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There is a lot of information about maps to be seen in newsgroups, etc., and at times it seems confusing and even conflicting. Here is an effort to clarify it for you (and us! :)

Be sure to check out our page on administrative divisions as they appear to be very confusing at first! A good understanding will help with selecting the map or map-site which might best answer your needs. More valuable map LINKS are included in the text there.

Excellent Map Links

Some important maps on the WWW (external links, don't forget to bookmark us :)

Ireland - a map

Ordnance Survey Maps !
In order to get truly detailed maps, you'll want the Ordnance Survey maps.

IREATLAS is a website that searches by townland, county, barony, civil parish and/or poor law union. You might obtain similar information using the PRONI search system.

Ireland-Ordnance Survey Memoirs FAQ
Ireland Ordnance Survey address:
Irish Life Centre
Block 1
Lower Abbey
Dublin 1
They produce a new set of maps called the Discoverer Series. It shows locations of old graveyards and forts. One map does not cover a whole must buy several, and not all of the series is printed as yet.They are produced at 1:50, approximately 1.25 inches to one mile at various pricing from �4.20 up.

Layout of Discoverer maps from NI
There is also the OS of Northern Ireland in Belfast. They produced Monaghan, parts of Cavan (not printed yet), Sligo and Donegal.
Colby House, Stranmillis Court
Belfast BT9 5BJ
Telephone: (01232)255755
Fax: (01232)255700

One way to obtain the Ordnance Survey Maps of Ireland is to write a letter to The Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, Washington D.C.,20540. Request an oversize xerox copy of O.S. map # (The correct # is in the first column of 'The Index to the Towns, Townlands, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland'.) The charge is $2.00/linear foot and the map is four linear feet= $8.00 plus $3.50 P&H. Orders normally take from four to six weeks from receipt of payment.

Institute of Irish Studies: They give a good description and numbers of this series and you can also order from them.

All-Ireland Heritage

Irish Books and Media, Inc., 1422 Franklin Avenue East, Minneapolis, MN
55404-2135 or e-mail them at: [email protected]

Rallymaps of West Wellow; Ordnance Survey Maps
Irish Ordnance Survey Office
Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland
Ordnance Survey - Historical Mapping

Ordnance Survey Maps of Ireland: 1833 18" X 24" Scale is 6" to 1 mile
Availablility: Order from the National Archives of Canada, Cartographic
and Architectural Archives Divison, Ottawa, Canada K1AON3

Michel Poitras
National Archives of Canada
Records Consultation Unit
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, On
[email protected]

You will have to contact them for areas of Ireland for film numbers, the LDS Family History Library has these film numbers in the Locality Catalog. The National Archives of Canada website

Maps that show NI and Scotland local government break-downs visually

Ireland in Maps Many show Surname Distributions
MapQUEST - They break things down by address, even give you driving directions
World of Maps Canadian, and many specialty maps of the world
David Morgan Company Ordnance maps of Britain

  1. Go to the PRONI Homepage
  2. In the search field on the bottom left enter a parish or town, etc, you will get lots of information:)

  3. If you enter "parish" you get a long list of choices including an index of all parishes and townlands, and a geographical search (also at ). You will get a map and can get a map of the parish and townlands in the parish.

Meaning of Irish Place Names

LDS microfice Map Numbers for Townlands - open the door to a good, fairly inexpensive resource. Although you can't purchase to take home, if your local Family History Center doesn't have this set of microfiche, consider helping them to obtain it. Once there, it remains there. At 15 cents (US) each, it's very reasonable!

Current Day Maps

Cities of the World
To find where towns and places are on current maps, try Expedia Maps

Administrative Divisions OR the Guide Page

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