Immigration Bibliography
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Immigration Bibliography

from DH Fianna Thanks Dianna Hanson for this donated page.

The following sources are compiled in the first three volumes of The New York and Philadelphia Passenger Listsavailable at most major libraries. If your time period and area is listed, please consult your local library.

To search - go to edit - find on your browser menu and type in the word or year your are looking for. I have abbreviated states names and many entries are in German or French so please try alternative spellings or only the first three letters. Good luck!

Reference #Source Indexed - AuthorTitle
48Adams, ArthurAdams Emigration Lists, 1572-1640, England"
53Adams, NathanielAnnals Of Portsmouth: Comprising a Period of 200 Years from the First Settlement of the Town, with Biographical Sketches of a Few of the Most Respectable Inhabitants"
61Adler, CyrusJews in the American Plantations between 1600-1700
108Ames, AzelThe May-Flower" and Her Log, Jul 15, 1620 - 6 May 1621
117Anderson, Rasmus BRestaurationen - the Norse Mayflower"
132Armstrong, EdwardAn Address, Delivered at Chester Before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on the 8th of November, 1851
162Aspinwall, Algernon Aikin"The Mayflower Passengers"
212Baeumer, OttoA Siegerland Emigrant List of 1738
236Balderston, MarionPennsylvania 1683 Ships and Some of their Passengers
242Balderston, MarionThe Real Welcome Passengers
248Balderston, MarionWilliam Penn's Twenty-Three Ships with Notes of Some of their Passengers
263Banks, Charles EdwardThe Planters of the Commonwealth, a Study of the Emigrants and Emigration in Colonial .... Massachusetts ....1620-1640
269Banks, Charles EdwardScotch Prisoners Deported to New England by Cromwell 1651-1652
275Banks, Charles EdwardTopographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-50
281Banks, Charles EdwardThe Winthrop Fleet of 16730....
321-327Barnes, Robert W.Gleanings from Maryland Newspapers 1727-1798
354Barnes, Walter D.A List of Servants Names Brought into Maryland by the Nightengale,... 1669
356Barnes, Walter D.Transported 1677, ... Commander of the Crown Milligo
418Battle, J.H.Passengers on the Friends' Adventure, 1682 and the Endeavor, 1682
428Battle, J.H.A Registry of All the People in the County of Bucks Within the Province of Pennsylvania that Have to Come to Settle the Said County, 1887
488Bell, Raymond MartinThe Ensminger Family "The Pennsylvania Dutchman"
528Beverly, Trevia WoosterIndex to Naturalization Records - Grayson County, TX 1855-1907
538Beverly, Trevia WoosterWaller County, Texas Naturalization Records with Record of Alien Owned Lands
578Blasig, AnneAn Abstract of the Original Ship Register of the Wendish Colonists of Texas of 1854
588Blegen, Theodore C.The Passengers on the Restaurationen in 1825 to New York
618Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWittSome Amelia County, VA Colonists 1737-1745
648Bolton, Charles KnowlesThe Petition to Governor Shute in 1718
666Boogher, William FletcherImmigrant List, 1707 Gleanings of VA History...
689Bottenberg, HelenPassenger List of Ship Helene Jul 3, 1849
702Boyer, Carl 3rdShip Passenger Lists, national and New England 1600-1825
732Boys, WilliamCollections for an History of Sandwich IN Kent, with Notices of Other Cinque Ports and Members and of Richborough 1786-1792
744Boys, WilliamEmigrants in the Hercules of Sandwich (Jan 1861)
756Bradford, WiliamLists of Passengers to America. From Authentic Sources. Passengers of the Mayflower as enumerated by Governor Bradfor in His History of Plymouth Plantation.
860Braun, Fritz18th Century Palatine Emigrants from the Ludwigshafen Area
869Braun, FritzPalatines on the Ship Thistle of Glasgow (1730)
877Braun, FritzPassengers on the Loyal Judith (1740)
943Bristol and AmericaA Records of the First Settlers in the Colonies of North America, 1654-1685.... and also to the West Indies from 1654-1685
973Brown, Charlotte C.Passengers on the Henry Francis 1685
993Brumbaugh, Gaius MarcusEarly Maryland Naturalizations, etc. from Kilty's Laws
1056Cadbury, Henry J.Four Immigrant Shiploads of 1836 and 1837
1064Calder, Isabel MacBeathPassengers on the Hector 1637-1638
1088Cameron, Viola RootEmigrants from Scotland to America, 1774-1775
1120Cappel, AlbertAmerican Emigration Materials from Pfedersheim
1158Childs, St. Julien R.The Petit-Guerard Colony
1180Clark, Raymond B.Frederick County, MD Naturalizations 1785-1799
1190Clarke, Louise BrownellThe Greenes of Rhode Island with Historical Records of English Ancestry 1534-1902
1222-1223Coldham, Peter WislonEnglish Convicts in Colonial America
1232Coldham, Peter WislonList of Convicts 1748
1242Coldham, Peter WislonScottish Rebels Transported to Maryland 1747
1252Coldham, Peter Wislonsome Passenger Lists of 1677
1272Colonial Records of VirginiaLists of the Living & the Dead in VA, Feb 16, 1623
1292Cook, Lewis d.Fenwick, Adams, Hedge, and Champneys, of Salem, NJ
1312Coulter, Ellis MertonA List of the First Shipload of Georgia Settlers
1322Coulter, Ellis MertonA List of The Early Settlers of Georgia
1342Cowgill, E.B.The Passengers on the Welcome
1362Cox, Richard JServants at Northampton Forge, Baltimore County, MD 1772-1774
1372Cox, Richard JSome Maryland Recruits of 1776
1384Cramton, Louis CPassenger List of the Sarah Sheaffe May 1836
1422Curry, Kate SingerNaturalizations during the Court Sessions of Jan 1798 Washington Co., MD
1548DeVille, WinstonLouisiana Recruits 1752-1758 Ship Lists of Troops from the Independent companies of the Navy Destined for Service in the French Colony of Louisiana
1587Dickson, L. RaylorThe Sailing of the Ship Submission in the Year 1682, with a True copy of the Vessel's Log
1894Dickson, Robert JUlster Emigration to Colonial America 1718-11775
1632Diffenderffer, Frank RiedThe German Immigration in to PA through the Port of Philadelphia from 1700-1775
1712Dumont, William HFrench Emigrants to Richmond County, GA
1722Dunlap, ARThree Lists of Passengers to New Amstel
1732Durnbaugh, Donald FEuropean Origins of the Brethren
1762Early Irish Emigrants to AmericaEarly Irish Emigrants to America 1803-1806
1794Edwards, LWEmigration of Bicester (Market Eng) Oxfordshire, Paupers to NY 1830
1858Engerrand, George C.List of Wends Who Came with the 1854 Emigration (The so Called Wends of Germany and Their colonies in TX and in Australia)
1898Evjen, John OScandinavian Immigrants in NY 1630-1674 with appendices ....
1916Fairbrother, EHForeign Protestants for Carolina in 1679
1946Faust, Albert BList of Emigrants from Zurich to Carolina and PA 1734=1744 List of Those Persons who Left the Parish Uster for Carolina, 1736-1743
1952Faust, Albert BLists of Swiss Emigrants in the 18th Century to the American Colonies.
1960Faust, Albert BLists of Swiss Emigrants in the 18th Century to the American colonies, Vol. 2
2016Ffolliott, RosemaryThe Irish Passengers Aboard the New world, Liverpool - NY Oct-Dec 1853
2026Fields, S. HelenCovenanters and the work of Rev. John Cathbertson
2044Filby, P. WilliamWe the Passengers, Redemptioners, and Servants, in All One Hundred and Seventy, from Belfast to America, Jun 30, 1789
2046Filby, P. WilliamWe the Passengers Who Sailed with Captain Jefferis in the Brig Brothers from Belfast to Wilmington, 1790
2100Forsyth, Alice D. and Earlene L. ZerinqueGerman Pest Ships 1720-1721
2128Fothergill, GeraldEmigrants from England 1773-1776
2272Fries, Adelaide LLists of Moravian Immigrants to NC 1753-1759
2292Froehlich, HugoPioneers from Staudernheim
2302Fry, Philip HImportations - A History of Orange County, VA
2313Futhey, John Smith and Gilbert CopeA Partial Registry of Arrival was made Betwen the years 1682 and 1688
2324Galenson, DavidAgreements to Serve in America and the West Indies, 1727=1731
2334Gammon, William JEmigrants to Bath County, NC
2424Gensburger, RobinPassengers on S. S. Brandenburg,
2464Gerber, AdolfNeue Beitraege zur Auswanderung nach Amerika im 18. Jahrhundert aus Altwuerttembergischen Kirchenburchern unter Hinzuiziehung anderer Quellen Stuggart 1929
2484Geue, Chester W. and Ethel Hander GeueA New Land Beckoned: German Immigration to Texas 1844=1847
2504Geue, Ethel HanderNew Homes in a New Land, German Immigration to Texas
2524Ghirelli, Micahel A List of Emigrants from England to America 1682-1692 Transcribed from the Original Records at the City of London Record Office
2544Gillingham, Harrold E.Passengers from the Rhineland to PA
2554Gillingham, Harrold E.Philadelphia Arrivals, 1738
2590Glasgow, William MelancthonScotch Prisoners Banished to PA and NY 1685
2732Gossage, F.T.Irish Railroad Builders
2742Grady, John C.Passenger List of the British ship Euphemia from Liverpool, Arriving Port of New Orleans, LA Oct 20, 1849
2772Greer, George CabellEarly VA Immigrants 1623-1666
2832Guillet, Edwin C.The Valley of the Trent, Toronto
2851Gwynn, AubreyDocuments Relating to the Irish in the West Indies, Servants Transported to Newport News, VA in the Flying Hart, 1621 and the Providence 1623
2979Hazard, SamuelAnnals of PA from the Discovery of the Delaware 1609-1682
2989Headlam, CecilCalendar of State Papers Colonial Series, America and the West Indies, Jan 1716-Jul 1717
3030Henderson, F.J.R.Scots in Cuba
3040Heraldic Artists LtdHandbook of Irish Genealogy: How to Trace Your Ancestors and Relatives in Ireland
3152Hills, Leon ClarkHistory and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters and First Comers to Ye Olde Colonie Vol. 1
3161Hinke, William JEarly Swiss Settlers (relating chiefly to Interior PA)
3193Hinke, William JA List of German Immigrants to the American colonies from Zweibruecken in the Palatinate 1728-1749
3213-3215Hodges, Mrs. George WA List of Persons Naturalized by Particular Acts Feb 1923-Feb 1925
3233Hoffman, William JPalatine Emigrants to America from the Principality of Nassau-Dillenburg
3253Hollander, Jacob HarryThe Naturalization of Jews in the American Colonies under the Act of 1740
3273Holman, Winifred LoveringMarriages of Emigrants to Virginia
3283Hotten, John CamdenThe Original Lists of Persons of Quality,.... 1600-1700
3303Huehner, LeonNaturalization of Jews in NY under the act of 1740
3313Hull, William IWilliam Penn and the Dutch Quaker Migration to PA
3323Hunt, John GSome Passengers of the Mary and John in 1630
3333Hurst, Charles WFrench and German Immigrants into Boston 1751
3418Immigrants to Louisiana 1719Immigrants to Louisiana 1719
3450Ireland, North Public Record OfficeAmerican Passengers Lists 1804-1806
3470Ives, J. MossThe Ark and the Dove; The Beginning of Civil and Religious Liberties in America
3490Jameson, J. FranklinAnswer to the Representation of New Netherland, by Cornelis van Tienhove, 165,0
3510Jervey, Theodore DThe White Indented Servants of SC
3520Jester, Annie Lash and Martha Woodroof HidenMusters of the Inhabitants of VA 1624/25
3530-3534Jewett, Vivian HollandAbstracts of Naturalization Records, Circuit Court, SDC 1953-1957
3580Johnson, Robert G.Memoir of John Fenwicke, Chief Proprietor of Salem Tenth, NJ
3610Jones, HankEmigrants from Germany to Colonial America, 1720-1760
3620Jones, HankThe Palatine Families of NY
3630Jones, William MacFarlaneA List of ye French Refugees that Settled att Ye Mannachin Town 1750-1797 Richmond, VA
3640Jones, William MacFarlaneListe Generalle de Tous les Francois Protestants Refugies Etablys dans la Paroisse du Roy Guillaume d'Henrico en Virginia, y Compres les Femmes, Enfans, Veuses, et Orphelins.
3730Kaufholz, C. FrederickEmigrants from Duderstadt, Germany to America, 1822-1865
3796Kellogg, Lucy MaryShip List of the Orient 19 May 1842
3816King, Fannie BaylyAugusta County Earl Settlers, Importations, 1739-40
4085Krebs, FriedrichAmerican Emigration from Baden-Durlach in the Years 1749-1751
4203Krebs, FriedrichAnnotations to Strasssburger and Hinke's PA German Pioneers
4252Krebs, Friedrich18th Century Emigrants from Edenkoben in the Palatinate
4280Krebs, FriedrichEinige Amerika-Auswanderer des 18. Jahrhunderts.
4322Krebs, FriedrichEmigrants from Baden-Durlach to PA 1749-1755
4343Krebs, FriedrichEmigrants of the 18th Century from the Northern Palatinate
4350Krebs, FriedrichEmigrants to American from the Duchy of Zweibruecken
4357Krebs, FriedrichA List of German Immigrants to the American colonies from Zweibruecken in the Palatinate 1750-1771
4371Krebs, FriedrichMore 18th Cenbtury Emigrants from the Palatine
4378Krebs, FriedrichNotes on 18th Century Emigration to the British Colonies
4385Krebs, FriedrichPalatine Emigrants from the District of Neustadt 1750
4392Krebs, FriedrichPalatine Emigrants of the 18th Century
4397Krebs, FriedrichPalatine Emigrants to America from the Oppenheim Area 1742-49
4417Krebs, FriedrichPennsylvania Dutch Pioneers from Baden-Durlach 1752
4422Krebs, FriedrichPennsylvania Pioneers from the Neckar Valley, 1749-50
4477Kuhns, Maude PinneyThe Mary and John, a Story of the Founding of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1630
4575Leeson, FrancisRecords of Irish Emigrants to Canada in Sussex Archives 1839-1847
4592Le Fevre, RalphHistory of New Paltz, NY and it's Old Families from 1678-1820...
4622Lillyu, Mrs. Grant E.Passengers of the Peter and Anthony
4672List of German...List of German Passengers Arrived in the Port Philadelphia in the Ship Margaret from Amsterdam Sep 19, 1804
4752List of the Pilgrims of the WelcomeList of the Pilgrims of the Welcome
4880Lucas, Henry StephenNetherlanders in America, Dutch Immigration to the United States and Canada
4920McConney, E JPrisoners of the 45 Rising The Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society
4930McCorkle, Elyzabeth S.Canadian and Nova Scotia Refugees to NY
4940McCracken, George E.Passengers on the Shield 1684
5183Mak, MartinS.S. Patria of Hamburg, Germany to NY 4 Aug 1899
5243Marshall, William ForbesNames of Some Ministers... Presbyterian... 1680-1820...
5328MassachusettsA List of Alkien Passengers Bonded from 1 Jan 1847 to Jan 1, 1851 for the Use of the Overseers of the Poor in the Commonwealth.
5593Mertz, Marian SowersJuniata County, PA Naturalization Records
5613Meyer, Mary KeysorPassenger Arrival at the Port of Baltimore
5623Meyer, Mary KeysorPassenger Arrivals at the Port of Baltimore. A List of Passengers on Board the Prussian Brig, Helena, Capt. JB Sehlin from Havre, 19 Aug 1840
5635Meyers, Carol MEarly Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664
5645Middlebrook, Louis F.The Ship Mary of Philadelphia 1740
5877Mundel, HedwigA 1725 List of Wittgenstein Emigrants
5907Muster of the Inhabit...Muster of the Inhabitants in VA Taken in 1625...
5990Names and Occupations of Newburgh PalatinesNames and Occupations of Newburg Palatines
6011Naturalization of MD ...Naturalization of MD Settlers in PA
6041Naturalizations, Germantown, PACopia Naturalizations of Francis Daniel Pastorius and of 61 Perons More of German Town from William Penn, Esq.
6064Neill, Edward DuffieldBurgesses of the Assembly Convened at Jamestown, Oct 16, 1629
6070Neill, Edward DuffieldThe Founders of Maryland as Portrayed in Manuscripts Provincial Records and Early Documents
6077Neill, Edward DuffieldPassengers on the American Merchant 1714
6107-6108New Castle County, DENew Castle County, Delaware Naturalization Records 1826-1858
6157Newman, Harry WrightDocumented List of the Adventurers on the Ark and the Dove...Maryland 1654
6169Newsome, ARRecords of Emigrants from England and Scotland to North Carolina
6248Athe Oath of Abjurationthe Oath of Abjuration 1715-1716
6258O'Brien, Michael JEarly Immigrants to Virginia 1623-1666
6264O'Brien, Michael JGrantees of Land in the Colony and the State of VA
6286O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyEarly Highland Immigration to NY
6291O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyEarly Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664
6296O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyEmigrants to the Colony on the Delaware River
6301O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyList of the Palatins Remaining at NY 1710
6306O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyNames of Settlers in Rensselaerswyck from 1630-1646
6316O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyThe Names, Trades, & c. of the German Protestants to be Settled at NY
6326O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyThe Roll Off Those Who Haue Taken the Oath off Allegiance in the Kings County in the Province off New Yorke the Sep 1687
6331O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileySecretary Van Tienhoven's Answer to the Remonstrance from New Netherland
6341O'Callaghan, Edmund BaileyStatement of Heads of Palaten Famileys and Number of Persons in Both towns on ye West Side of Hudsons River, Winter 1710
6411Olsson, Nils WilliamSwedish Passenger Arrivals in Ny 1820-1850
6441Palatines and ...Palatines and Servants Imported on the King of Prussia
6463A Partial List ...A Partial List of the Families Who Resided in Bucks Co PA prior to 1687
6478A Passenger List...A Passenger List of Mennonite Immigrants from Russia in 1878
6520Passenger..Passenger Lists 1657-1664 from documentary History of NY
6560-6570Passenger..Passengers for New England Sep 1900-Apr 1907
6665-6666Pennsylvania..Minutes of the Provincial Council of PA... 1840-1851
6695Prez. LFrench Immigrants to Louisiana 1796-1800
6710Perry, William StevensListe generalle de tous les Francois Protestans refugies, etablys dans la paroisse du Roy Guillaume Comte d'Henrico en Virginia, y ... 1650-1776
6800Post-Revolutionary...Post Revoluntionary Arrivals at the Port of Philadelphia
6815Potter, Elisha R.Memoir Concerning the French Settlements and the French Settlers in the Colony of RI
6920-6931Pritzkau, Gwen B. Passengers Lists 1972-1977
7050Punch, Terrence M.Irish Deserters at Halifax, Nova Scotia during the napoleonic Wars
7080Punch, Terrence M.The Passengers on the Polly
7141Raskob, John JacobThe Ark and the Dove.
7156Rasmussen, Louis J.San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists
7192Ravenel, DanielListe des Francois et Suisses. From an Old Manuscript list of French and Swiss Protestants settled in Charleston on the Santee and at the Orange Quarter in Carolina who desired Naturalization about 1695-96
7207Record...Record of Indentures of Individuals Bound Out as Apprentices, Servants, Etc, and .... 3 Oct 1771
7282Reinders, AliceDelaware Settlers, 1693
7343Revill, JanieA Compilation of the Original lists of Protestant Immigrants to SC 1763-1773
7355Rey, TimothyPassenger List of Catherine
7375Richardson, Hester DorseyThe Ark and the Dove Passengers Early MD Families
7385Richardson, Hester DorseyNames of Those Who Were Sent Over as King's Rebels in the Ship Friendship
7395Richardson, Hester DorseySecond Shipload of Scottish Rebels Sent to Maryland 18 Oct 1716 on the Good Speed
7460-7461Rieder, Milton P Jr and Norma Gaudet RiederNew Orleans Ship Lists 1820-1823
7600Roach, Hannah BennerPost - Revolutionary Arrivals in the Delaware River
7610Roberts, Charles RGermanic Immigrants Named in Early PA Ship Lists
7620Robertson, LoisShip List, North German Bark Goeshe 3 Jul 1868
7680The roll...The roll of Those Who Have Taken the Oath off Allegiance in the Kings County in the Province ofof New Yorke the Sep 1687
7700Rosdail, Jesse HThe Original Sloopers The Story of the People on the Norwegian Mayflower - the Sloop Restoration
7910Rubincam, MiltonPassenger List of the Steamer Fah Kee
7820Rupp, Israel DanielA Collection of Upward of 30,000 of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in PA from 1727-1776...
7860Sams, Conway WhittleThe Conquest of Virginia, The Second Attempt
7921-7934Schall, NedPassenger Lists 1978
7976Scharf, John ThomasList of Gentlemen Adventurers and Their Servants on the Ark and the Dove
7997Scharf, John ThomasNames of Alines Naturalized by Special Acts of the Provincial Legislature between 1666-1760 MD
8050Schell, Jack s.Emigrants from Bischweiler, Zweibruecken 1760-1764
8070Schermerhorn, William EThe History of Burlington, NH from the Early European Arrivals in the Delaware to the Quarter Millennial Anniversary in 1927, of the settlement by English Quakers in 1677
8130Schultz, EstherPassenger List of the Ship Salier from Germany to New York 1882
8202Scott, KennethKennebec County, Maine Naturalizations
8212Scott, KennethOrphan Children sent to New Netherland
8280Seacord, Morgan HortonBiographical Sketches and Index of the Hugenot Settlers of New Rochelle 1687-1776
8330Seiwert, Jean M.Passenger List of the SS Scythia
8350Sellers, JohnNaturalization Book One Cooke County, TX
8360Settlers ...Settlers in Renssalaerswyck from 1630-46
8450Sickler, Joseph SPassengers ont he Griffin 1675
8500-85014Skinner, Jean C.Excerpts from Ship Passengers Lists 1977-1978
8530Smith, Clifford NealBritish Deportees to America, part 1 1760-1763
8560Smith, Clifford NealBrunswick Deserter Immigrants of the American Revolution
8590Smith, Clifford NealEmigrants from Saxony (Grandducy of Sachsen-Weimar=Eisenach) to America 1854-1859
8602Smith, Clifford NealEmigrants from the Principality of Hessen-Hanau Germany 1741+-1767
8610Smith, Clifford NealGerman Immigrants on the Indostan May 1804
8630Smith, Clifford NealHessian laborers at Lancaster, PA 1777
8640Smith, Clifford NealMercenaries from Ansbach and Bayreuth, Germany who remained in America After the Revolution
8670Smith, Clifford NealSome German Prisoners of War in the American Revolution
8690Smith, Clifford NealTransported Jacobite Rebels 1716
8730Smith, Henry AMThe South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine
8760Smith, SamuelThe History of the Colony of Nova-Caesaria or NY...1721
8880Spencer, Wilbur DPioneers on Maine Rivers, with Lists to 1651
8945Steinemann, ErnstA List of 18th Century Emigrants from the Canton of Schaffhausen to the American Colonies 1734-1752
8965Stephenson, JeanNaturalization Registers US District Court Charles SC 1792-1800
9041-9042Strassburger, Ralph BeaverPA German Pioneers - A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727-1808
9070Stucky, Harley JThe Swiss (Volhynian) Mennoite Ship List 1874 of the Immigrants who Came From Russia
9135Tepper, MichaelImmigrants to the Middle Colonies, A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data from the NY Genealogical and Biographical Record
9151Tepper, MichaelPassengers to America, A Consolidation Ship Passenger Lists from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register
9158Thirty Pounds RewardThe PA Genealogical Magazine "Thirty Pounds Reward"
9230Turner, Walter LeSueurCommunication from Governor Francis Nicholson of VA Regarding Huguenot Refugees on Board Ship Mary and Ann
9238Tyler, Lyon GardinerCensus of Inhabitants The Cradle of the Republic, Jamestown and James River
9258US...Letter from Secretary of State with a Transcript of the List of Passengers who Arrived in the US from the 1 Oct 1819 to 30 Oct 1830
9268US..Passengers Who Arrived in the US Sep 1821-Dec 1823
9290-9314US..Index to Records of Alien's Declarations ... 1789-1880 Supreme Court of PA
9400Van Tienhove, CornelisVan Tienhoven's Answer to the Vertoogh, 1760
9412Various...Various Sailings from Scotland to Boston Between 1716-1766
9436Villere, Sidney LewisThe Canary Islands Migration to Louisiana 1778-1783
9520Vujnovich, Milos M.South Slav Immigrants who Arrived at New Orleans on Regular Passenger Vessels 1821-1870
9540Walker, AlexanderList of Passengers from Gravesend Destined Principally to the new world 1677
9550Walker, AlexanderSome Pioneers of NC 1674-1701
9580Wareing, JohnThe Emigration of Indentured Servants from London 1683-1686
9590Wareing, JohnSome Early Emigrants to America 1683-1684
9670Wells, Frederic PalmerHistory of Barnet, VT from the Outbreak of the French and Indian War to Present Tie...e
9725White, Frank F. JrA List of Convicts Transported to Maryland
9738Whitehead, William A.Names of Those Who Sailed on the Henry and Francis 1685
9750Whitmore, William HPort Arrivals and Immigrants to the City of Boston 01715-1716 and 1762-1769
9770Whyte, DonaldPassenger List of the Schooner Lady Mary
9840Wodrow, RobertLists of Scotch Prisoners deported to NY 1685
9870Wolfe, Richard JEarly NY Naturalization Records in the Emmett Collection,.... 1802-1814
9880Wood, GregoryThe French Presence in MD 1524-1800
9890Wood, Virginia SteeleShip Passenger Lists, Savannah, GA 1820-1868
9902Wust, Klaus G.List of 31 Passengers who Arrived in Baltimore in Fall 1784...
9916Wyand, Jeffrey A.Colonial MD Naturalizations
9960Yuoder, DonPA Emigrants from Friedrichstal
9995Zuill, William E.S.Emigrants to Bermuda, 1850

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