White Orange November 1933


     Here's a bit of news concerning those of bygone days. The class of '33 and the previous classes have ventured forth on the highways and byways of life. The first knock of life was meted out to many of the class of '33 in the form of disappointment. Our silver-lined dreams of college life have materialized for a small minority.

     A few of the fortunate ones are:

     Charlotte Steinhardt who is attending Hunter College. Our dashing young alumnae is imbibing a large quanity of Pedogogic Principles.

     Jacob Knoblock is attending the night session of C. C. N. Y. His main ambition seems to be to bury his head in the ponderous volumes of law. That sounds a bit contrary to Jake's acquired reputation of coasting with a minimum of effort !

     George Fouhy has enrolled in a branch of Aeronautics and is attending the night session of N. Y. U. He must be enjoying the life of a gay New Yorker, judging from his residence which is Greenwich Village.

     Frances Greene has stormed the gates of the big metropolis and most unheard of has actually secured employment there.

     Elizabeth Doolittle and Jane Lasher are taking a vacation from all worldly duties. They are constantly seen coasting about the town. Incidentally licenses do come in handy! ! !

     Helen Fixler has gone to the sunny shores of Miami and she probably will attend business school there.

     Geneve Myers, Marion Morse, Walter Judson and Goldie Knoll are back again as Post Graduates, although Goldie does entertain the idea that she is going to business school soon. Well ! Time will tell.

     Bob Todd is at your service with a smile. To receive the service it is necessary that one have his car repaired at Todd's garage. For this is the secluded nook in which Bob tinkers his time away.

     Congratulations are extended to Gertrude Shaver and Ken Misner on their recent marriage. Gertrude was graduated from F. H. S. in '29.

     Sunny Lerner a '29 graduate has resumed, after a two year interval, his college training at N. Y. U.

     Many in F. H. S. were sorry to hear that Sylvia Slavin, class of '32, has been seriously ill. Due to her illness she was unable to attend Albany State this semester.

     Jeanette Gold, a popular member of the class of '33, has moved to Englewood, N. J. Her training in the Senior Class has served her in good stead as she is employed by her father in his business.

White Orange February 1938

The following people passed regents in the Fleischmanns High School:

Elementary English:

Robert Ford, Beverly Haynes, Genevieve Stiles, Dorothy Wileman


Robert Ford, Beverly Haynes, Genevieve Stiles, Dorothy Wileman

Elementary U.S. History:

Margaret Ennist, Genevieve Stiles, Ruth Storey, Dorothy Wileman


Margaret Ennest, Ralph Hofmann, Stephen Kierski, Bill Knight

Silent Reading:

Genevieve Stiles


Mary Alton, Clifford Bellows, Francis Hanley, Ralph Hoffman, Stephen Kierski. Bill Knight, Beatrice Mayes, Stanley Munroe, Rose Carolyn Noll, Dorothy Wileman, Bert Winne


Mary Alton, Clifford Bellows, W. Russwell Fox, Stanley Munroe, Rose Carolyn Noll

Comprehensive Art:

Francine Hoffman

American History:

Charles Hummell, Ruth McCann, Roberta Smith

English III:

Benson Buley, Kenneth Herdman, James Ocker, Ward Reynolds

English IV:

Michael Hoeko

History B:

Ralph Judson

History A:

James Ocker, Alton Reynolds, Thelma Reynolds, Andrew Rohaly, John Zauner


James Ocker

Physical Geography:

George Crosby


Roderic Ballard, Susan Bertrand, Charles Hummell, Ralph Judson, George Ocker, Alton Reynolds, George Shapiro, Dorothy Storey

Latin II:

Mary G. Marsh, Roberta Smith

Intermediate Algebra:

Charles Brewer, Edith Dlasnow, Charles Hummell, Esther Peterson, Winona Scudder

Business Law:

Ruth Craft, Arnold Ellsworth, Arthur Kelly, Margaret Kelly, Charles Maxim, Harrison Osterhoudt, Dorothy Reynolds, Virginia Rogers, Hilda Silberman

Typewriting I:

Ward Dunham, Robert Earl, Harold Greene, Ralph Judson, Donald Maxim, Ruth McCann, Harrison Osterhoudt, Henry Platte, Alexander Schultz, Donald Yerry.

White Orange October 1939

A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the Fleischmanns M. E. church on Saturday afternoon, October 22, when Miss Lucy Manieri became the bride of Mr. Guerino Salarni of Astoria, L.I. The church was decorated with cut flowers and ground pine. Before the ceremony, two violin solos "Meditation" and Cavaliera Rusticana were rendered by Miss Janet Gaylord, accompanied by Mrs. Claude Darling at the piano. At four O'clock to the strains of Lahengrin's Wedding March played by Miss Gaylord, the wedding party came up the aisle: Rev. A. Sartorio, Mr. Armond DdiAgalo, the best man, followed by the groom, Mrs. Eleanor Kroll, the matron of honor and the bride accompanied by her father. The double ring ceremony was used. During the service "O Promise Me", was sung by Miss Mary G. Marsh.

The bride was attractively gowned in white satin with tulle veil and carried white roses and lilies of the valley. The Matron of honor wore blue brocaded silk and carried yellow roses. The Reverend Sartorio is pastor of the Methodist Church in Astoria of which the groom is a member. After the wedding a reception was held at the bride's home, after which Mr. & Mrs. Salerni left for Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Salerini is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Manieri of Fleischmanns. She graduated from Fleischmanns High School, in 1928 and from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education in 1933. Mr. Salerni is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Salerni of Astoria, L. I. He was graduated from Bryant High School, Queens and from New York University and Yale. He is an architect and has a position with the city of New York. Mr. & Mrs. Salerni will make their home in Astoria, L. I.

Out of town guest included Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Salerni, Miss Nancy Salerni, Mr. Frank Saqlaeni, Miss Mary Dadoario, Mr. Armond DeBenedetto, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kroll, Mr. & Mrs. A Marcontonio, Mr. Frederick Marinelli, Mrs. L. DeMonte, Mr. V. Bastisti, Mr. Armond DeAugelo, all of New York City, Dr. & Mrs. Gellete of Pine Hill and Miss Mary G. Marsh of Big Indian. White Orange November 1939


Year after year graduation rolls round and a new class departs from Fleischmanns High School. Occasionally one makes outstanding record than others. Such is the case of David Solomon of Fleischmanns. David's father is president of he board of Education in Fleischmanns, but whatever success David has made is because of his won ability and ingenuity. David graduated from F. H. S. in June 1936. He returned the next year and took a post-graduate course. Finally he entered the City College of New York in September 1938 taking part of his work in the evening and part during regular day course. This fall he went back for his second year. In several colleges throughout the United States the government has instituted courses for airplane training for college students. Five hundred pilots are to be trained in the United States. This in itself indicates that only a very select group could qualify for such a course. David made application for this course even though only ten students are allowed under the quota for City College. His application was accepted and placed on the list according to his scholastic standing. Over one thousand students were placed on the list. Of these the first ten were selected and given a physical examination by the Civilian aeronautical Authority. David was included in the first ten on the list. He came through this examination with flying colors. At the conclusion of this course David will be eligible for a Commercial Transport License.

The course consists of two parts, the ground course and the flight training. The ground course is given at the college and consists of 72 hours of work. The flight training takes place at Roosevelt Field under the tutelage of army and Navy pilots. One Hundred hours of flying are required to complete the course. Fleischmanns High School is proud that it has a graduate who is showing his colors at some institution of learning, as is David. Congratulations, David: Fly up and see us sometime.

White Orange April 1940

Three people received honor cards for the 30-week period, ending April 12. High honor cards are issued to only those students who have no marks for the period below 90% they are:

   Grade 7                   Post-Graduate

   Lolia Greene            Marian Hill

                                 Norma Lou Judd

Twenty eight students received honor cards for the 30-week period, ending April 12th. Honor cards are issued to only those students who have no marks for the period, below 80%. They are:

   Grade 1                     Grade 2                  Grade 3                  Grade 4                     Grade 5

   Donald Pultz          Maricia Munro          Allen George          Nancy Greene         Emma Frances Carrero

   Patricia DeWitt                                      Barbara Perkins      Mary Haynes          Leonora Edwards

                                                                                             Joyce Pultz

                                                                                             Ann Reynolds

                                                                                             Robert Schneider

   Grade 6                     Grade 7                     Grade 8                     Grade 9                     Grade 11

   Patricia Noll          Miriam Edwards           Roberta Edwards       Helen Boscu             Blanche Baldinger

   Eva Rockwell        Betty Jean Noll                                             Elizabeth Szomy       Leonard Dlasnow

   Gloria Slover                                                                                                           Catherine McGrath

   Frank Szomy

   Patricia Tervay

   Grade 12                             Post-Graduate

   Fred Baldinger                     Mary McGrath

                                             Chris Martins

In addition to the above two lists 52 people have no failing marks ending the thirty-week period.:

   Grade 1                     Grade 2                     Grade 3                     Grade 4                     Grade 5

   Richard Baker         Donald Tubbs           Walter Halpern          Betty Aronowitz           Mabel Currey

   Carolyn George                                                                       Jack Tervay                 Eugenia Darling

   Patricia Pultz                                                                                                              Donald Greene

                                                                                                                                    Courtney Kelly

                                                                                                                                    Douglas Storie

   Grade 6                     Grade 7                     Grade 9                     Grade 10                     Grade 11

   Aaron Aronowitz      Robert Munro          Daune Ford              Rose Carolyn Noll            Fred Bouton

   Carol Reynolds                                       James Fuller              Dorothea Streeter             Raymond Eisele

   Gloria Slover                                          Shirley George           Rose Tarrontequi             Robert Ford

                                                                Barbara Townsend     Virginia Winne                Oliver Herdman

                                                                Mason Gossoo                                                 Victor Hill

                                                                Leo Wood                                                        Wilson Hoyt

                                                                Doris Kelly                                                        Margaret Hummell

                                                                Jean Somerville                                                  Donald Maxim

                                                                Betty Decker                                                      Elizabeth Myers

                                                                Mildred Aronowitz                                              George Newcomb

                                                                                                                                         Margaret Osterhoudt

                                                                                                                                         Ellen Streeter

                                                                                                                                         Alice Winne

   Grade 12                     Post-Graduate

   Donald Blish              Roderick Ballard

   Earl Johnson

   Kohar Kantzian

   Jean Kelly

   Gerald Ryder

   Charles Stiles

   Odell Kelly

   Bernard Wadler

The following people have been neither absent nor tardy since the opening day of school:

   Norma Lou Judd                     Barbara Townsend                     Elaine Hirsch                     Betty Lasher

   Ann Ford                                Dorothy Wileman                      Robert Hanley                     Ruth Maben

   Margaret Osterhoudt                Charles Pultz                            Elizabeth Szomy                  Ellen Streeter

   Robert Pultz                            Marion Maben                          Kohar Kantzian

White Orange December 1941


James Ocker '39 enlisted in the U. S. Army, the Monday following the Japanese attack on Hawaii. He is in the radio corps at Fort Dix. We hear that Lewis wanted to go too, but his father said he must finish his school year and graduate. Frank, also of '39 enlisted in the navy a couple of years ago. He has been on a survey ship, the U.S.S. Bushnell and has done a big bit of traveling on the globe. He is a first class seaman now and training at Norfolk, Va. He expects to graduate there this month, when he will be commissioned and go on the U.S.S. Awk, a mine sweeper. John, of the class of '35 is with a machine gun outfit, 165th Infantry at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

Their father, Edward Ocker, Sr., of Allaben is a retired sergeant of the New York City police and during the Spanish American War was a sergeant in Light Battery M of the seventh artillery. Their grandfather, William J. Ocker, was a Civil War Lieutenant of company A of the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteers. What a family! America need never fear while she has families of men link these to defend her honor. FHS is proud of the Ockers.


"bits and pieces"

"Pat" Short '37 Sergeant now, and Sergeant Robert Harbig '37 are both located in the east. Bob is with the army air corps at Wheeler Field, Oahu, Hawaii, and "Pat" at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. John Lucas of Halcott Center too is in Hawaii.

Alex Lakatos of Highmount is at fort Dix.

Claude Newcomb '40, Ward Reynolds '38, Ward Dunham '38 are all at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

Harold Gold is at Fort Slocum, N.Y.

Charles Greene is with the Canadian forces.

Steve Bednar is at Fort Tatton, N.Y.

Harold Bell '40 is at the U.S. Naval reserve Armory, in training at Toledo, Ohio.

Robert Darling is at Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Robert Mayes is a Corporal located at Elgin Field, Valparaiso, Florida.

Michael Hoeko is at Barkersdale Field, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Foster Ufer '37 is at Camp Blanding, Florida.

Henry Gaode paid us a visit recently and told us he had joined the Marines and expected to be called very soon.

Charles Hummell '38 expects to leave for an army camp after Christmas.

We hear Chester Gaode is in the process of making up his mind to join the army.

"Gug" Humphrey '37 has been in the air force for a couple of years. Recently he graduated from a training course at Craig Field, Selma, Alabama, and he now has his commission. Congratulations, Lieutenant Humphrey. Happy Landings.

Seymour Feldman '38 along with "Gug" was always air-minded. He first held a ground position at an air field, then worked himself up till he received his pilot's license and at one time was doing some aviation teaching to Canadian rookies. Recently we hear that Seymour is located at the Spartan School of Aviation, R.A.F. refresher, at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Seymour says that he is taking an intensive course of twelve week's duration in acrobatic flying, cross-country flying, bombdiving etc. As this is one of the R.A.F. Refresher schools, he expects to be sent to England when he graduates.


At a luncheon Saturday November 22, Mr. And Mrs. William Cruichshank of Big Indian announced the engagement of their daughter, Bette to John E. Fuller, son of Mr. And Mrs. Melvin J. Fuller of Fleischmanns. Bette graduated from Margaretville Central School in 1940 and is working at the school. John Emery graduated from FHS in 1938. He attended Michigan and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, NY for a year, then went into defense work. At present he is employed at the Vaught-Sikarsky Aircraft Corporation Stratford, Conn. Congratulations.

On Sunday, November 30, Gloria Platto and Earle Rowe were married. They have set up housekeeping in Allaben. Congratulations.

White Orange February 1942



Steve Bendar                                                                      Harry Miller '35

Donald Combs '36                                                              Claude Newcomb '40

Robert Darling                                                                    Bronson Morton '36

Sgt. Ward Dunham '38                                                        James Ocker '35

Humell Dunham                                                                  Sgt. Donald Pomerey '36

Charles Greene                                                                    John Pomerey

Victor Greenberg '35 (with Canadian Army) Corp.                 Ward Reynolds '38

Louis Short '37                                                                    Foster Ufer '37

Harold Gold                                                                        Robert Whitney

Kenneth Herdman '39                                                          Clarence Cooke (Former teacher)

Michael Hoeko '37                                                               Charles Hummell '38

Alex Lakatos                                                                         Joseph Malloy '39

John Lucas                                                                           Vincent Short

NAVY                                                                                  AIR CORPS

Harold Bell '41                                                                      Monroe Bass

Elmer Kelly                                                                           Murray Bass '35

Sherdian Kelly                                                                       Paul Bass (with R.A.F.)

Watson Van Keuren                                                               Sgt. Ivan A. Humphrey '37

                                                                                            Corp. Robert Mayes

                                                                                            Stanley W. Munro


Chester Gaedo

Henry Gaedo


Bob Ford left the PG Class last week for Utica and has enrolled in aviation classes at the NYA School there.

Donald Yerry '40 who has been attending the NYA School in Elmira, has left there and is now in Poughkeepsie where he hopes to find work.

Joe Bellows '38 is doing mechanical work at McClellan field, near Sacramento, California. Joe received a civil service appointment as an airplane mechanic..

Amasa Herdman '39 was working for the ship-building company which was doing the work on the Normandy at the time of the fire. However, he was not on the 3rd shift working when the fire broke out, but was called to assist in the rescue work.

John Brooks '40 recently visited old friends in Phoenicia. He has been attending a school in New York City since his graduation, and is training to be an aviation mechanic. He will graduate this spring.


Frances Hanley decided to become a housewife rather than a career girl, so left the Junior class and on December 20 became the bride of Marion Frazier of Allaben. The wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. William A. fox at the house of the bride's parents in the presence of the immediate families. After the ceremony a bountiful dinner was served. Mr. And Mrs. Frasier are making their home in Allaben. Congratulations!

Margaret Kelly, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Ray Kelly, of Bedell and Roland Cundy of Oneonta were united in marriage. December 20, at Arena by the Rev. A. Braisland. Margaret was a member of the Class of '39. After finishing high school she attended Spencer's Business College in Kingston. She has held a position in Oneonta for some time. Mr. Cundy is employed in the Scintilla plant at Sidney. Mr. And Mrs. Cundy will make their home in Oneonta.


At a dinner party during the Christmas holidays at the Pine Hill Arms, Mr. And Mrs. Charles Griffin of Pine Hill announced the engagement of their neice, Leota Ford to Private E. Russell Williams, Jr., son of Mr. And Mrs. E. R. Williams of Clearfield, Pa. Leota was a member of the Class of '36, was graduated from Syracuse University in 1940, and has done graduate work at Columbia University. At present she is teaching English at the Richmondville High School. Mr. Williams was graduated in the Class of '39 from Ithaca College and is a member of the United States Military Academy Band at West Point.

Miss Marjorie Fay, third and fourth grade teacher, returned after Christmas vacation wearing a diamond engagement ring. Miss Fay is engaged to Mr. Thomas Smart of New Berlin.

White Orange December 1942

Roving Reporter

Joe Bellow, Class of '38 has gone back to California after spending four weeks at home.

Don Buley '42 was home on a three day pass and visited F.H.S. one day.

Warren Simmons'41 has left Art School at Trenton, J.J. and has joined Uncle Sam's Army and is in Texas now.

George Newcomb '41 who is attending Middleburg College has enlisted in the Navy Air Force. He is now in New York City and is soon coming home for Christmas vacation.

Raymond Smith of Pine Hill one of our popular bus drivers and also one of the F.H.S. boys has been inducted into service.

We hear that Benson Buley of Shandaken, Dick Cantwell of Arkville, Paul Greene, Steve Kiarski, Percy Newcomb, Andrew Rohaly, Gerald Ryder, Benny Sunshine, Earl Slover and Gus Woolheater have also allied themselves with Uncle Sam's forces.



Miss Helen Shurika, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Frank Shurika of Halcott Center, and Private Donald Maxim of Fleischmanns were united in marriage by Rev. Donald Finley Thanksgiving day. The wedding took place in the Fleischmanns church at four O'clock in the afternoon with Miss Alyce McCann of Fleischmanns and Frederick Bouton of Halcott attending the young couple, and members of the immediate families present. The bride was attired in blue velvet with black accessories, and carried pink and white carnations. Following the ceremony, the bridal party, which included about twenty guests, went to the Shuika home where a delicious wedding supper was served. Both Helen and Donald were members of the F.H.S. class '41.


Nov. 1, at the Baptist parsonage in Phoenicia, Genevieve Whispell, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Alfred Whispell of Big Indian, became the bride of Pvt. Albert Camp Upton. Bride and groom were accompanied by his parents, Mr. And Mrs. H. A. Kilmmer. Genevieve was once a F.H.S. student.


A PRETTY WEDDING TOOK PLACE Tuesday evening, September 1, at nine O'clock at the Sacred Heart Church in Arkville when Miss Beatrice Mary O'Hara of Grand Gorge and Fleischmanns, eldest daughter of Mrs. John O'Hara, became the bride of Vincent C. Bellows, son of Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Bellows of Fleischmanns. The alter was decorated with beautiful various colored cut flowers and the ceremony was performed by father Holt, priest of the Arkville parish.

The attendants were Amiss Betty Jane O'Hara of Grand Gorge and Fleischmanns, sister of the bride, and James Morrison of Fleischmanns.

The bride was attired in a medium blue crepe dress and a navy hat with a shoulder length veil and many accessories. She wore a corsage of pink and white lilies and baby's breath. The bridesmaid wore a flowered print of grey, green and yellow with green matching accessories. She wore a corsage of yellow roses. The groom and best man wore buttonaires of red rose-buds.

The couple are well known in this vicinity. The bride is a graduate of Roxbury central school and the groom is a graduate of Fleischmanns High School '35.

Mr. Bellows was manager of the retail milk route for Fleischmanns, Highmount, Pine Hill and Arkville before his induction into the National service Aug. 24. Mrs. Bellows has held a position in Fleischmanns for the next year.


Miss Ruth Gross, daughter of Julius Gross, of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Pvt. Burton Tubbs of Fleischmanns were united in marriage on Saturday, October 24, at Emerald, Nebraska by the Rev. J.E. Duis. Only members of the immediate family were present at the wedding. Miss Irene Gross sister of the bride was bridesmaid and Mrs. Ray Howard, also a sister of the bride was matron of honor and Mr. Howard was the best man.

Mr. And Mrs. Fred Rouse, of Albany have announced the engagement of their daughter, Ruth E. Rouse, to Pvt. William Greene, son of Mrs. Mary Greene of Fleischmanns. Miss Rouse graduated from the Milne High School and State College for teachers in Albany, and is a member of the faculty of the Margaretville Central School.

Bill graduated from F.H.S. in 1926

White Orange February 1944

Shirley Bell '43, Arnold Bell '43 and Harold Bell '41, were all home for Christmas in Phoenicia. Shirley works in a defense plant in New Jersey, Arnold is located at Camp Edwards, Mass., and Harold is a "seasoned old salt" by this time. He has been in the Pacific on the S. S. Kane.

Cpl. Marion Frasier and Mrs. Frasier (Frances Hanley) from Camp Campbell, Ky., spent a few days with her parents recently.

Private Robert Hanley, who is at Camp Stewart, Ga., was home for a few days while recuperating from an appendectomy.

Mrs. Irving Abrams (Ethel Solomon '31) and Mrs. Charles Howell (Helen Lasher '36) are at their homes. Both husbands are in the services.

Private Abrams is stationed in Cleveland, Ohio, and Sgt. Howell is overseas.

Phillis Haderup '30 who is employed in a civil service capacity at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, spent her vacation at home recently.

Edward Alton '37, George Alton, Hiram Maxim, Walter Craft, Malcolm Bushnell and George Kelder have been called into the service.

Chris Noll, formerly of F.H.S. graduated from the Arlington High School in Poughkeepsie in January having enlisted in the Navel Reserves and expects to be called by February 1, on the VL2 Naval Training Program.

Cpl. Ben Sunshine '38 visited F.H.S. recently. He has been stationed in Salt Lake City, Utah, but expects to be moved to Washington, D.C. very soon.

Arnold Elsworth '38 and Bill Greene '26 recently met up at a Red Cross club in London. Both were very happy to meet someone from home.

Richard Cantwell, who has been on maneuvers in Tennessee visited us recently, also Junior Pultz is enjoying a leave from the Samson Field.

We hear that Claude Newcomb '40 and Bill Brewer '39 had a reunion in Hawaii. Claude has also seen Donald Maxim.

Pfc. Donald Yerry '40 paid a visit to F.H.S. recently. He is stationed at San Angelo, Texas and was spending a 10 day furlough with his parents in Shandaken.

Sgt. George Newcomb, Pfc. Frank Avery and John McGrath '43 were all at Camp Le Jeune, New River, N.C. at the same time. We can imagine they had a grand reunion. George is an instructor in camp, Frank and John both have completed their course in radar. Frank is now in Norfolk, Va. And John has probably moved to another station by this time. Congratulations! All three boys have received excellent marks in their work.

Seaman Charles Pultz from Samson Field and Earl Slover s/lc, U.S.S. Thomas Sumpter, Cpl. Amasa Herdman from Randolph Field, Texas with his wife and Pfc. Donald Gossoo from Camp Jackson, S.C. were recent visitors at F.H.S.

Pfc. Davis Solomon '36 has been spending a few days furlough with his parents. He has been stationed at Fresno, Calif. With the Intelligence Division of the Signal Corps.

Pfc. Harold Benjamin also visited F.H.S. recently.

Pfc. Frank Avery wrote a letter to Lucy O'Keefe and told her about his meeting George and John. He is now a M.P. until he starts his next schooling. He said he had a swell time last New Years Eve. He also had a turkey dinner on New Years as well as at Xmas. He told how they carry clubs and 45 cal. Revolvers and they can handle them fairly well.


Any girls interested in helping the Red Cross will be welcome to fold bandages in the Red Cross room over the fire house. The hours are listed on the poster in the Post Office window. Come, and do your bit!



      Lt. Juanita Redmond, Army Nurse

Juanita Redmond and other nurses were sent to Bataan. They went by boat and reached their destination safely.

When they go to Bataan, they found many wounded soldiers. There were doctors and nurses there, but they were exhausted and they were glad to see fresh nurses.

One soldier who was about eighteen had to have both legs amputated All the nurses, doctors and wounded soldiers that weren't hurt so badly brought him candy and cigarettes because they were fond of him. The hospital had to be moved many times because of bombing by the Japs.

There was a Filipino woman there, who had come from a village with her American Husband. She had a baby girl and named it Bataava, because it was born in Bataan. Everybody loved her because she was the only baby they had seen in a long time. When her mother took her back to the village, everybody was sorry to see her go.

After a while they had to leave Bataan and they went to Corrigador. Some of them didn't make the long journey while others who were strong and healthy did. In Corrigador the hospital was better than the one in Bataan.

After a while some of the nurses were ordered to Austrailia. They didn't want to go but had to obey orders. Some went by boat, others by plane and submarine. Lt. Redmond was one of the nurses who was ordered off.

I like this story because it tells of the heroic nurses that are risking their lives to serve soldiers.

      Doris Greene

       Eng. I

White Orange May 1944


1 & 2

Evelyn German's father was home on furlough recently and Shirley Bushnell is happy as her father is now out of the army for good.


Sgt. Chester Gaode, of the U.S. Marines enjoyed a furlough at home a short time ago. He has seen about 2 years service in the South Pacific Islands.

We hear that Pvt. David Solomon, Lt. Jimmy Morrison, Sgt. Foster Ufer, Pvt. Steve Bodnar and Pvt. Frank Armond enjoyed a real get together in Italy recently.

Lt. "Gug" Humphrey has been made Captain. He is in Australia.

Gordon Alton is now in the Admiralty Islands.

Walter Craft and Malcolm Bushnell have each received a discharge from the army.

Mrs. Ivan De Huff, the former Gertrude Frasier is spending some time with her husband who is stationed at Atlantic City.

Cpl. Paul Johnson, now promoted to Sgt. Is now home after being listed as missing in action. Every one was glad to see him.

A son, Eric, arrived to Mr. And Mrs. Mark Frankl on June 1st. at the Margaretville hospital. Pvt. Frankl is in England now. Mrs. Frankl was Nora Miller before her marriage. She's a graduate of F.H.S. of 1931.

Sgt. William A. Greene, well-known Fleischmanns florist, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action and the completion of an important mission in the fighting area. In answer to a question he wrote a member of his family: "Probably should feel like a hero but somehow I don't I'am just happy I got through all in one piece."

He is expected home soon.

Mrs. Charles Howell, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Crawford Lasher, has been home since Christmas. Charles Howell is a paratrooper now participating in the present invasion.

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Monro and family attended ceremonies at Mitchell field, L.I., Saturday May 27. Posthumous awards were made for gallantry in action and especially meritorious conduct. They received the Air Medal and an Oak Leaf Cluster of their son, Lt. William S. Monro, who was killed in England last November. The Purple Heart had been awarded previously.

S/Sgt. & Mrs. Harold Gold were guests of his father, A. Gold, over the holiday. Sgt. Gold, over the holiday. Sgt. Gold is stationed at Camp Shank.

White Orange October 1944


Herbie Herdman, Bob Kelly, Herbie Blish, Bob (H) Kelly, and Lindy Ocker and Bernie Bouton have decided to try to see the world. (Thru a port-hole) All have enlisted in the Navy and are at Sampson Field.

Jimmy Fuller '43 is probably on his way to the European war front at this time.

Eddie France '43 spent several days furlough from camp in Texas at his home this fall. We were all glad to see his smiling face around school.

Herbie Blish '44 visited us too, all spick and span in his ‘navy blues”.

Donald Blish '40 is in a hospital in England. He was wounded in the Invasion of Normandy. Herbie is his brother.

We hear that John McGrath '43 is in the South Pacific, as also is Frank Avery. Both are Marines.

Arnold Bell '43 is in camp in Texas.

Earl Slover, Jr. better known as "Buddy" completed his boot training at Samson and is now at sea on the W.S.S. Thomas Sumter.

Charles Pultz too has finished at Samson and is on the W.S.S. Wisconsin.

We are started on the third generation of alumni. Mr. Lasher was a member of the first graduating class of F.H.S. in 1910. He became grandpa on September 1, when a daughter was born to Helen Lasher Howell.

Sgt. George Newcomb '42 is still helping to teach our fellow to be good Marines. He is at Cherry Point, S.C.

Francis Tubbs is now stationed in Marriana, Florida

White Orange December 1944


Herbert Herdman '44, Lindy Ocker, Bob Muller, and Bernie Bouton have completed their boot training at Sampson and have been home on leave. We hear that Herbie and Bob have already been assigned to ships.

Bob Kelly '43, Halcott and Bob Kelly '44, Fleischmanns are scheduled to complete their boot training within two weeks, so they will be able to be home fore Christmas on their leave.

Ralph Hoffman A R M 1/c of '42 has returned to the States after service in the Pacific area. He is now at fort Lauderdale, Fla.

John Harbig '44 is in the Army Air Corps, stationed at Truas Field in Wisc.

Sheridan Kelly, Bugler on the U.S.S. Marblehead has been enjoying a month's leave at home. He is being transferred to San Diego for training.

Hiram Maxim is home from Mississippi on a 10 days leave.

James Fuller '43, Harold Greene '40 and Albert Halpern have all gone overseas to the European battle area recently.

Pvt. Edward Alton '37, has recently completed his course in Air Mechanics at the Lockheed Factory School and is now at the army Air Field at Kingman, Arizona.

Cpl. Gordon Alton '39 is still in the South Pacific in the Dutch Indies.

Donald Blish '40 was wounded in the invasion of France and is at present in the Rhoads General Hospital in Utica.

White Orange February 1945







Richard Tannenbaum "44" heard from Ralph Hansen recently. Ralph is in the Sea Bees and was recently moved from Hawaii to the Mariannas.

"Hiker" Bell, now Sergeant Bell was home on furlough and attended our Christmas dance.

Lt. Charles Carpenter attended our school a few days last month. He is expecting to go overseas.

Pvt. George Alton has recently been home on a 15 day furlough. He is stationed in Texas.

Lilia Greene "44" and Betty Bryden have left school to enlist in the Cadet Nurses School in Plattsburg.

Doris Kelly recently married Robert Kelly from Halcott. Robert Kelly is in the U.S. Navy.

Tony Benjamin just recently left for the United States Army.

Robert Kelly "44" of Fleischmanns, when last heard from, was in Panama.

Pfc. Donald Yerry is home on furlough. He is a bomb-sight and automatic pilot mechanic stationed at Mather Field, California.

Ruth Harbig "38" has been promoted to Staff Sergeant. She is in the WAC's, stationed at Fort Myer, Virginia.

White Orange November 1945


Charlie Maxim formerly a Corporal with the Air Corps was discharged on October after serving three years in the South Pacific area.

Ralph A. Hoffman, A.R.M. 1/c is at present time with the seventh fleet patrolling north China waters. He was at Yokohama and has just recently left Tokyo bay where he was patrolling Japanese home waters.

Robert Harbig '37 received his discharge from the A.A.F. in June of this year. He was in the South Pacific area since Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Lt. Evelyn Harbig of the army Nurse Corps. Will receive her discharge from the service in February. She served three years overseas in New Guinea and Australia.

Donald Gossoo has received his discharge from the Army this month. Donald was a Pfc. With the Infantry and has seen action in the European theater of war.

T/Sgt. Donald Buley is spending a forty-five day furlough with his family in Shandaken. He has just returned from brazil.

Sheridan C. Kelly, Bug. 1/c left for camp after doing shore patrol duty in New Jersey for the past year.

Pfc. Edward Alton entered the Army in February 1944, and has attended schools at the following places; Amarillo, Texas, Sheppard Field, Texas, Burbank, Calif., Kingnan, Ariz. and Gulfport, Miss. At the present time he is stationed at Baltimore, Maryland.

Percy Newcomb, Pfc., left for camp after spending a furlough at home. He has recently returned after thirty months overseas.

Sgt. Gordon Alton was discharged from the Army at Fort Dix, New Jersey in October of this year. He was in the army over 3 years an served thirty months in the Pacific area with the Thirteenth Air Force, and served as a photo laboratory techincian. At present Gordon is spending some time at home.

Herbert Herdman recently spent a twelve day leave at his home in Allaben.

White Orange Christmas 1945


In the past few months many of our boys have received their discharge from the Armed Forces. Some of them are: Claude Newcomb, Andrew Rohaly, Charles Maxim, Gordon Alton, Richard Bertrand, Elwood Maxim, Frank Ocker, James Ocker, Donald Gossoo, Edwin France.

Douglas Clifford A/5, who entered the Navy in November, is stationed at Camp Peary, Virginia.

P.F.C. George Alton, is now with the 88th signal Company stationed in Gorizia, Italy.

Richard Longhi is stationed at Camp Peary, Virginia.

White Orange January 1946


Data on the class of 1940;

Earl Johnson; from Halcott Center--has been discharged from the army, and at the present writing is spending some time in Florida. We hear that he has attended the dog races in Miami.

Charles Stiles; He lived in Bushnellsville, and now his family have moved to Albany. Hi is in the Navy. He attended various colleges on the Navy education program. Now he is a midshipman at Annapolis, and expects to make the Navy his career.

Donald Yerry; Don is from Shandaken. At last reports he was still in the army, stationed at Camp Mather, California.

Fred Baldinger; Fred lived in Pine Hill at the time he attended F.H.S., but the family have moved since then. His sister, Blanche, Mrs. Leonard Ellsworth, now lives in Kingston. Fred was valedictorian of the class. He has been discharged from the army recently and he has entered college in New Jersey.

Donald Blish; Donald comes from Highmount. He attended the state agricultural school at Morrisville then joined the army. He was wounded in the D-day invasion, but now is recovered and discharged. He is working in a florist shop in Newark, New Jersey.

Harold Greene; After graduation Harold entered the business with his father. After spending some time in the European theater of war operations, he has been discharged, and we notice the sign on the Socony Gas Station reads "Crawford Greene & Son."

Dorothea Herdman; Now Mrs. Walter Munch and has been living with her parents in fox Hollow, while her sailor husband is at sea. She has a young son, Walter, Jr.

Claude Newcomb; He was in the army and saw service in the Pacific area during the war. He has been discharged and is now at home in Fleischmanns. Claude is employed at Leyden Smith's garage.

Andrew Rohaly; Andy came toF.H.S. from Clovesville--later his parents moved to Big Indian. He has recently been discharged from army. He is spending the winter with his parents in California.

Gerald Ryder; He has been discharged from the army and is at home near Phoenicia.

White Orange February 1946


Here is some data on the class of '41;

Harold Bell: For 4 years Harold is a chief petty officer in the Navy and is stationed in New Jersey.

Richard Bertrand: Recently discharged from the Army, Dick is resting at his home in Pine Hill.

Charles Carpenter: Charles graduated from O.T.S. a 2nd Lt. In the Air Force.

Leonard Dlasnow: At the present, Lenny is in the army and is spending a furlough at his home in Fleischmanns.

Raymond Eisele: Recently discharged from the army, Ray is looking for employment in California.

Robert Ford: Bob is serving in the army and is stationed in England.

Lindsay Hoyt: Lindsay is a sgt. In the army and is stationed in New Jersey.

Donald Maxim: recently discharged from the army.

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