Fleischmanns high school Alma Mater

Alma Mater

Near old Del'ware's eastern border,

With Ulster's line in sight;

Is the school to colors faithful,

Good old Fleischmanns High.

'Neath the Catskill's Glorious splendor,

On the left and on the right;

Fleischmanns High School stands defender,

Of the Orange and the White.



Educations toils are many,

Its summits hard to gain;

The completion of some subject,

Is often frought with pain,

There are strong new lights before us,

Whose glimmer leads aright;

Till we come in days bright luster,

'Neath the Orange and the White.



Though our years are young in number,

Our student roll yet small;

We are working sure and steadfast,

For the mastery of all.

We will mine our facts in nuggets,

In heaps full high and bright;

Still the smile of God imploring,

On the Orange and the White.

LAURA FOWLER, Class of 1911

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