Old Shiloh Cemetery, Calhoun County, Florida

Old Shiloh Cemetery
Calhoun County, Florida

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Old Shiloh Cemetery, Calhoun Co FL

Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter e-mail wnc1933@email.msn.com
Surveyed: September 10, 1999
Typed by: Betty James Smith
Directions: Leave Clarksville, FL on Hwy 73 North. Go 8.4 miles. Turn right onto dirt road. Go .6 mile. Road ends at cemetery.
There are 49 graves with no identification on them.
Surname Given Maiden Born Died Married Relationship Military Notes
WOMBLE Leion G   29-Mar-1950 16-Aug-1977        
WOMBLE Henry C   25-May-1922 2-Dec-1991        
BURKE Georgann L   27 Mar 1874 11-Aug-1954        
BURKE George W   14 Feb 1881 8-Nov-1951   D/S with Georgann L Burke    
BURKE Carlton D   1914 1961        
BURKE John Soloman   23 Aug 1882 18-Aug-1950       Gone but not forgotten
BURKE John Soloman (Mrs.)   22 Apr 1888 6-Feb-1929       Gone but not forgotten
FREE Coley   2 Feb 1886 14-Oct-1918   w/o W I Free   Gone but not forgotten- we will meet again
HARRELL Missouri   20Aug 1856 3-Jun-1919        
HARRELL Mark   1 Feb 1892 26-Dec-1928        
HUTCHISON Thomas J   25-Mar-1920 <born or death date?>   D/S with Fannie L Hutchison    
HUTCHISON Fannie L   11-Nov-1933 <born or death date?>       Our Father which art in heaven.
CHANCE Missouri Elizabeth TAYLOR 12 Apr 1883 23-Feb-1962        
CHANCE Eva Mae   16-Jan-1907 4-Oct-1932        
CHANCE James Pierce Irving   16 Mar 1872 13-Nov-1950        
CHANCE Willie Bell   7-May-1905 5-Aug-1928        
BAUKNECHT Herman   31-Jan-1900 28-Mar-1993   D/S with Della I Bauknecht    
BAUKNECHT Della I   8-Apr-1912          
MARTIN Eugena Marie     11-Aug-1966       Rock a Bye Baby in the tree top
MARTIN James M   1901 1968        
BASFORD G M     <no dates>        
BASFORD John R   1882 1961        
SEWELL Ida   19 Apr 1883 22-Sep-1921        
BAGGET <infant>     19-Mar-1934   I/o Mr & Mrs Ellis Bagget    
JOHNSON Thom J     12-Oct-1919       Darling we miss you
JOHNSON James Burl   5-Jul-1909 29-Dec-1947       Always in our hearts
JOHNSON William R   5-Jul-1909 24-Apr-1973     FL Pvt US Army WW11  
JOHNSON Woodrow W   20-Mar-1920 30-Dec-1981     WW11 Veteran  
JOHNSON Omie R   27-Jan-1912 19-Jul-1998   D/S with Sadie m Johnson    
JOHNSON Sadie M WALDORFF 2-Nov-1909 16-May-1977   d/o Martin & Polly Waldorff   At Rest with Jesus
JOHNSON Irey Shad   23-Nov-1914 29-Jul-1997       living in the arms of Jesus
BENOIST Glen   14-Oct-1920 21-Nov-1995     Cpl US Army WW11  
LONDON John   1906 1995        
JOHNSON Elisa V   30 Mar 1868 1-Feb-1924       Resting in hope of a glorious reserection
JOHNSON Harriett Eliza   19 Feb 1840 3-Feb-1912       Lost to sight to memories dear
JOHNSON Daniel W   14 Jan 1826 22-Mar-1906        
JOHNSON Etta BOGGS 15 Sep 1882 5-Jan-1977       God with you till we meet again
JOHNSON Cashus G   7 Dec 1865 30-Nov-1940       He who dies believing - dies safely through thy love
HIRES Issac F   27 Mar 1874 30-Jun-1954        
HOWARD <infant>   1972 1972        
BATES Charley Cecil   11-Mar-1925 28-Mar-1992     Cpl US Army WW11 Beloved husband, father and grandfather
BOGGS Jesse W   22-Jan-1918 14-Apr-1918       Sweetest Memories
BOGGS Sarah E   10 Oct 1844 1-May-1934   w/o James T Boggs   Tho lost to sight memories dear
BOGGS Jason J     <no dates>     US Navy  
BOGGS James T   24 Dec 1840 9-May-1917       God gave, he took, he will restore, He doeth all things well.
KNIGHT <infant>     20-Nov-1904   s/o G W & S J Knight   At Rest
KNIGHT Emma W JOHNSON 20 Jan 1862 12 Nov 1890   w/o George W Knight   At Rest
JOHNSON Hattie   23-Dec-1903 17-Oct-1915       At Rest
JOHNSON Rena   4 Mar 1879 12-Sep-1905 15 Mar 1899      
JOHNSON Joseph C   19-Nov-1911 1-Oct-1912       At Rest
JOHNSON Emmit   9-Oct-1913 25-Oct-1918       At Rest
JOHNSON Webster W   20-May-1900 19-May-1923       At Rest
JOHNSON Lilla E   10 Nov 1877 11-Oct-1937        
JOHNSON William Franklin   18 Mar 1875 27-Jan-1959       Gone but not forgotten
HUTCHISON Raymond Rosier Henry     <no dates>        
CHANCE Irene MCCLELLAN 1853 1909        
SEWELL Sarah E   3 Mar 1863 2-Aug-1904       Sacred to the memory of
HUTCHISON Thelma G LIPFORD 29 Oct 1891 21-Jun-1989        
HUTCHISON R H   16 Jun 1875 13-Feb-1956   D/S with Thelma G Lipford    
HUTCHISON Lee   3-Dec-1912 11-Dec-1912       Gone home
MCCLELLAN Samantha Jane MIXON abt. 1825 20-Sep-1920   w/o James P McClellan    
MCCLELLAN Allen T   2 Nov 1860 18 Apr 1892        
MCCLELLAN John   23 May 1886 17 Jul 1893        
BOGGS E C   1849 1911       Gone but not forgotten
BATES Clarence E   3 apr 1897 12-Sep-1972   D/S with Rena B Bates    
BATES Rena B   7-Aug-1904 18-Aug-1994        
BATES Frances Newton   8-Jun-1929 13-Apr-1952     FL Pfc 23 Inf 2 Inf Div Korea  
BATES Ruth     12-Jan-1945       At Rest
BATES <infant>     <no dates>   I/o Mr & Mrs C E Bates    
BATES Ernest   29 feb 1931 10-Apr-1937       At Rest
BATES Kinness   30-Dec-1934 25-Sep-1938       At Rest
BURKE John Wilburn   22-Dec-1919 23-Oct-1995        
BURKE Ernest Soloman   10-Oct-1917 2-Mar-1991        
GUILFORD Cecil Ray   11-Dec-1929 2-Sep-1989        
BURKE Mark (Jr)   7-May-1925 2-Feb-1987        
BURKE Francis R   8 Aug 1877 7-Jul-1955        
BURKE Willie M   12-Apr-1913 16-Feb-1947     Pvt 743 RY OPN BN Te WW11  
BROOKS <infant>     <no dates>   d/o Mr & Mrs Brooks    
BROOKS Mary S   18-May-1910 8-Jan-1992       MOM
BROOKS Pearley M   25-Aug-1902 2-Apr-1995   D/S with Mary S Brooks   DAD
BURKE Edell   8-Apr-1922 2-Jun-1978        
BURKE Wm I   19 Jan 1853 1-Jun-1932       Asleep in Jesus
BURKE Arbella J   7 Apr 1877 28-Mar-1912        
BURKE Mark E   12 Jun 1858 28-Mar-1936   D/S with Arbella J burke    
CHANCE Arthur R   17 Oct 1869 29-Sep-1947        
CHANCE Mattie J   9 Sep 1875 13-Feb-1962       Gone to live with Jesus
CHANCE Owen   2-Jan-1910 11-Mar-1969        
WHITE John A   8 May 1847 4-Dec-1929       Gone from us, but sweet memories of you still live
BOONE Maggie Ethel   1904 1974        
BURKE <infant>     <no dates>   I/o William Burke    
HARRISION <infant>     <no dates>       Baby
HARRISION Mattie     <no dates>        
HARRISION Elijah     <no dates>        
HARRISION William M   19 Jan 1889 25-Jan-1968     FL Cook US Navy WW1  
COOK <infant>   1970 1970       Baby Boy
NEEL Martin   31-Aug-1908 17-Apr-1999   D/S with Bessie Neel    
NEEL Bessie   19-Apr-1917 27-Sep-1995        
BROOKS Archie   7 Sep 1874 23-Jul-1954        
BROOKS Nancy F   5 Jul 1877 3-Aug-1959        
BROOKS Sarah E   4-Jan-1910 20-Mar-1910        
BROOKS Joseph L   8-Feb-1900 18-Jun-1907        
BROOKS Perry   24-Feb-1904 18-May-1929        
FANT Albert (Sr)   3 Mar 1892 22-May-1973       Whither thou goest I will go
SCOTT <infant>     <no dates>   d/o William & Edna Scott    
COOK Sarah Emily   11-Sep-1911 5-Nov-1918   d/o John W & Sarah Emily Cook   At Rest
COOK Walter Franklin   18-Mar-1902 28-Oct-1919   s/o john W * Sarah Emily Cook   At Rest
FANT <no first name>     <no dates>        
BROOKS Julian   5-Dec-1912 25-Jan-1922       Love lives on
BROOKS W H   22 Jan 1897 31-Dec-1978   D/S with Samantha Brooks   Our father which art in Heaven
BROOKS Samantha   27-Jun-1900 9-Dec-1985        
BROOKS Henry Edward   <death date or birth date?> 27-Jan-1928        
HANNA John E   24-Sep-1901 21-Feb-1967       Gone but not forgotten
HANNA Colin   26-Feb-1925 6-Feb-1934       Gone but not forgotten
BOGGS Polly Parrot   ?? Dec 1784 ?? Jan 1898        
BOGGS <infant>   1810     I/o John Boggs    
COOK Joseph   1873 1885       In sacred memory - At rest
COOK <infant>     5 Feb 1898   I/o G F & L M Cook   At rest
COOK Angus   11-Jun-1905 18-Sep-1905   s/o G F & L M Cook    
COOK Ethel Bert   1-Dec-1915 16-Aug-1916        
COOK Mae   22-Jul-1910 27-Mar-1937       At rest
COOK Charles Finley   15 may 1871 29-Apr-1945        
COOK Elizabeth M JOHNSON 12 Nov 1877 22-May-1961       We hope to meet again above, Good by till we meet again
CHASON Rena B (Aunt) COOK   <no dates>       In sacred memory of our mother, Grandmother and friend. Aunt Rena Cook Chason - Gone but not forgotten - stone put here 4-12-1945
COOK Samuel H   18 Aug 1848 19-Apr-1906       Asleep in Jesus
COOK Emily L   7 Feb 1852 17 Jun 1898   w/o Samuel Henry Cook   Asleep in Jesus
SAPP Luke (Rev)   18-Dec-1915 30-Dec-1985 07-Oct-34 D/S with Della Mae Sapp    
SAPP Della Mae   20-Aug-1917 21-Aug-1985 07-Oct-34      
SAPP Leon David   11-Mar-1939 15-Dec-1939        
MAYO John W   17-Feb-1929 11-Apr-1976     Pfc US Army Korea  
BURNS Idell M   1919 1944   Sister    
MAYO Charles G   1922 1964   Brother    
MAYO Martha J   1895 1971   Mother    
SCOTT John Robert   17 Apr 1840 25-Apr-1922     Private Enlisted 7-6-1861 Co H 2nd NC Calvary  
HATCHER Russell     <no dates>   s/o Mr 7 Mrs W H Hatcher    
HATCHER Ida NEEL 7 Feb 1882 17-Aug-1959        
HATCHER J Wesley   7-Dec-1910 19-Nov-1936        
HATCHER Walter   7-Dec-1917 25-Dec-1961       Gone but not forgotten
HAGAN Susie HATCHER 7-Dec-1910 22-Feb-1963       Faithful to her trust even in death
HAGAN Leroy   10-Feb-1930 11-Feb-1964       Gone but not forgotten
HAGAN Robert Leon   28-Feb-1935 30-Oct-1965       Gone but not forgotten
HAGAN Iris Faye   <death date or birth date?> 17-Aug-1938        
STRICKER Ivan Dale   28-Nov-1935 11-May-1997     SP 4 US Army  
REEVES Lee   18-Sep-1906 12-Aug-1923       At rest
TATUM Mae     <no dates>        
TATUM Zack   1848 1922        
TATUM Appieh   1856 1918        
WARD Sennia   1882 1930   Mother   Asleep in Jesus
STEPHENS James O (Rev)   27 Nov 1854 7-Dec-1930        
BROOKS Julia   5-Dec-1921 2-Dec-1977        

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