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Fianna LOVES Rootsweb!

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Most of us are familiar with the email lists and some other features. Here is a summary of some of the best! and newest!


What Has Been - on the Email Lists!

THREADED LIST ARCHIVES ARE NOW AVAILABLE. Now you can read 122,813 messages from 877 mailing lists using your Web browser by visiting

This is a remarkably comfortable way to browse through the posts that have been made to the lists. Be sure to use the integrated search engine to find what you are looking for.

To use the Archiver you will need to pick a user name and password and you will need to accept a cookie. The reason for passwords and cookies is to keep spammers' e-mail address harvesters *out* of the archives. Because of this password-and- cookie feature, listowners can set up lists to be archived with confidence that they are *not* exposing posters' addresses to spammers.

TO SUBSCRIBE OR UNSUBSCRIBE from any RootsWeb-hosted mailing list, send an e-mail message with only the word SUBSCRIBE (or UNSUBSCRIBE) in the subject and the body of the message to [name of list][email protected] (for mail mode) or to [name of list][email protected] (for digest mode). FOR EXAMPLE, if you have an interest in Presbyterian church history, send a SUBSCRIBE message to: .

MAILING LISTS. For an index to most user mailing lists hosted by RootsWeb, visit

Secrets of Surnames

After you've explored Fianna's Surname Research Center you'll need to check out this next feature:

ROOTSWEB SURNAME LIST (RSL) ENHANCEMENTS. You can search the Roots Surname List search archives for your surnames. Go here to learn how to submit YOUR names to the RSL (without having to subscribe to the list). The Submission and Data Editing Form enables a user to edit and upload his/her submissions to the RSL where they immediately become a part of the database.

Use Surname Helper to Search Surnames on our Site

Click on the new option SURNAME RESOURCES at RootsWeb's main page or go directly to: Click on the letter of the alphabet for the surname of interest, and then select it from the list that appears. This will take you to a "surname resource cluster," where you can search for your surname in numerous databases. For example, using BANKSTON you would find: , where you could search "B" WEB SITES, the OBITUARY DAILY TIMES, or:

  • The ROOTSWEB SURNAME LIST (RSL). RSL search options are by surname, Soundex, or Metaphone (the latter two are "sounds- like" matches). You can search for updates from the past two months, last month, last week, or for any mention.
  • TRANSCRIPTION PROJECTS. You might check to see if your immigrant ancestors' names are listed at the Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild (ISTG).
  • PRIMARY RECORDS AT ROOTSWEB (from USGenWeb Archives and RootsWeb Searchable Databases).
  • GENERAL LINKS AND SEARCH ENGINES. There are three options.
    • ROOTSLINK link registry. You can add a new link also.
    • SEEKER search engine, which returns surname matches from Web pages -- there is much "hidden genealogy" that this search will help you find.
    • SURNAME HELPER search engine finds queries and surname registrations posted at various genealogically-related sites on the Web, with participating sites including many USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb sites. All GenConnect boards are indexed in Surname Helper.
  • MAILING LISTS. Descriptions of lists that relate to this surname, subscription instructions, and links to the archives so you can search or browse past postings.
  • GENCONNECT. Click on GLOBAL SURNAME SEARCH to find queries that mention the surname of interest that are posted in connection with any county, state, or country in the world. Or click an icon for one of the seven automated boards that together make up a "suite" of boards available for surnames and localities (Queries, Bible records, Biographies, Deeds, Obituaries, Pensions, and Wills).

RootsWeb hopes that putting these links under one SURNAME RESOURCES roof will help everyone find all the buried treasure.

Index to Countries - Bulletine Boards
Ireland Bulletine Boards

GenConnect Grows :)

GLOBAL SEARCH ENGINE FOR GENCONNECT. New Features: expanded search capabilities, including ability to restrict the search to a certain "type" (query, Bible record, bio, deed, obit, pension, will). Sort by date, location, person posting, or subject (and also by ascending or descending order); Posted in the last: day, two days, week, two weeks, month, two months, three months, six months, year, two years, or millennium; Search all of GenConnect, just one country, or just one state. All of these can be used in conjunction with each other in order to fine-tune your search. But, if you want it all, the results are now split into first 50, next 50, etc. Powerful!


The OBITUARY DAILY TIMES topped the three million obituaries mark in early May 1999. Congratulations to the project's founder, Denis SAVARD, to its brains and brawn today, Walter STYLES, and to the thousands of volunteers whose efforts have made and continue to make it grow. Take a look-see. Think about helping!

LESSONS - How to Do It !

ROOTSWEB'S GUIDE TO TRACING YOUR FAMILY TREE ("RootsWeb Guide") Designed with the beginning genealogist and new RootsWeb user in mind, each lesson will include text, suggested reading list, links to some of the relevant resources hosted by RootsWeb, and links to some relevant resources found elsewhere on the Internet.

Random Acts of Kindness - Lookups

For cemetery pictures, film and video, and look-ups from local public records, try Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.

This organization is trying to recruit one volunteer from every county in the US, as well as volunteers from local areas overseas, to assist in genealogical research.

For Americans

UNITED STATES TOWN/COUNTY DATABASE INTERACTIVE SEARCH. Have you heard the name of a place where your ancestors might have lived, but not had a clue in what county (and sometimes in what state) it was? There's no need to fear, RootsWeb is here. Now when you are faced with this situation, there is an easy way to solve the problem. Simply type in the town's name and a list with links to the states/counties in which there is such a place will appear.

Back issues of Missing Links are available from and back issues of RootsWeb Review from The file names are the date of the publication. For example, 19990618.txt.

ROOTSWEB INTRODUCES GENSEEKER, a new search engine that accesses almost all sites at RootsWeb and many genealogical sites elsewhere on the Web. These searches are three times faster than before. Access GenSeeker at The amount of material accessed by GenSeeker is huge and will grow quickly as this search engine indexes an ever-increasing number of Web sites. Try GenSeeker often to find new items of interest. GenSeeker is a good example of your contributions at work to make free genealogy data accessible on the Web.

PERMISSION TO REPRINT articles from ROOTSWEB REVIEW is granted unless specifically stated otherwise, PROVIDED: (1) the reprint is used for non-commercial, educational purposes; and (2) the following notice appears at the end of the article:

Previously published by RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative, Please visit RootsWeb's main Web page.

BACK ISSUES OF ROOTSWEB REVIEW are available for download from:

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