Report of Jurors Spring Term 1869

Report of Jurors Spring Term 1869

April 19, 1869

Calhoun County

Spring Term 1869

Report of Jurors Grand and Pettit attending and serving in the Circuit Court at said term and entitled to payment from the County of Calhoun.

  1. F. M. Richards
  2. James E. Lewis
  3. B. F. McDonald
  4. S. Burns
  5. Henry Durham
  6. A. B. Caraway
  7. Silas Bennett
  8. Wm D. Shaw
  9. J. P. M. McClellan
  10. Robert Doles
  11. Frances Russel
  12. Jesse C. Wood
  13. Wm Morehead
  14. John Boggs
  15. Joushua McDonald
  16. John M. Bush
  17. John H. Parrish
  18. D. G. Sentesfitt
  19. John G. Ayres
  20. Gadi Bailey
  21. J. L. Linton
  22. Levi Yon
  23. Wm E. Macs
  24. John Baker
  25. John Bunton
  26. Jesse Bailey
  27. D. K. T. McClellan
  28. E. D. Littlefield
  29. Newton Yon
  30. A. J. Wood Sr.
  31. Wm H. Pope
  32. T. M. Digby
  33. Taylor Bennett
  34. Wm Roberts
  35. J. N. Richards
  36. R. B. Dunnam
  37. A. Kelley
  38. C. M. Brown
  39. S. H. Burgess
  40. Wm Redd
  41. R. L. Whitefield
  42. Noah Pitts
  43. E. T. Williams
  44. M. E. Barkwell
  45. R. . Rhames
  46. Wm B. Clark
  47. John Lamb
  48. A. W. Kervin
  49. Asa Ayers
  50. J. H. Laramore
  51. John A. Smith
  52. Wm Muntford



I certify the above is a true list of Jurors at said term who are entitled to receive pay from the County of Calhoun, that the above amounts respectively are the amount legally and justly due to said Jurors at said term of the Court, and Certificates will be issued therefore

Witness my hand and seal of office

this the 19th day of April AD 1869

Wm Clark Clerk of Calhoun County C.C.

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