Helps for Research in Wales
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Research in Wales

[Irish and Welsh folk traveled back and forth a great deal. For that reason we include here a smattering of helps to get one started tracing in Wales. There is no atttempt to be complete... this is just a starting spot.]

Much of what applies to "Great Britain" or "England" applies to Wales. Records are all maintained with English records. Please check the English page for national resources. As with England most parish records for Wales are housed in the various county record offices. The National Library of Wales is situated in Aberystwyth. It's slightly out of the way being on the coast of mid-West Wales but is a useful single location for records. You'll find the registrars' indexes for England and Wales, numerous parish registers for Wales on microfiche, IGI, census returns etc.

Some On-Line Resources


"Ap" is the Welsh counterpart of "Mac/Mc."

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