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Subj: Tax Records
From: RSingle123@aol.com
To: Nanismith@aol.com

Thanks for all your work on the Tax Records. Begamon Addams Page 6 could be my GG Grandfather killed in the civil war 1864. Benjamin Adams.

Bob Singletary

Subj: Calhoun County Treasurer's Book
From: jhoward@surfsouth.com (J. David Howard)
To: Nanismith@aol.com

Page 19 line 12 of the Calhoun County Treasurer's Book may be H. Durham instead of Durkam. H. Durham's daughter married T. L. Hansford's son. One of the land marks near their homestead is still called Durham Branch today.

Subj: Richards - Calhoun Co. Tax Records
Date: 07/15/2000
From: MBtbone@mindspring.com (Merle Bishop)
To: Nanismith@aol.com
CC: hherndon@alltel.net (Joan Herndon)

Thanks so much for going to all of the trouble to have these records posted on-line. I am a descendant of the Jackson N. (Norman) Richards, and related to other Richards listed on several pages of these records. This is the first time that I have seen Jackson N. Richards identified as the Calhoun County Tax Collector for the years 1862, 1863, and 1864, and as the County Sheriff and "exeficio" Tax Collector for 1867. I now plan to do some additional research to find out Jackson Norman Richards' role in County Government for other years, not identified in these records.
Thanks again.
Merle Bishop

Subj: Calhoun Tax Record Book
Date: 07/07/2000
From: jfort@quadro.net (James Fort)
To: Nanismith@aol.com
On page 20 Halcomb/halcombe Hagans/Hagan/Hagin:

1. Married, Decatur county marriages, Martha Cooper Feb. 28,1937
2. Voted in 1845 Florida election, USgenweb archives, Jackson county----at Ochesee, Calhoun county
3. Listed on 1850 Calhoun county index by Ancestry. com
4. Listed house 773 Jackson county census 1860 (Hagin) daughter ? Sarah marries Robert R. Smith, Sept. 6, 1867,      Calhoun county marriages
5. Married Mary A . Cadle, July 28, 1864, Calhoun county marriages
6. Listed on 1875 Alachua county Florida census
7. son Green or Thomas Green Hagan, homestead Levy county Florida, 1894
8. descendants continue in the area, Halcomb is said to come from North Carolina
James Fort jfort@quadro.net

Subj: Thank you for a look see into the past
Date: 04/24/2000
From: hherndon@alltel.net (Joan Herndon)
To: Nanismith@aol.com

The Richards folks are my line and the Seaborn Pelt is kinfolks too......I believe you see it as Pett......J.N. Richards is Jackson Norman Richards, should anyone ask you. and on one page they have Atkins spelled Adkins.......That's Joel Porter Atkins.
John George Richards was my GGG Grandfather and his first wife was Eliza Porter and his second wife was Frances Grantham.

John George was the son of Thomas Cupples Richards (killed by the Indians in a Fort near Wewa) and they all came to Florida before it was a state from Greene County, Ga. and before that Thomas C.'s father was George Richards, Sr. who died in 1818 in Franklin County, N.C.---He was with Washington in battle....There are thousands of descendants of these Richards in North Florida and now all over the Southeast and elsewhere.......I have met alot of them on the internet and I thank God everyday that I could know some of these kissin kousins before I died...........Joan Richards Herndon in now Early County, Ga. born and raised in Calhoun County..........

Thanking you for taking the time and trouble to bring this to a conveninet spot on the internet for folks like me............

Subj: tax records
Date: 4/8/00
From: shasa349@bellsouth.net (joyce dunn)
To: Nanismith@aol.com
I am the gggranddaughter of James Stanfill.I was shocked to see almost every entry in the tax book had James Stanfills name on it!!!! What a wonderful thing you have found!!!!!!Thank you for your work and time.It was such a happy find for me.Stanfill was my mothers maiden name.I have had a awful time locating these Stanfills.
Thank you again
Joyce Dunn
West Palm Beach, FL

Subj: Alfred Nichols - Calhoun Tax list
Date: 4/9/00
From: cgdean@bellsouth.net (cynthia dean)
To: Nanismith@aol.com
Duke Vickery suggested I write to you. My ancestor, Alfred Nichols, was listed in the 1860 Census of Calhoun Co. (Ochese). I cannot read those tax papers as they appear on the website. Duke says there is something about him on p. 4 and p. 10 and said I should write you and ask what the transcriptions say about him. I would appreciate this very much. In 1850, 1870, 1880 and 1900, Alfred is in Jackson Co. FL. I am trying to figure out what period he was in Calhoun.


Subj: Re: Alfred Nichols - Calhoun Tax list

I think you are right. I didn't understand what the book was all about. What you said makes more sense. Somebody did say Alfred Nichols had some kind of county office, but I had never run into it before nor since, so I haven't paid much attention. Can't remember now who said that--maybe Glen Nobles. I just know it's here somewhere and that I ran across it a while back.
Thanks for your help.

Nanismith@aol.com wrote:

I found your interpretation interesting--had not thought of this possibility previously. I noticed in the mill and other accounts I have that sometimes money owed to one person was paid to another's account (some payments were in corn, etc.). I assumed this was because in this way they could repay money owed....does that make sense? This could have been the case also here but-- Regarding the page 5 entry: My interpretation was that Alford Nickols was owed money from the county for services/work/whatever not listed. In their business meeting this bill had been presented, voted on, and passed in favor of paying. James Stand (Standfill/Stanfill/Stanfield) then was directing the treasurer to pay Alford.

Regarding the page 11 entry: This was my interpretation also. This, I think, follows for all of the entries. What do you think? If this could be so, then Alford may still have been living in Calhoun County.


Thanks for your help. Sounds like others were paying the taxes for Alfred Nichols. Makes me wonder if he still owned Calhoun Co. property but had already moved to Jackson Co.

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