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This list is now part of the Alachua County Genealogy Society's Endeavor to create Bios on early residents of Alachua County.  If you have information about any of the surnames listed or if you would like to add others, please contact me, Jim Powell Jr.   You are encouraged to share your information.   There are severals ways to share. You can choose one or all of them.
1) Online Bios
2) Published in a future issue of the 'Latchua Country News (ACGS Quarterly)
3) Archived for the day that ACGS has enough Bios and funding to publish our Pioneers of Alachua County Book.

Click on any highlighted name to view more detail.  Additional information may also be obtained by contacting the descendant.

Contact A Descendant
ADKINS   Hawthorne .
BABCOCK   Gainesville   
BAILEY - J.B.   Gainesville  
BAKER - Edward H.   Paradise ,
BARROW - Penelope   , Etienne Brunet
BASS - Robert G.   Evinston Donna Bass Buchanan.
BATES - Fleming; Wilson; George W.   Fort Clark Earl R. Bates
BATES - George F.   Hawthorne  
BAUKNIGHT - J. P.   Gainesville  
BELL - James D.; Lorenzo M.   Hawthorne   
BENJAMIN - S. H.    Micanopy   
BERKSTRESSER - William H.    Hawthorne  
BEVILLE - John R.; Stephen    Gainesville   
BISHOP - Thurlow   Hawthorne ,
BOSTON - Eliza Dorothy; James; John   , Etienne Brunet
BOUSER - Emma L.    Hope  Melanie Cox
BOWMAN - Rubie M.   Hope Melanie Cox
BOULWARE - Martha   Waldo Theodore R. Paulling
BRADFORD - Henry    Newnansville  
BROWN - George L.    Newnansville   
BROWN - John L.   Hawthorne   
BROWN - Thomas L. LCN    
BROWN - Timothy LCN    
BRYANT - Calvin    Newnansville   
BURNETT - Samuel W.   Newnansville  
CASSELS - Hugh Gamble LCN    
CASSELS - William H. LCN    
CASTON - Asia Minor   Newnansville Cindy Nettles
CENTER - George Y.   Evinston  
CHAMBERLIN - George Sanford   Micanopy Shelley Chamberlin
CHESTNUT - John    Gainesville   
CLARK - Asa    Newnansville   
CLARK   Hawthorne  
CHISHOLM - William, Dudley, Thomas, Prymus, Ned   Gainesville  Antionette Russell
COLSON - Abraham     Priscilla Williams McCormick
COLSON - William      Martine Cox
COX   , Martine Cox
DAMPIER - Stephen      James D. Dampier
DANIELS - Enoch Sr., Enoch Jr., William, Robert H., Wiley & Abraham   Newnansville Judy Garner
DAWKINS - James B.    Hawthorne  
DEARING - Lemuel A.      
DELL - Agnes; Allie; Amos; A.E. (Bessie); Bennett Maxey; Camilla; Charles M.; Delia; Eliza; Fileous; George A.; George W.; James; James Bennett; James Blaxton; James Maxey; John Boston; John Boston, Jr.; John Boston Stanley; Joseph; Julius Bloxham; Loring; Louise; Martha; Mary Boston; McKay; Nancy; Philip; Phillip; Sallie; Sarah; Simeon.   , Etienne Brunet
Dell - Bennett Maxey LCN    
DICKINSON - J. J.    Gainesville   
DUTTON   Gainesville ,
ELLIS - Thomas C.    Newnansville   
EVANS   Island Grove ,
EVERS - Mary Ann(a) w/o Darius. LCN Newnansville C. C. Blankenship
EVINS - W. D.; Mary   Evinston ,
FELL - Ben    Evinston   
FINLEY - S. Y.    Gainesville   
FITCHETT - Charles L.; Charles F.    Newnansville  
FORWARD   Hawthorne ,
FOWLER - James Russell LCN    
GARRISON - Aletha Frances LCN    
GARRISON - Darius father of Michael & Isaac LCN , C. C. Blankenship
GARRISON - Michael LCN    
GASKINS - Henry   Hawthorne  Tracy McDonald 
GEIGER - Dr. Washington W.   Micanopy Anita Steele
GODBEY - Thomas K. LCN    
GODWIN - Jacob LCN    
GODWIN - Mary Reid LCN    
GOLDEN - Samuel B.   Newnansville   
GRADDICK (GRATTIC) - Andrew   Hawthorne  Tracy McDonald 
GRAHAM - J. M.; Lee     ,
HAGOOD - Gideon J.    Micanopy C. McCredie
HAILE - Thomas Evans LCN    
HALL - William   Micanopy  
HANCHEY - Sarah Rice   Waldo Mary Ann Nichols
HARN - William Samuel LCN    
HARTMAN - Francis M.   Paradise   
HARVILLE - Samuel LCN    
HAWTHORN - G. W. & P. E.    Hawthorne 
HESTER - F. B.; Frank   Evinston  
HILE    Gainesville   
HINES - Isaac   High Springs Randy Richardson
HINSON - Allen W.    Hawthorne   
HINSON - Florence C.    Hope   
HOLDEN - John & Sallie   Hawthorne  
HOPE - David & Frances Sophia Pyles (d/o Samuel & Charlotte)
HOPE - Henry (bro/David) & Alatha Frances Garrison (d/o Michael & Mary)
, C. C. Blankenship
HOWARD - Seth     Francis Howard
HUFF   Evinston ,
INGRAM - Tillman   Gainesville ,
JACKSON - Lawrence    Gainesville  Pamela D. Williams 

JOHNS - Cornelius 

  Monteocha area  Cliff Johns, CAPT USN RET 
JOHNSON - Augustus H.    Hawthorne   
JOHNSON - Alice Olla   Hawthorne
JOLLY - Andrew Absalom and Rhoda J. Goodyear;
Charles Franklin and Hattie O. Harris;
Ella Belle
  Waldo Dorris Harrison
JONES - Royal Leondis and Frances Elizabeth Tillman   , Sue Wooten.
KATZ - Jacob   Micanopy ,
LARTIGUE - Adriana Lucretia; Adrianna; Agnes Bellinger; Agnes Elizabeth; Agnes (Anais); Anne Carolina; Charles; Charles Etienne; Elizabeth Isadora; Etienne; Gerard; Gerard Bull; Gerard Dell; Isadore; Jacques Etienne; Kate; Louis Stewart; Lucia Ann; Lucretia; Marie Isadora; Ralph; Rosanna; twins   , Etienne Brunet
LEVY - Moses   Pilgramage ,
LINK - Jacob   Windsor/Rochelle Alva L. Collins, Jr
MacDONNELL - Thadeus    Gainesville  
MARSHALL   Gainesville  .
MATHERS - Augustus H.   Micanopy Jim Scruggs
MATHESON   Gainesville   
McCALL - Thomas W.    Gainesville  
McCREARY - H.H. & Irene (Richardson)   Gainesville  Dianna Vaughn
McCREARY - W.H.    Gainesville   
McCREDIE - David   Micanopy Rebekah Hurd
McCREDIE - David, James Sr, Thomas, John & David 2nd   Micanopy C. McCredie
McDONALD - James B.    Paradise   
McMICHAEL - John T. & Margie E.    Hawthorne   
McNeill - James Sr & sons Archibald & John      James Purcell
McRAE - T. J.    Hawthorne   
MEANS - George, Jim    Evinston   
MERANDES - Pedro    Micanopy   
MERCHANT - George Stuart. & Sarah;
Harry McCreary MERCHANT
David H MERCHANT 1833-
George Stuart MERCHANT 1856-1913
Harry McCreary MERCHANT 1898-1966
Addison David MERCHANT 1862-1928
  Gainesville Dianna Vaughn
MERRY - John D.   Micanopy C. McCredie
MITCHELL - Peter   Micanopy ,
MIZELL - David   , Dan Franklin
MORGAN - Daniel A. LCN    
MORGAN - Levander     Bill Morgan
MORRIS  - Robert   Hawthorne .
Contact A Descendant
O'QUINN - Elijah     Susan Mahoney
PARDEE - Willis Henry   Micanopy Warren Smith
PAULDING (PAULLING) - Falcon Fox   Hawthorne-Cross Creek Theodore R. Paulling
PEACOCK - John W.    Hawthorne   


PENDARVIS- James     Pat Creel-Kendrick
PELOT - John C.   Micanopy   
PERRY - W. S.  Hawthorne  
PHIFER - McCollum   Windsor Anita Steele
PHIFER   , Martine Cox
PILES - Samuel R.    Newnansville   
PITCHETT - John K.    Newnansville   
POLK - Daniel LCN    
POST   Paradise   
POWELL - Benjamin W.   Rochelle - Micanopy Anita Steele
PRESCOTT - Jesse   Newnansville Chery Smith
PREVATT - Thomas J.   Newnansville  
PYLES - Frances Sophia LCN    
PYLES - Colonel Samuel R. & Charlotte   , C. C. Blankenship
QUARLES - Nancy J.; Alice; Lanora   Hawthorne ,
RAMSEY   Gainesville  
RAULERSON - Eleanor Baggs     Shirley T. Shiver
REDDICK - Samuel    Gainesville   
REEVES - Basil; John    Evinston   
REGISTER - William R.   Hawthorne  .
RICHARD - Louis Joseph Francis   , Janna
ROBERTS - Jesse    Wacahoota  Gerry Hill 
ROBB - Andrews    Newnansville   
RUNKLE - Jerry    Paradise   
RUSSELL - Samuel   Newnansville Robert Taylor
SALLEY/SALIN - Henry (Heini) Sr.; Henry; Mary Cornelia; Rufus; Cephas; Uriah   , Etienne Brunet
SANCHEZ - Frances Roman LCN    
SANCHEZ - John J.; Roman B.   Newnansville ,
SAPP - Bartley E.   , Earl R. Bates
SAPP - Shadrack LCN    
SAVAGE  Gainesville   
SCOTT, Daniel   Grove Park  Gerald Greene
SCOTT - W. J.    Newnansville   
SHAW - J. R.   Evinston ,
SHEROUSE - Gottlieband wife Salome with children: Mary, John Christian, Israel, Cletus, Annie, Susan Ellen, Henry, Louis, James E., Littleberry, Jane, and Moses Emanuel   Hope Susan (Gay) Peterson
SHUFORD - William T.     Micanopy  Bruce Bolton 
SHUFORD - George W. & William T   Micanopy C. McCredie
SIKES - James F.    Hawthorne   
SIMONTON - Mattie   Micanopy ,
SIPPER, Daniel   . Lonni Maywald
SMITH - Alfred J.    Paradise   
SMITH - C. F.; L. C.    Gainesville   
SMITH - Charles S.   Evinston   
SMITH - J. Bunyan    Evinston   
SMITH - R. B.   Hawthorne  
SMITH - Warren LCN   Warren Smith 
SMITH - Warren Augustus   Micanopy  Warren Smith 
SMITH - Kennerly Dekalb    Gainesville  Warren Smith
SMITH - Henry Thomas   Newnansville Warren Smith 
SMITH - Edwin Levi    Flemington  Warren Smith
SMITH - Wesley William    Newnansville  Warren Smith 
SMITH - Fletcher Cullen   Micanopy Warren Smith 
SPARKMAN - William     Greg & Sandra Haxton
STANDLEY - John Blackstone II.; Laura L LCN Etienne Brunet
STANDLEY - Zilpha   Newnansville  
STOKES - Lawrence J.   Hawthorne   
STRICKLAND - William Albert; T. Justus   Paradise   
STRUBEL - Jacob   Newnansville ,
TENCH - John W.; Benmont M.; Harry    Gainesville   
THOMAS - G. F.   Gainesville ,.
THOMAS - Mary Riviere   Newnansville Donna Parrish
THOMAS - Rowland & Elizabeth Sasser     Dianna Vaughn
THOMAS - Roland & Mary Ann Carver     Dianna Vaughn
THOMAS - Samuel and his wife Sophia with children: Joseph, James, George, Sophia and Milley.   , Jim Thomas
THOMPSON - B. W.   Newnansville ,
TILLMAN - William Dixon and Caroline Elizabeth Zetrouer; Frances Elizabeth   , Sue Wooten
TINDALE - Wiley, Elizabeth, John, Matthew, Wiley F., Samuel, Hill S., and William A.   Starke Sheila Tindle
TISON - William C.    Newnansville   
TOMPKINS - James LCN    
TOMPKINS - John Wesley LCN    
TOMPKINS - Wilson Peek LCN    
TRAXLER - William Henry LCN    
TURNER - E. D.   Gainesville ,
WAITS - Calvin    Hawthorne   
WALKER - James Berry LCN    
WATERS   Hope ,
WATERS - Gabriel I;Gabriel II and Irena Yeomans; William and Mary Mosley; Ephraim and Louisa Phillips; Sarah and John Morrison   Alachua/Levy
Ray Roddy
WERTHEIM - L.    Hawthorne  ,
WILLIAMS - Lewellen   Newnansville  Pat Creel
WILSON - C. L.   Newnansville  
WILSON - Henry C.   Newnansville Barbara Wilson Krause
WILSON - Lemuel   Newnansville  Barbara Wilson Krause
WINBERLY - M.    Newnansville   
WINECOFF - Jacob   Micanopy C. McCredie
WINECOFF - Jacob    Micanopy  Bruce Bolton 
WOLFENDON - J. L.; J. S.   Evinston  
WOOD - H. D.; R. P. (Rob), Fred   Evinston ,
WORTHINGTON - Samuel     Jim Scruggs
WORTHINGTON - Granville Hickman     Jim Scruggs
WRIGHT - Upson Alexander LCN    
WYNN - Charlotte Wynn w/o Samuel. 2m, Richard R. Crum LCN , C. C. Blankenship
YULEE - David   Micanopy ,
ZEITROUER - John Robert and Eliza Remshart; Caroline Elizabeth   , Sue Wooten
ZETROUER - Mary w/o Michael.   , C. C. Blankenship
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