pardee, Francis
Pardee, Henry
Pardee, Laurette
Pardee, Levi
Pardee, Martha
Pardee, Mary
Pardee, Medora
Pardee, Minnie
Parish, Ann
Parish, Elizabeth
Parish, Frances
Parish, Georgia A.
Parish, Harriet
Parish, Henry
Parish, John
Parish, John S.
Parish, Martha
Parish, Mary A.
Parish, Stephen
Parish, Susan
Parish, William H.
Parker, Berry
Parker, Charles
Parker, Edmund C.
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Florida
Parker, Hannah
Parker, Henry C.
Parker, Jane B.
Parker, John
Parker, Mary
Parker, R. H.
Parker, R. W.
Parker, Sarah C.
Parker, William W.
Parrish, Caroline
Parrish, Ezekiel
Parrish, George M. A.
Parrish, Irene
Parrish, John A.
Parrish, Maria A.
Parrish, Mary L.
Parrish, William M.
Paschall, Eaton O.
Paschall, Edwin A.
Paschall, Edwin P.
Paschall, James H.
Paschall, Mary E.
Paschall, William
Paulding, Falcon F.
Paulding, Martha
Payne, Ida
Payne, Rosa
Payne, Virginia M.
Peacock, Elizabeth
Peacock, Franklin
Peacock, James J.
Peacock, John
Peacock, John A.
Peacock, John W.
Peacock, John W.
Peacock, Julia
Peacock, Sarah J.
Peacock, Smithy Ann
Peacock, Susannah
Peacock, Willis
Pelot, A. William
Pelot, Alice J.
Pelot, Charles E.
Pelot, Christina R.
Pelot, George G.
Pelot, Jam A.
Pelot, John C. Sr.
Pelot, John G. Jr.
Pelot, Julia T.
Pelot, Mary E.
Pelot, Sarah A.
Pelot, Walter P.
Pendarvis, Allen
Pendarvis, Charity S.
Pendarvis, Daniel B.
Pendarvis, Erastus
Pendarvis, J. B.
Pendarvis, James
Pendarvis, James
Pendarvis, James H.
Pendarvis, L. Susannah
Pendarvis, Malissa
Pendarvis, Nancy
Pendarvis, Pallatiah
Pendarvis, Zibby
Perry, A. H.
Perry, Amanda E.
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Ellender
Perry, Francis C.
Perry, George
Perry, J. T. Copeland
Perry, Jacob
Perry, James W.
Perry, John L.
Perry, Keeth B.
Perry, Laura
Perry, Lucas E.
Perry, Lucy
Perry, Lucy H.
Perry, Lueallen
Perry, M. S.
Perry, M. Starke Jr.
Perry, Martha
Perry, Mary
Perry, Mary J.
Perry, Mary S.
Perry, Mary S.
Perry, Nancy J.
Perry, Olivia
Perry, Peter B.
Perry, Rich M.
Perry, Richard
Perry, Robert J.
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Sidney
Perry, Susannah
Perry, Thos. J.
Perry, William
Perry, William
Perry, William H.
Perry, William S.
Petit, James
Petty, Cecelia L.
Petty, Henry W.
Petty, Jane
Petty, Mary M.
Pettyfrew, Arch. G.
Pettyfrew, Margaret
Phifer, Cora A.
Phifer, David M.
Phifer, Elizabeth A.
Phifer, Hannah E.
Phifer, Harriett C.
Phifer, John W.
Phifer, McCollum
Phifer, Millard
Phifer, Samuel U.
Phifer, William
Phillips, Benj.
Phillips, Caroline
Phillips, Charlotte
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, George
Phillips, Henrietta
Phillips, Henry A.
Phillips, James
Phillips, James T.
Phillips, John
Phillips, John
Phillips, John
Phillips, John
Phillips, Lo
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Susannah
Phillips, William
Phillips, William
Pickett, Columbia
Pickett, Henry A.
Pickett, John W.
Pickett, Martha A.
Pickett, Mary A.
Pickett, Molsy A.
Pickett, Sarah E.
Pickett, W. W.
Pickett, William H.
Pierce, B.
Pierce, Edwin
Pierce, Leroy
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, Sarah
Pigott, W. J.
Piles, Anna L.
Piles, Clifford
Piles, Julia
Piles, S. R.
Piles, Thomas
Pison, Emaline
Pison, George
Pison, Georgia Ann
Pison, James
Pison, Jane E.
Pison, Joel
Pison, John
Pison, Josephine
Pison, Mary
Pison, William S.
Pitts, Ann
Pitts, James M.
Pitts, Joshua
Polk, Aaron
Polk, Daniel
Polk, Daniel
Polk, Delilah
Polk, F. Redden
Polk, Francis W.
Polk, Henry
Polk, Jane J.
Polk, John J.
Polk, Margaret A.
Polk, Margaret A.
Polk, Mary E.
Polk, Nancy C.
Polk, Saml.
Polk, Samuel W.
Polk, Sarah
Polk, Sarah C.
Polk, Stephen
Polk, Susan A.
Polk, Verdirce
Pool, Lezany
Pooser, A.
Pooser, Adkinson
Pooser, Anna
Pooser, E. R.
Pooser, Edward L.
Pooser, Elizabeth W.
Pooser, Emmerson W.
Pooser, F. D.
Pooser, Harriet
Pooser, Henry W.
Pooser, Mary
Pooser, Sarah
Pope, Alston B.
Pope, Georgia A.
Pope, Sarah R.
Pope, William
Powell, B. W.
Powell, Emma M.
Powell, Mary E.
Powers, Anna
Powers, Daniel J.
Powers, Eudorah
Powers, John
Powers, Julia A.
Powers, Washington
Prescott, Ella
Prescott, Henry
Prescott, J. H.
Prescott, James
Prescott, Jane
Prescott, L. T.
Prevatt, Emry D.
Prevatt, Huldah
Prevatt, James H.
Prevatt, John D.
Prevatt, Joseph R.
Prevatt, Peter P.
Prevatt, Valentine
Prevatt, Valentine R.
Prevatt, William L.
Price, D. W.
Price, Martha
Purcell, James
Purvis, Dicy
Purvis, Mary J.
Purvis, William
Pyles, L. G.

Pyles, Saml. R.
Rain, Charles F.
Rain, Cornelius
Rain, Cornelius
Rain, Eliza
Rain, Infant
Rain, Jackson
Rain, Margaret
Rain, Martha B.
Raines, Edmd.
Raines, Levina
Ramsey, C. A.
Ramsey, Drucilla C.
Ramsey, E.
Ramsey, Ellen
Ramsey, Frances
Ramsey, Geo. W.
Ramsey, H. C.
Ramsey, Julia A.
Ramsey, Lititia
Ramsey, Moses
Ramsey, Nancy
Ramsey, R. A.
Ramsey, Sarah C.
Randall, Elizabeth J.
Randall, James
Randall, Luther
Randall, Melinda
Randall, Nancy Ann
Randall, Phebe
Randall, Susan K.
Randall, William
Rassenburg, H.
Raulerson, Hardy
Rawls, George W.
Rawls, Jas. W.
Rawls, Margaret
Reddish, George
Reddish, Harriet E.
Reddish, Jackson
Reddish, Jane
Reddish, Mary Jane
Reeder, Elizabeth S.
Reeder, Jacob M.
Reeder, Jerrod
Reeder, Marshal W.
Reid, Lauriana
Reid, Martha
Reid, Mary E.
Reid, Medicus
Reid, Robert
Reid, Robt.
Reinhardt, D. M.
Renfroe, Mary
Renfroe, N. G.
Rhodes, L. B.
Richard, Jeneveve
Richard, Mary
Richard, Melinda
Richard, Oseola
Richard, Victoria
Richard, William
Richardson, Caroline
Richardson, Charlotte
Richardson, Florence
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, James
Richardson, James P.
Richardson, John G.
Richardson, Josephine
Richardson, Nancy
Richardson, Pierce
Richardson, Samuel
Richardson, Thomas A.
Richardson, W. S.
Richardson, William
Richardson, Willie
Richardson, Woodward
Richbourg, C. W.
Richmond, Wm.
Richwood, G. C.
Riddle, Andrew J.
Ridgill, Frances
Ridgill, John F.
Ridgill, Robt. D.
Ridgill, Sarah A.
Riesir, Adaline
Riesir, Bertha
Riesir, Henrietta
Riesir, Henry
Riesir, Jacob
Riggs, Charles H.
Riggs, George S.
Riggs, John W.
Riggs, Martha W.
Riggs, Nellia A.
Rivers, Anna
Rivers, Cornelius
Rivers, Emma
Rivers, Francis
Rivers, Huldah
Rivers, John P.
Rivers, Judson
Rivers, Junius
Rivers, Mary J.
Rives, Agnes
Rives, B. T.
Rives, Edward
Rives, Elizabeth M.
Rives, Sarah
Robb, Andrew
Robb, Bryson
Robb, Martha
Robbins, J. J.
Robbins, Sintha R.
Robinson, Asberry
Robinson, Columbus W.
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth J.
Robinson, Harriet
Robinson, Henrietta M.
Robinson, Henry B.
Robinson, Henry W.
Robinson, Jacob
Robinson, Jacob A.
Robinson, James H.
Robinson, James R.
Robinson, John
Robinson, John J.
Robinson, John N.
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Louis M.
Robinson, Martha S.
Robinson, Mary A.
Robinson, Mary J.
Robinson, Rebecca
Robinson, Rosina
Robinson, Saml.
Robinson, Saml. D.
Robinson, Sintha
Robinson, Susan
Robinson, William
Robinson, William B.
Robinson, Wm. Henry
Robuck, John R.
Roe, Joshua L.
Roe, Mary A.
Roe, William
Rogers, Andrew J.
Rogers, John
Rogers, L. N.
Rogers, Laura F.
Rogers, Margaret A.
Rogers, Martha
Rogers, Penelope
Rogers, Thomas
Roland, Mary
Rollins, Amelia Ann
Rollins, Epsa E.
Rollins, Hester
Rollins, Jane
Rollins, John
Rollins, John M.
Rollins, Mary
Rollins, Mary J.
Rollins, Peter
Rollins, Robert W.
Rollins, Robt.
Rollins, Susan
Rollins, William
Roper, J. H.
Roundtree, Columbus
Roundtree, Cornelia
Roundtree, Emily
Roundtree, Hampton
Roundtree, Isaac
Roundtree, Martha
Roundtree, Victoria
Roux, Louis
Roux, Mary
Roux, T. S.
Row, Henry T.
Row, Michael H.
Row, Susan R.
Rowe, Alonzo
Rowell, C. C.
Rucker, Anna F.
Rucker, Henry T.
Rucker, James
Rucker, S. Madison
Rucker, Sophia
Rucker, William B.
Sanchez, Alex. B.
Sanchez, Alexander
Sanchez, Ardelia
Sanchez, California
Sanchez, Caroline
Sanchez, Elizabeth J.
Sanchez, Fernando
Sanchez, Francis R.
Sanchez, Gabriel
Sanchez, Gad
Sanchez, George
Sanchez, George W.
Sanchez, George W.
Sanchez, Harriet A.
Sanchez, Henry C.
Sanchez, Jane E.
Sanchez, John B.
Sanchez, John Y.
Sanchez, Louisa
Sanchez, Mary D.
Sanchez, Mary J.
Sanchez, R. M.
Sanchez, S. J.
Sapp, Anna
Sapp, Elias
Sapp, Elizabeth
Sapp, Henry
Sapp, Rowan
Sapp, Russel
Sapp, Shadrick
Sapp, Shadrick
Sapp, Sidna
Sapp, Zylpa
Sasser, Josiah
Sasser, Phebe
Saunders, Elizabeth
Saunders, James D.
Saunders, John
Saunders, Ledick M.
Saunders, M.
Saunders, Margaret
Saunders, Matthew
Saunders, Oliver (Olivia)
Saunders, William H.
Scarborough, L. M.
Scott, Amelia
Scott, Baby
Scott, Danl.
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Emma
Scott, George L.
Scott, J. A.
Scott, James
Scott, Jane M.
Scott, John S.
Scott, M. J. R.
Scott, Margaret J.
Scott, Mary E.
Scott, Mary E. C.
Scott, Maxey G.
Scott, W. W.
Scott, Wm. P.
Sears, Eliza
Sears, Marion
Sears, Mary
Sears, Mary A.
Seats, J. I.
Sellard, Mary
Shannon, Ann
Shannon, F. A.
Shannon, Sarah E.
Sharpe, George A.
Sharpe, George M. G.
Sharpe, John
Sharpe, Mary A.
Sharpe, Melinda F.
Shaylor, Eugenia
Shaylor, S. T.
Shearhouse, Angeline L.
Shearhouse, Depha Ann
Shearhouse, Elizabeth A.
Shearhouse, Elizabeth F.
Shearhouse, Enoch H.
Shearhouse, Hannah B.
Shearhouse, Henry A.
Shearhouse, Israel
Shearhouse, James E.
Shearhouse, Jane
Shearhouse, Jeremiah D.
Shearhouse, John W.
Shearhouse, Josephine
Shearhouse, Josephine A.
Shearhouse, Louis
Shearhouse, Margaret
Shearhouse, Martha J.
Shearhouse, Moses E.
Shelton, Alvinus W.
Shelton, B. H.
Shelton, Cotency B
Shelton, Mary L. C.
Shelton, Melvina B.
Shelton, Sarah A. R.
Shelton, Victoria A.
Shepard, Alice Jane
Shepard, Bazil S.
Shepard, Caroline
Shepard, George F.
Shepard, Georgia Ann
Shepard, Perrylee
Shepherd, Rachael
Shirley, Anna
Shirley, Edna R.
Shirley, Jane
Shirley, Jonathan
Shirley, Thomas
Shuford, George
Shuford, William
Sikes, Eliza
Sikes, Elizabeth
Sikes, J. H.
Sikes, Louisa
Sikes, Sarah
Sikes , Wallace
Sikes, William
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Thomas
Singleterry, Elmizada
Singleterry, Isabella T.
Singleterry, Nathan
Skipper, Danl. C.
Skipper, Delia
Skipper, Eliza J.
Skipper, Elizabeth
Skipper, Laura F.
Skipper, Martha A.
Skipper, Thomas
Skipper, William
Slade, Alfred
Slade, Emma
Slade, Kiziah
Slade, Nancy
Slade, Sarah
Slade, Willaim A.
Slager, Julius
Slaughter, Adella C.
Slaughter, Chs. L.
Slaughter, Elizabeth C.
Slaughter, John H.
Slaughter, John M.
Slaughter, Mary
Slaughter, Mary A.
Slaughter, Mary J.
Slaughter, Moses
Slaughter, Moses H.
Slaughter, Nancy
Slaughter, Nancy J.
Slaughter, Rachael E.
Slaughter, Roxy Ann
Slaughter, Saml. B.
Slaughter, Saml. J.
Slaughter, Sarah A.
Slaughter, Sarah J.
Smith, Amanda
Smith, Augustus R.
Smith, Drucilla
Smith, Elias
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, G. W.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry F.
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Jacob W.
Smith, James A.
Smith, Jas. W. W.
Smith, Job
Smith, Joel
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John D.
Smith, Joseph S.
Smith, Julia A.
Smith, Lois 
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Lucinda
Smith, Lucy E.
Smith, Lydia A.
Smith, Marcilla N
Smith, Maria
Smith, Martha
Smith, Martha J.
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary A.
Smith, Maximillia
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Nathan
Smith, Owen
Smith, Patience E.
Smith, Patrick
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Susan
Smith, Sylpha A.
Smith, T. W.
Smith, Theney B.
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Watson
Smith, Wilber
Smith, Willey
Smoke, L. D.
Smoke, Mary J.
Snowden, Abner
Snowden, Anna D.
Snowden, Cecelia
Snowden, Charity A.
Snowden, Edwd
Snowden, Frances
Snowden, Georgia Ann
Snowden, Henry
Snowden, James
Snowden, James M.
Snowden, Lucy Ann
Snowden, Mary M.
Snowden, Sinai
Snowden, Susan
Soubray, Maria
Sparkman, A. J.
Sparkman, A. Puckson
Sparkman, Agatha C. C.
Sparkman, Carey
Sparkman, Carey E.
Sparkman, D. G.
Sparkman, Edw.
Sparkman, Frances
Sparkman, Francis M.
Sparkman, Franklin J. C.
Sparkman, George W.
Sparkman, Hannah J.
Sparkman, Hannah M.
Sparkman, Harriet
Sparkman, Harriet
Sparkman, Henry
Sparkman, Henry C.
Sparkman, Hester
Sparkman, Hetty P. A.
Sparkman, Hetty P. A.
Sparkman, Isaac
Sparkman, James J.
Sparkman, James L.
Sparkman, James M.
Sparkman, Jesse G.
Sparkman, Jno. Madison
Sparkman, John
Sparkman, John L.
Sparkman, Kiziah
Sparkman, Kiziah
Sparkman, Leatha
Sparkman, Leonard R.
Sparkman, Lewis
Sparkman, Lydia
Sparkman, Mary A.
Sparkman, Mary Ann
Sparkman, Mary C.
Sparkman, Mary E.
Sparkman, Nathaniel N.
Sparkman, Peter
Sparkman, Peter W. W.
Sparkman, Phebe
Sparkman, Sarah E.
Sparkman, Sarah J.
Sparkman, Sinai
Sparkman, Sinia J. S.
Sparkman, Stephen
Sparkman, Stephen
Sparkman, Susan
Sparkman, Susan J.
Sparkman, Susannah F.
Sparkman, Wade H.
Sparkman, Wade M.
Sparkman, William A.
Sparkman, William L.
Sparkman, William P.
Spires, Henrietta
Spires, Louisa
Spires, Richard
Spires, Richard
Spires, Susan
Spires, William W.
Stafford, Ezekiel
Stafford, Francis
Stafford, Julia
Stafford, Mary
Stanley, Eliza L.
Stanley, Florida A.
Stanley, James W.
Stanley, Laura L.
Stanley, Penelope L.
Start, County
Stevens, Charles
Stevens, Coody
Stevens, Frances E.
Stevens, Gadsden
Stevens, Henry M.
Stevens, James
Stevens, James E.
Stevens, James H.
Stevens, Jesse W.
Stevens, John K.
Stevens, Lilah
Stevens, Louisa
Stevens, Mary E.
Stevens, Mary L.
Stevens, Penny
Stevens, Polly Ann
Stevens, Sophia
Stevens, William
Stevens, Wm. E.
Stevenson, Banks L.
Stevenson, Elizabeth
Stevenson, Elizabeth A.
Stevenson, Ianza O.
Stevenson, Martha E.
Stevenson, Mildred
Stevenson, Saml.
Stevenson, Semina C.
Stewart, Abigal L.
Stewart, J. N.
Stewart, James M.
Stewart, James M.
Stewart, James M.
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Mary E.
Stewart, Nancy A.
Stewart, Thomas
Stewman, Dudless
Stewman, Eliza B.
Stewman, Emily
Stewman, Emily J.
Stewman, William S.
Stintson, Wm.
Stokes, Alexander
Stokes, Benjamin
Stokes, Burrel T.
Stokes, Celia
Stokes, Crompton
Stokes, Daniel
Stokes, Edward
Stokes, Elias
Stokes, Ellen
Stokes, Ellen
Stokes, Emeline
Stokes, Emma L.
Stokes, George
Stokes, Henry
Stokes, J. H.
Stokes, Joseph
Stokes, Joseph
Stokes, Julia
Stokes, Lawrence J.
Stokes, Levisa
Stokes, Mary
Stokes, Mary H.
Stokes, Thomas J.
Stoughton, Evalina
Stoughton, Frederick
Stoughton, Idella
Stoughton, R. S.
Strickland, Absalom J.
Strickland, Ann
Strickland, Ava S.
Strickland, Eli M.
Strickland, Elizabeth
Strickland, Henrietta K.
Strickland, J. Susannah
Strickland, Jasper N.
Strickland, John
Strickland, Louisa C.
Strickland, Martha E.
Strickland, Ruben
Strickland, Rubin
Strickland, Sarah C.
Strickland, unreadable
Strickland, William
Strickland, William A.
Stroble, Albert
Stroble, Angeline
Stroble, Arabel
Stroble, Danl. V.
Stroble, David
Stroble, Ellen
Stroble, Florida E.
Stroble, George W.
Stroble, Isadora
Stroble, J. G.
Stroble, Susan C.
Stroble, Washington E.
Stroble, William
Strock, John
Stuckey, Hardy
Suggs, Ezi Rice
Suggs, J. T.
Suggs, Miantha
Suggs, Sarah J.
Suggs, William
Sullivant, Absalom
Sullivant, Allen
Sullivant, Amanda
Sullivant, Andrew
Sullivant, Asbel
Sullivant, Caswell
Sullivant, David
Sullivant, Elisha
Sullivant, Elizabeth
Sullivant, Elizabeth
Sullivant, Ellen
Sullivant, Francis
Sullivant, George J.
Sullivant, Jackson
Sullivant, John
Sullivant, Leathy Ann
Sullivant, Louis B.
Sullivant, Marintha
Sullivant, Mary
Sullivant, Mary Ann
Sullivant, Nancy
Sullivant, Sarah
Sullivant, Sarah
Swanson, Caroline E.
Swanson, Caroline M.
Swanson, Francis M.
Swanson, J. J.
Swanson, James E.
Swanson, Mary L.
Swanson, Phredonia J.
Swanson, Virginia L.
Swift, Joseph J.
Swift, Simeon
Swift, Thomas B.
Swindle, Louis
Swinney, Anna
Swinney, Hannah E.
Swinney, Henry
Sykes, Alfred
Sykes, Ellen
Sykes, Henry C.
Sykes, Joshua
Sykes, Josiah
Sykes, Martha
Tatum, Jno.
Tatum, Robt.
Temple, Anna
Temple, Bobo
Temple, Georgia
Temple, Josephine
Temple, Lydia Ann
Temple, Mary
Temple, Saml.
Temple, Sarah J.
Temple, Simon J.
Temple, Virginia
Temple, Wm. C.
Terrell, Amanda
Terrell, Babe
Terrell, Eliza
Terrell, James
Terrell, James
Terrell, Jasper
Terrell, John
Terrell, Lydia
Terrell, Nancy
Terrell, Reason
Terrell, Telitha
Tetrower, Albert T.
Tetrower, Daniel M.
Tetrower, Eliza
Tetrower, Georgia A.
Tetrower, John R.
Tetrower, John R.
Tetrower, Josephine
Tetrower, Louisianna E.
Tetrower, Margaret L.
Tetrower, Ozias S.
Tetrower, William T.
Thigpen, Arnold
Thigpen, Caleb
Thigpen, Eliza
Thigpen, Elizabeth
Thigpen, Frances
Thigpen, Hester
Thigpen, John 
Thigpen, Oscar
Thigpen, Washington
Thigpen, Yale
Thomas, America
Thomas, Asberry
Thomas, Ava
Thomas, Ballard
Thomas, Betsy
Thomas, Bulloch
Thomas, Calvin W.
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Cornelius
Thomas, Daniel F.
Thomas, Danl. R.
Thomas, Eliza
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Fabian
Thomas, Frances
Thomas, Franklin
Thomas, G. P.
Thomas, Harborn S.
Thomas, Hardy M.
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Hetty
Thomas, Infant
Thomas, Isham
Thomas, Isham B.
Thomas, Ivey
Thomas, James E.
Thomas, James T.
Thomas, James T.
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Kiles
Thomas, Lucinda
Thomas, Lucinda
Thomas, Madison
Thomas, Mary A.
Thomas, Mary E.
Thomas, Meredith
Thomas, Murray
Thomas, Nancy
Thomas, Nancy
Thomas, O. B.
Thomas, Rhoda
Thomas, Rolin
Thomas, Rolin
Thomas, Saml. D.
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Sarah C.
Thomas, Thomas F.
Thomas, William
Thomas, William F.
Thompson, Caroline
Thompson, Isaac L.
Thompson, John E.
Thompson, John J.
Thompson, Lucy O.
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Mary F.
Thompson, Missouri
Thompson, Pussy
Thompson, Stephen M.
Thompson, Susan E.
Thompson, T. G. P.
Thompson, William
Thompson, William N.
Thompson, William N.
Thrilling, Solomon
Tidwell, Charles
Tidwell, David
Tidwell, John
Tidwell, Louisa
Tidwell, Perlina
Tillis, Anna
Tillis, Betsy B.
Tillis, Bud
Tillis, Charles Mc.
Tillis, Elizabeth D.
Tillis, Ellen
Tillis, Emily S.
Tillis, Ferriby
Tillis, H. Reed
Tillis, Hamilton
Tillis, James
Tillis, Kiziah S.
Tillis, Levi W.
Tillis, Mary A.
Tillis, Mary R.
Tillis, Milly Jane
Tillis, Peter B.
Tillis, Prudence
Tillis, Sampson
Tillis, Sarah A. E.
Tillis, Susan H.
Tillis, Tapley
Tillis, Temple
Tillis, Thomas
Tillis, Thomas
Tillis, Thomas A.
Tillis, Thomas H.
Tillis, Union
Tillis, Washington
Tillis, Wayne
Tillis, Wiley
Tillman, Alice R.
Tillman, Caroline
Tillman, Daniel
Tillman, Danl. N.
Tillman, Eliza
Tillman, Emily J.
Tillman, John
Tillman, Mary
Tillman, Mary C.
Tillman, Robert E.
Tillman, Wm. D.
Tindale, Elizabeth
Tindale, Elizabeth J.
Tindale, Frances A.
Tindale, Hill S.
Tindale, John
Tindale, Matthew
Tindale, Nancy A.
Tindale, Saml. B.
Tindale, Sarah
Tindale, Wiley
Tindale, Wiley
Tindale, Wm. A.
Tompkins, Ann
Tompkins, David L.
Tompkins, Isabella
Tompkins, James
Tompkins, James A.
Tompkins, John W.
Tompkins, Joseph R.
Tompkins, Julia E.
Tompkins, Sarah F.
Tompkins, Wilson P.
Townsend, Asa B.
Townsend, Benj. I.
Townsend, Benjamin
Townsend, Charles
Townsend, Christopher
Townsend, Frances C.
Townsend, James M.
Townsend, Jane
Townsend, Jane
Townsend, Joel N.
Townsend, John F.
Townsend, John H.
Townsend, John L.
Townsend, Joseph
Townsend, Julia E.
Townsend, Light
Townsend, Louisa
Townsend, Louisa J.
Townsend, Lucretia C.
Townsend, Malinda E.
Townsend, Mary Ann
Townsend, Mary Ann
Townsend, Noah
Townsend, Patrick
Townsend, Sarah
Townsend, William W.
Tresper, Julia E.
Tresper, Maria A.
Tresper, Mary C.
Tresper, Matilda C.
Tresper, Valeria
Tresper, W. C.
Trum, Sarah
Tucker, Saml.
Tucker, William
Tullis, Amelia
Tullis, Joseph
Turgersson, Alice
Turgersson, Joseph
Turgersson, Susan
Turner, Aimy B.
Turner, Caroline
Turner, Charles
Turner, Charlotte C.
Turner, Dorah
Turner, Edward
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Francis D.
Turner, George
Turner, Henry
Turner, Idella
Turner, J. J.
Turner, J. W.
Turner, J. William
Turner, James
Turner, James
Turner, James N.
Turner, John
Turner, Louis
Turner, Martha
Turner, Mary J.
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Redden
Turner, Sophia
Turner, Susannah
Turner, Thomas
Turner, Thomas T.
Turner, W. A.
Turner, William
Turner, William B.
Turner, Winfield S.
Underwood, Catharine
Underwood, Fernando A.
Underwood, Jehu
Underwood, Julia
Underwood, Maria
Underwood, Mary
Underwood, Rebecca
Underwood, Winfield S.
Unoccupied, Farm
Valentine, Hester
Valentine, J. M.
Valentine, Joseph
Valentine, Mary
Valentine, Paul
Vanlandingham, George
Vanlandingham, James M.
Vanlandingham, Nancy
Vanlandingham, Siow C.
Varnadore, D.
Varnadore, Elizabeth
Varnadore, Infant
Vaughn, Daniel
Vaughn, Franklin
Vaughn, John
Vaughn, Samuel
Vaughn, Viney
Vaughn, William M.
Vaughn, Willis
Vincent, W. Henry
Volentine, Christy Ann
Volentine, James
Wadkins, Crawford
Wadkins, Mary
Waits, Allen
Waits, Bolin M.
Waits, Calhoun
Waits, Calvin
Waits, Florida J.
Waits, Helan E.
Waits, James M.
Waits, S. Jane
Waits, Saml. L.
Waits, Sarah
Waits, Thomas R.
Waits, Wm.
Waits, Wm. Jos.
Waldo, Concluded
Walker, Almira
Walker, Isham
Walker, Mary J.
Walker, Medoria A.
Warren, Jos. J.
Warren, Ophilia
Watlington, Geo. W.
Watson, Adaline J.
Watson, Georgia A.
Watson, Georgia Ann
Watson, John W.
Watson, Josh G.
Watson, Leml. L.
Watson, Leroy
Watson, Martha A.
Watson, Mary
Watson, Saml.
Watson, Saml. H.
Watson, Saml. N.
Watson, Sarah
Watson, Winefried K.
Watson, Wm. J.
Wavasseur, Alexander
Wavasseur, Jos.
Wavasseur, Mary
Weathersby, Mary E.
Weathersby, Mary J.
Weathersby, Preston
Webb, Eward B.
Webb, Frances
Webb, Jane C.
Webb, Joseph B.
Webb, Mary E.
Webb, Mordica N.
Weeks, Cary
Weeks, Elsy
Weeks, Ferreby
Weeks, Hester
Weeks, James
Weeks, Joel
Weeks, Kiziah
Weeks, Kiziah
Weeks, Silas
Weeks, Simeon
Weimer, Anna
Weimer, Daniel
Weimer, George L.
Weimer, Irene
Weimer, Jno. D. A.
Weimer, Marcella
Weimer, Samuel
Weimer, Townsend
Weimer, Townsend
Welhones, Fred Z.
Whetstone, Serena
Whitaker, Jane C.
Whitaker, John
Whitaker, Mary
Whitaker, Thos.
White, Agrippa
White, Camilla
White, J. B.
White, James
White, Josiah
White, Ketsy
White, L.
White, Nancy
White, Ransom
White, Wesley
Whitehurst, Anna E.
Whitehurst, George E.
Whitehurst, Hillray D.
Whitehurst, Maria J.
Whitmore, Andrew J.
Whitmore, Charles
Whitmore, Elijah S.
Whitmore, Emeretta
Whitmore, Willaim
Whittle, A. G.
Whittle, Donald McD.
Whittle, Mary
Whittle, Nancy E.
Whittle, William M.
Wiekes, Elijah
Wiekes, Mary E.
Wiggins, Anna
Wiggins, Benjamin
Wiggins, Burrel
Wiggins, Elizabeth
Wiggins, George
Wiggins, John
Wiggins, John
Wiggins, Livina
Wiggins, Oscar
Wiggins, Perry
Wilkerson, J.
Wilkes, Babe
Wilkes, Elnorah
Wilkes, Laurianna
Wilkes, Mary M.
Wilkes, Narcissa
Wilkes, Solomon
Wilkes, Solomon
Wilkes, William J.
Wilkie, James
Wilkie, William
Willey, M.
Williams, Anna
Williams, Charles A.
Williams, David R.
Williams, David R.
Williams, Elbert F.
Williams, Eugenia
Williams, H. R.
Williams, Hugh A.
Williams, J. G.
Williams, James W.
Williams, Jas. J.
Williams, John R.
Williams, Kati B.
Williams, L. A.
Williams, Malinsa
Williams, Mary B.
Williams, Mary S. J.
Williams, Serena C.
Williams, Stephen M.
Williams, Theo.
Williams, Thomas Ann
Williamson, R. Maria
Williamson, William
Williamson, William
Wilson, Adalola
Wilson, Anabel Lee
Wilson, Frances
Wilson, George F.
Wilson, Harrie
Wilson, J. Newton
Wilson, Lenl.
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary C.
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, Nathaniel
Wilson, Rafaila
Wilson, Saml.
Wilson, Virginia
Wilson, Willaim D.
Wimberly, Charles M.
Wimberly, Elizabeth J.
Wimberly, Elizabeth J.
Wimberly, Martha
Wimberly, Martin 
Wimberly, W. B.
Wood, Andrew L.
Wood, Francis M.
Wood, George W.
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph R.
Wood, Martha A.
Wood, Martha A.
Wood, Mary J.
Wood, Susannah
Wood, William J.
Woodrow, James
Woodward, Nancy
Wurchburg, Henry
Wurchburg, Sophia
Wyley, Garrett
Wynn, E. C. Cabell
Wynn, Hester P.
Wynn, John C.
Wynn, John L.
Wynn, Lucetta
Wynn, Lucretia
Wynn, Nancy
Wynn, Peter
Wynn, Richard
Wynn, Sarah
Wynn, Susannah
Wynn, Zylpa
Young, Ann E.
Young, James
Zetrower, James C.