An Gorta Mor, the "famine"
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An Gorta Mor

The Great Hunger (Famine)

Some Useful books:

The Great Calamity, The Irish Famine 1845-1852 by Christine Kineally;published by Roberts Rinehart Publishers, Boulder, Colorado ISBN 1-57098-140-X

The Greast Hunger 1845-1849 by Cecil Woodham -Smith published by Penguin ISBN 0-14-014515-X

Annals of the Famine in Ireland by Asenath Nicholson Edited by Maureen Murphy; Published by Lilliput Press 62-63 Sitric Road, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7, Ireland ISBN 1-874675-94-5

Arctic Ireland - The extraordinary story of the Great Forgotten Famine of 1740-41 Author: David Dickson, a native of Derry and in 1997 a Senior lecturer in the Dept of Modern History, Trinity College Dublin, and Co-Director of the National Famine Research Project in 1997.
ISBN: 1 870132 85 8 First published 1997 by the White Row Press Ltd., Belfast.

Some good related URL's include:

An Gorta Mor promotes cultural, historical, educational and commemorative objectives of The Great Hunger and is erecting the national US Irish Memorial titled the Chicago Irish Memorial.
Boston Irish Famine Memorial

Gross Ile and the Irish Memorial (Canada emigration)
View of the Famine
Irish Famine 1845-50
another Famine History site

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