Irish Research in Canada-Addresses
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Researching in Canada

Some very useful addresses:



   Newfoundland and           		Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society
   Labrador Genealogical     		Box 2744
   Society                    		CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island
   Colonial Building          		C1A 8C4
   ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland
   A1C 2C9

   Genealogical Association   		New Brunswick Genealogical Society
   of Nova Scotia             		P.O. Box 3235, Station B
   Box 641, Station M         		FREDERICTON, New Brunswick
   HALIFAX, Nova Scotia       		E3A 5G9
   B3J 2T3

   Le Centre d'Étude          		La Société généalogique
   Acadiennes                 		canadienne-française
   Moncton University         		C.P. 335
   MONCTON, New Brunswick     		Station place d'Armes
   E1A 3E9                    		MONTRÉAL, Québec
                              		H2Y 3H1

   La Société de généalogie  		Québec Family History Society
   de Québec                  		P.O. Box 1026
   C.P. 9066                  		POINTE-CLAIRE, Québec
   STE-FOY, Quebec            		H9S 1N9
   G1V 4A8

   Fédération des            		Ontario Genealogical Society
   familles-souches           		40 Orchard View Blvd
   québécoises                		Suite 102
   C.P. 6700                  		TORONTO, Ontario
   SILLERY, Québec            		M4R 1B9
   G1T 2W2

   Société                    		Manitoba Genealogical Society
   franco-ontarienne          		885 Notre-Dame Avenue
   d'histoire et de           		WINNIPEG, Manitoba
   généalogie                 		R3E 0M4
   C.P. 720, Succursale B
   OTTAWA, Ontario
   K1P 5P8

   Saskatchewan               		Alberta Genealogical Society
   Genealogical Society       		116, 10440 - 108 Avenue
   1870 Lorne Street, 2nd     		EDMONTON, AB
   floor                      		T5H 3Z9
   Box 1894           
   REGINA, Saskatchewan
   S4P 3E1

   Alberta Family Histories   		British Columbia Genealogical Society
   Society                    		P.O. Box 88054
   P.O. Box 30270, Station    		RICHMOND, British Columbia
   B                          		V6X 3T6
   CALGARY, Alberta
   T2M 4P1

   NWT Genealogical Society
   P.O. Box 1715
   Yellowknife, NT
   X1A 2P5


   Provincial Archives of               Public Archives and Records Office
   Newfoundland and Labrador            Box 1000
   Colonial Building                    CHARLOTTEOWN, Prince Edward Island
   Military Road                        CiA 7M4
   ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland             (902) 368-4290
   A1C 2C9                              
   (709) 729-3065                      

   Public Archives of Nova Scotia      	Provincial Archives of New
   6016 University Avenue               Brunswick
   HALIFAX, Nova Scotia                 P.O. Box 6000
   B3H 1W4                              FREDERICTON, New Brunswick
   (902) 424-6060                       E3B 5H1
                                       	(506) 453-2122

   Archives nationales du Québec        Archives of Ontario
   1012, avenue du Séminaire            77 Grenville Street West
   C.P. 10450                           TORONTO, Ontario
   SAINTE-FOY, Québec                  	M7A 2R9
   G1V 4N1                              (416) 327-1600
   (418) 643-8904                       1-800-668-9933 (from Ontario only)

   Provincial Archives of Manitoba      Saskatchewan Archives Board
   200 Vaughan Street                   Murray Building
   WINNIPEG, Manitoba                   University of Saskatchewan
   R3C 1T5                              3 Campus Drive
   (204) 945-3971                       SASKATOON, Saskatchewan
                                        S7N 5A4
                                        (306) 933-5832

   Saskatchewan Archives Board         	Provincial Archives of Alberta
   Regina Office                        12845-102 Avenue
   University of Regina                 EDMONTON, Alberta
   REGINA, Saskatchewan                 T5N 0M6
   S4S 0A2                             	(403) 427-1750
   (306) 787-4068

   British Columbia Archives           	Yukon Archives
   655 Belleville Street               	P.O. Box 2703
   VICTORIA, British Columbia           WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory
   V8V 1X4                             	Y1A 2C6
   (250) 387-1952                      	(403) 667-5321

   Archives of the Northwest
   c/o Prince of Wales Northern
   Heritage Centre
   YELLOWKNIFE, Northwest Territories
   X1A 2L9
   (403) 873-7698

The National Archives of Canada provides a genealogical reference service for members of the public. They are located at 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

Letters should be mailed to the following address:

Genealogy Unit Researcher Services Division National Archives of Canada 395 Wellington Street OTTAWA, Ontario K1A 0N3

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