<center>Gene Barber Paintings</center>

Gregory & Amelia Barnes, 1963 (charcoal)

Brahama & Cattle Egrets, 1965

Frost Over The Pond, 1965

Turkey, 1968

Orchid, 1970

Peaches & Cream, 1999

Used in Art Class demonstration of what can be done in 10 minutes, 1972

Wiley Thomas "Snide" Chesser with grandchildren Dorothy & Wendell, 2002

Above Paintings in possession of Dorothy L. (Mobley) Barnes

Deer in Woods, 1966

Barber Boys on Cattle Roundup, 1999

Aunt Mollie's (Chesser-Crews) Green Tomatoes & Red Peppers, 2001

Magnolias, 2001

Above Paintings in possession of Carl W. Mobley

Patrick AFB Beach, 2004

Above Painting in possession of Diane Mobley Bottoms

Buck, Doe & Fawn, 1968

Above Painting in possession of John & Kathy Burnett

Chesser Island Homestead
Photo taken at Beaches Art Center in 1999 - owner unknown.

Raffled off at Beaches Art Center in 1999 - owner unknown.

Little St Marys River, 1999

Painting Fish In Foyer of Villa Barber, Self Portrait, 1995

Pineapple, Tangerines & Orchids, 1995

Sisters In White, 1997

Blue & White Porcelain, 1998

Corkscrew Swamp South Of Tampa, 1999

Gene & Frances In Old Barber Barn, 2002

My Pond, 2002

"The pond was dug almost 50 years ago and I've tried to keep it natural looking. It's a haven for water foul and wading birds plus an assortment of other creetures (yes that is the way the old time Florida and South Georgia folks pronounced the word creatures). When the sun hits it in the morning the colors are difficult to believe. I paint it often hoping to capture those multicolors of sunup time."

Above paintings in possession of "Anonymous"

Macclenny Depot, 1976

Above painting in possession of Ruth Worthington"

Orchid 2002
provided by Fran Kirby 9/10/05

Crews Home near Baxter

Gene Barber presents painting won by Al Kyle in a fund raiser for the old Jail
posted 7 Jan 2006

Still Life 2003, Owned by Gary Kirkland Posted 13 Dec 2008

At Cow Camp

Barber Homestead

Git Along Little Doggies

Hog Tie him Joe

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Baker County Mural

Barber in BCHS Hall of Fame

Several Articles on Gene

BARBER Mr. - William Eugene "Gene" Barber of Macclenny, FL, died Thursday, April 21, 2005 at Macclenny Nursing and Rehab of pancreatic cancer. He was one month short of his 70th birthday. Mr. Barber was a wellknown and wellrespected historian, writer, art teacher, artist and grower of orchids. A native of Macclenny, he was a former officer of the Baker County Historical Society and remembered for his leadership and creativity in communitywide events like: the Baker County Centennial in 1961, the Glen St. Mary Centennial in 1982 and the Macclenny Centennial in 1983. Mr. Barber operated art schools in both Macclenny and at the Jacksonville Beaches, and in the 1960's was an art instructor in the Baker County Schools. He also organized and contributed his work to numerous art shows and benefits in both Jacksonville and Baker County. He was a former President of the Jacksonville Orchid Society and lectured, coordinated flower shows and the educational programs for the membership. The son of the late William M. "Dub" and the Pearle Chesser Barber, he attended Baker County public schools and served in the Army before enrolling in the University of Florida and graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Design. Mr. Barber is survived by Uncle and Aunt Joe and Evelyn Barber and Aunt Elene Barber, all of Macclenny, FL, and numerous cousins. He also leaves behind countless friends, former art students and admirers of his lifelong passion for art and history. Memorial services will be held on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 11:00 a.m. in the Ferreira Chapel, 250 North Lowder Street, Macclenny, FL 32063, with Pastor Eddie Griffis of Raiford Road Church officiating. The Barber family is under the care and direction of V. TODD FERREIRA FUNERAL SERVICES (904) 2595700. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Community Hospice of Northeast Florida 4266 Sunbeam Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32257. Please Sign the Guestbook @ Jacksonville.com

"The Japanese have a commendable procedure by which they name very outstanding artists, poets, gardeners, and so on, “Living National Treasures.” Certainly Gene Barber qualified as one of our Living National Treasures. He knew more about the history of southeastern US than anyone I have encountered. Not only did he have the information, he conveyed it in the most interesting and unassuming manner. He was a great story teller, with a terrific sense of humor. I am sure everyone here today is well aware of his great artistic talent in producing many works of art and also, most remarkably, having the ability to teach others how to paint. Finally, he was a great orchid grower. No matter what your question about raising orchids, Gene always had an answer, and a good answer at that. He had ingenious home remedies for orchid maladies. He knew what conditions orchids needed to prosper and flower well, usually without the aid of a greenhouse. He shared his experience and knowledge gladly with all the members of the Jacksonville Orchid Society having served in various positions in the Society over many years, starting long before my wife and I moved here 17 years ago".
Keith Hall, past president of the Jacksonville Orchid Society

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