To serve at Spring Term of the Circuit Court AD 1869


Calhoun County, Florida
March 1, 1869
Grand Jurors

To serve at Spring Term of the Circuit Court AD 1869

Come to hand March 1th AD 1869

James W. Yearty

Sheriff Calhoun County

In the name of the State of Florida

To the Sheriff of Calhoun County Greeting:

We command you that you Summons the following persons appending, below, to be and appear before the Judge of Circuit Court; at a Court to be held at Abe Spring Bulff on the second Monday in April next by 10 o’clock A.M. to serve as Grand Jurors at said of our Circuit Court for the County of Calhoun

given under my hand and Seal od Office

this the 1th day of March AD 1869

Wm Clark


  1. T M Richards
  2. James E. Lewis
  3. B H Mc Daniel
  4. S. Burns
  5. Henry Durham
  6. A.B. Caraway
  7. Silas Benneth
  8. Wm Shaw
  9. J.P.M. McClellan
  10. Robert Doles
  11. Frances Russel
  12. Jesse C. Wood
  13. Wm Morehead
  14. John Boggs
  15. Joshua McDonald
  16. John M. Bush
  17. John M. Parrish
  18. D. G. Sentesfill

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