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List of Abbreviations

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NI=Northern Ireland
SI=Scotch or Scots (whichever you prefer)/Irish
PCA/PCUSA=Presbyterian Church in/of America
ARP=Associate Reformed Presbyterian
EPC =Evangelical Presbyterian Church
OPR=Old Parochial/Parish Records (of Scotland)
FOC= Free of Charge
BTW=By The Way
ASAP=as soon as possible
IMHO= In My Humble Opinion
CUL8R= see you later
PERSI=the Periodical Source Index (comprehensive index of
genealogical material from mostly No. Amer. periodicals, but some
European ones, as well)
SSDI= the Social Security Death Index
DSP= stands for "Decessit sine prole": died without issue
ED= stands for "Eodem die": the same day
GRO=is the General Register Office in Edinburgh
NRH= is the New Register House in Edinburgh
SRO= is the Scottish Registry Office in Edinburgh

ILL - Inter Library Loan
Anyone interested in knowing about Inter-Library Loan may want to read the Ryan Taylor column about the subject in a recent issue of The Global Gazette, Canada's Genealogy & Heritage On-line Magazine

Mr Taylor is especially well suited for the topic as he has worked as a reference librarian in two countries and is an internationally known genealogical author and lecturer.

Read the article in question at

PERSI is an index to many many articles. You search it and then order the article, for about $US2 each from Allen Public Library, Indiana PERSI is available on line at Ancestry for subscribers only.... $6.95 a month

It is also on Microfiche at all FHCs.

PERSI can also be searched (free of charge) at Complete with ordering instructions if you find an article you want to order.

Units of Length
1 foot = 12 inches
1 yard = 3 feet
1 rod, pole, perch = 5.5 yds = 16.5 ft
1 chain = 4 rods = 22 yds = 66 ft (1 chain = 100 links, 1 link = 0.66 ft = 7.92 in)
1 furlong = 10 chains = 40 rods = 220 yds = 660 ft
1 mile = 8 furlongs = 80 chains = 320 rods = 1,760 yds = 5,280 ft

Units of Area
1 sq ft = 144 sq in
1 sq yd = 9 sq ft
1 sq rod = 30.25 sq yds = 272.25 sq ft
1 sq chain = 16 sq rods = 484 sq yds = 4,356 sq ft
1 rood = 40 sq rods = 1,210 sq yds = 10,890 sq ft
1 acre = 4 roods = 10 sq chains = 160 sq rods = 4840 sq yds = 43,560 sq ft

Checking the Averages

If your research in the pioneering period (before 1850) has "dead-
ended", it's time for creative thinking. You may find these trends
helpful in analyzing your problems.

1. There are approximately three generations per century.
2. Average age for men to marry was 24. They rarely married
before age 20.
3. The average age for women to marry was 20. They rarely
married before age 16.
4. First marriages were usually between couples near the same
age. Women generally outlived their husbands. But older
widowers frequently married much younger women, who had
never been married before.
5. Births generally occurred at two-year intervals. Frequently
the first child was born a year after marriage. As a woman aged,
the interval between births grew slightly. Child bearing generally
ended around 45.
6. Families and neighbors usually migrated together from their old
homes. Women rarely traveled alone.
7. Men usually married women from their neighborhood, but if a
seemingly "strange" woman turned up, check the man's former
home. Often men returned to their proper residence to find a wife.
8. If you can't find an old parent, chances are he/she "went West"
with a son.
9. If you have a male ancestor born around 1840, strongly consider
Civil War service.
10. Studies show that after 1850, Ohio pioneers frequently moved
to counties in other states on the same latitude as their home
county in Ohio.
11. If your ancestor has a virtue name (e.g. Patience, Silence...),
consider a New England heritage.
12. Children were often named for grandparents, both male and
13. Frequently middle name or even a first name was the mother's
or grandmother's maiden name, especially if the name was repeated
through several related families.

(Taken from KERN-GEN, March 1994).

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