HIS FAMILY, and kin

(being primarily an account for the descendents of Charles Monroe “Rowe” Barber but of sufficient interest for members of other branches and perhaps for some who are not related)


The reader is advised against using this writing as documentation.  Neither this nor any other writing I am aware of can be considered the definitive work on Mose Barber.  Much of it is oral history that hasn’t been checked against contemporary records.  Some of it is from old records that are contradictory.  Some of it is contradictory to the research of others and has yet to be resolved.  When I felt others’ presentations might be valid or tenable I have included them, even if they disagreed with my effusions on the subject.  No strong argument or contention against others’ research is intended, however the reader will find that I have contradicted quite a bit of my own earlier writings on Mose and his family (providing, of course, he is familiar with my earlier writings on Mose).  There has been no complete sorting out of data, the presentations on the families are not consistent in form, and the narrative skips about chronologically…read it as best you can.  If I live long enough, maybe I’ll get around to doing a better job.  I’m not married to the total content, and I will be amenable to courteous offers of corrections and additions (doesn’t mean I’ll slavishly accept them).  None is copyright, but bear in mind that plagiarism means “stealing” if the originator isn’t cited (and some of the writers of Barber history have plagiarized from me like heck in the past…shame).  Warning:  Be advised there is no censoring in the following story of Mose Barber, and anyone feeling his sensitivities would be bruised by uncompromising reporting of history might do well not to read it.




REVISED 12/8/03