17th Century Peerages
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Peerages in Ireland
during the 17th Century

On surname lists, it really pays to take the time to go down the whole thing carefully! Often names have been spelled many ways, and one needs to play with them phonetically in order not to miss one's goal due to "odd" spellings!

Also, don't forget to look through the Mc's, Mac's, O's... and also, if you have a prefix, check for those who've dropped it!

from DH Fianna Thanks Dianna Hanson for this donated page.

Taken from "Irish Pedigrees", referring to manuscripts kept at the Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland.

Not Complete! A - R only!

Ardglas ArranAthenreeAthenry
Athloan BaltimoreBaltinglassBarrymore
Blessington Brittas CahirCarbry
Culmore Curraghmore Desmond Doeura
Donegal DroghedaDunboyneDungannon
Dunsany Ely Enniskillen Esmond
KilultahKinalmeakyKingsland Kinston
MonaghanMount Alexander MoutgarretMountrath

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 Fianna Thanks Pat Traynor for this donated material.
 Fianna Thanks Diana Hanson for this donated material.
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