State of Florida

Estate of Brittan Barkley

State of Florida

Calhoun County

Abe Spring Bluff

Courthouse Calhoun County

January 17, 1852


In the name of State of Florida to any lawful constable of said county you are hereby commanded to seize and take into your possession so much of the estate of Brittan Barkley as will make the sum of twenty two dollars which in a Justices Court held at the house of James Null on the 20th day of Sept. AD 1851 were adjudged to Davis Strawes for his debt a together with the cost of this execution and that you have the same before me at the law court on the 17th day of January AD 1852 given under my hand and seal this the 2 the day of January AD 1852

John Chason

Justice of the Peace

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